The City’s Strongest Immortal Emperor

The City’s Strongest Immortal Emperor

Author:feng qi tian lan
Chapters:1752 | 2.0


The strongest immortal emperor in the city" In his previous life, the immortal emperor Ye Chen fell under the heavenly tribulation, but returned to the earth when he was twenty years old. In his previous life, he was framed by his fiancée and humiliated by his love rival. In the face of power, he could only lower his head and kneel in the dust, and he could do nothing to change his mother's disappearance and his father's tragedy. But now, the immortal emperor returned, the pain that had been encountered before, all to a hundred times a thousand times back to the enemy, to make the world's injustice, all the clouds disappear. He wants to stand at the top of this world, to rule the endless stars.

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