The actress green tea is targeted by the sickly male god

The actress green tea is targeted by the sickly male god

Author:lin cheng xi
Chapters:101 | 5.0


The new book, "The host her picture style is not right" has been opened, welcome to collect duck ~] Meng Wan Yu reaches an agreement with the system in order to avenge her hatred, and after traveling through three thousand worlds to complete her mission, she can get a chance to be reborn. When wearing to various realms to encounter different character of the Raider characters, Meng Wan Yu was forced to play the "green tea". The big brother who was sent to the mental hospital murmured: "Little wildcat she is a little misbehaved ah, it seems that last night did not do well enough little wildcat will ignore their ......" The paranoid big brother who can read minds has a gloomy face: "The little liar only loves my money not me, and actually dares to take my money to charter a little white boy, it seems that he is too good for her ......" White cut black ex-boyfriend mouth curved charming arc: "Good boy, let's play a game today, OK? Just play hide-and-seek ......" [Blackened Sickly X Playful Green Tea]

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