Tales of Herding GodsTales of Herding Gods

Chapter 59: The Third Awakening

Chapter 59: The Third Awakening

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At the entrance of the village, Village Chief, Old Ma, Deaf, Blind and the rest looked at the ceremony next door in a daze with emotions surging forth in their hearts. Who would have thought the biggest cult of the devil path, the Heavenly Devil Cult with an impressive reputation, would welcome their future cult master in such a desolated place? A young cult master who was not even twelve years old?

Witnessing this kept making them felt like they were watching the story of a legend, even the beautiful sunshine was shining in many colors.

Granny Si suddenly teared up and choked, "He is going to leave us…"

"This is a good thing, granny."

Apothecary smiled warmly, "The fletching will always grow up one day. They will have to fly outside to the see the vast world and go against the wind and waves, to leave their homes to see the dangers of the outside world. We can never make him remain by the side of us disabled elderly for the rest of our lives."

Blind had a serene expression as he said calmly, "Legend begins from the first step he takes out from the village."

With a smile on his face, Mute made a few hand signs and Deaf laughed, "You're right, Mu'er's future will definitely be more interesting than ours."

The riverbank of Surging River.

Several magnificent and luxurious ships sailed in and stopped at the riverbank. The villagers of the Heavenly Devil Village started to leave one after another. Some traveled away through the sky while others took the ship and left. Some even transformed into strange beasts and entered the forest while some transformed into flames and water to leave.

They all had their own unique abilities and Qin Mu was dazzled. He may have defeated them in Spirit Embryo Realm but he himself did not have all these weird and rare abilities.

"Goodbye, Young Cult Master!" A woman waved to him before falling backward into the river and turned into a puddle.

Qin Mu waved back. He didn't know whether they were good guys or bad guys. He only knew he had become their young cult master just like that. Will he still meet them when he leaves the Great Ruins?

"Our sacred cult had entered the Great Ruins forty years ago to search for Cult Mistress and now our virtuous achievements have come to their successful conclusion. Brother, Cult Mistress, you should know our sacred cult had not made a move for the past forty years and had no cult master to control the situation. Without our backbone, our sacred cult today is already in imminent danger."

The young patriarch also stood up to leave and say his goodbyes to the Village Chief and Granny Si, "Now that the young cult master is chosen, it can only pacify the will of people temporarily but not for long. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had his eyes on our sacred cult and wanted to subdue us to work for him. With me still being alive, I can delay this from happening for a few year. Therefore, when young cult master grows up, he must leave Great Ruins and become the cult master of our sacred cult officially."

Village Chief looked at Granny Si. She nodded her head and replied, "Don't worry, Patriarch. Since I've killed a cult master, I'll return one to you. He will go to the sacred cult when he grows up and takes over the reigns as you wish!"

Young Patriarch called the Elder of Discipline over and gave everyone a bow before turning around. Walking towards the Surging River, the young and old man wearing cloth tunics and straw shoes stepped onto the river, traveling away.

Blind held onto his bamboo cane with both of his hands as he sang loudly, reverberating between the two banks of the Surging River.

"One coat, one hat, one small boat, one long thread and one-inch hook; one happy song with one wine jar, one man fishes on one spring stream! Devil Cult Patriarch, you and I are already old and I don't know if we'll have the chance to meet again, farewell!"

In the river, the young patriarch stopped in his footsteps and turned around to wave, "Goodbye everyone! Haha!"

He also started to sing loudly, "Eight hundred old men idle at home, filled with ambitions that never cease; rising to the heaven after death, clouds still float and water still flows!"

Blind praised, "As expected of the Devil Cult Patriarch, to be indifferent to life and death. Thinking that his life has been completed and smilingly look down on the changes in the human world from the heaven after his death!"

Village leisurely said, "This is a grandmaster. You aren't far from attaining this frame of mind, Blind."

"He's still frivolous."

Deaf laughed, "Blind only knows how to blindly read out verses but actually knows nothing of them. The verses don't match the situation or scenery at all. On the other hand, Devil Cult Patriarch's poem matches both the situation and the scenery without losing any heroism."

Blind stuttered, "Y-you don't know poems and you only criticize!"

Everyone laughed loudly.

Qin Mu also had a smile on his face as he looked at all these optimistic people. They may all be disabled in some ways but their spirits were extremely strong and sound.

"My kins…"

Suddenly, he felt a surging force flowing out from the heart of his brows. Qin Mu's heart jolted and he immediately looked into his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and was stunned for a slight second, "My spirit embryo has awakened again!"

This was the third time his spirit embryo had awakened. The first was when his consciousness had fused with it. The second time was when he was observing fire and water in the smithy where the spirit embryo had a second awakening after falling silent.

This time, it was after his experience with all three hundred and sixty rooms where the spirit embryo had absorbed all the golden light in the divine treasure and fell into slumber again.

However, its slumber was slightly longer this time and had only awakened now!

What change would this awakening bring him?

"Awakened again?"

Everyone had a weird expression when Qin Mu told them about the third awakening of his spirit embryo. Village Chief, Apothecary, Old Ma's expression turned even stranger. The spirit embryo of other people only needs to awaken once so why did Qin Mu's spirit embryo keep awakening on and off?

"Does the Four Great Spirit Bodies also awaken thrice?" Qin Mu asked.

Everyone looked at each other in the eyes and shook their head before looking at Village Chief in unison.

Village Chief couldn't help feeling a headache as he grumbled to himself. It was fine if Qin Mu had awakened once, but to awaken time after time again was also an unfathomable mystery to him.

"It's the Overlord Body."

Village Chief coughed and blamed it on the Overlord Body for his lack of knowledge, "Aren't all of you lacking too much knowledge? What the technique for Overlord Body called? Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique! What are the three elixirs? The first awakening means the first elixir, the second awakening means the second elixir and third awakening means the third elixir. Now that Mu'er had awakened the third time, it means that his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique had small attainment. You can't be arrogant, Mu'er!"

Qin Mu immediately nodded his head, "I will definitely not be arrogant."

Apothecary seemingly smiled, "What if Mu'er awaken the fourth time? Will it be four elixir?"

Village Chief flew into a rage from humiliation, he wanted to just pounce on him and stab him in his two ribs.

However, Apothecary wasn't wrong. What if this brat's spirit embryo really awakens a fourth time?

How would he lie his way out then?

"Cough, cough. Mu'er, what difference do you feel about your third awakening?" Village Chief changed the topic and asked.

Qin Mu experienced his Spirit Embryo thoroughly and didn't feel anything different from before. The only difference was the sea of golden light was much thinner than before.

The golden sea was very thin now and the golden light in the golden sea doesn't seem to be able to produce themselves automatically, every bit that was absorbed by the spirit embryo meant that it was becoming lesser.

Qin Mu executed his vital qi and his spirit embryo mobilized his vital qi as well. Sometimes, it was Green Dragon coiling around his body, while other times he was covered by the Black Tortoise or would grow wings on his back. His vital qi would transform according to his will and no longer had to observe fire and water!

Qin Mu told everyone and they all looked at each other in dismay, unable to understand the change.

"This is a good thing."

Village Chief let out a murky breath and said, "The third awakening of the Overlord Body's spirit embryo allows him to change his attributes as will. In battles, this would allow him to easily unleash the power of various moves and that's the marvel of the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique."

Everyone nodded their heads. Apothecary was about to say something but was stared at by Village Chief. He could only keep it to himself as he cursed the Village Chief silently, "I'll see how you lie when Qin Mu awakens for the fourth time!"

"The gas leaves your nose like smoke, clears the insides your body and mind, makes a spherical world, which is completely empty, just like glass…"

Under the waterfall of Jade Cloud Valley, the sound of a young voice reciting could be heard coming from the straw hut. Looking into the windows, one could see a fourteen to fifteen-year-old youth holding onto a book as he walked around in the hut while reciting it. A fox with snow-white fur had her gaze fixed on him.

The youth was Qin Mu and the white fox was Hu Ling'er, the great demon of Jade Cloud Valley.

Not long after, Hu Ling'er's breathing became longer and two white gas, which was like smoke, moved in and out as she inhaled and exhaled.

Hu Ling'er's vital qi had become rich and mellow. The quality of her vital qi had reached an extremely high realm with her breath being like smoke.

It had been two years and eight months since the time Heavenly Devil Cult had visited. Winter had just passed and all lives were returning. It was still a season with spring chill in the air. The surface of Surging River had yet to melt completely as the broken ice flowed down the river.

The twists and turns of the river would frequently be obstructed by ice. The more ice that was piled, the higher it became, and eventually, it would form a dammed lake. This would cause the water to accumulate over time and when the ice wall could no longer withstand the wall, a huge flood would occur and drown countless of people and strange beast as it flows downstream.

These few days, Blind, Granny Si, Cripple and the rest went downstream to look for the dam so they weren't in the village. Therefore, Qin Mu came out to look for Hu Ling'er and explained the scriptures to her.

In two years, his physique had almost caught up to Blind, though he was still shorter than Apothecary who had a towering physique.

Suddenly a forest-shaking-bellow came from outside the window. Qin Mu closed the book and placed it back on the bookshelf. The white fox was also startled awake by the bellow. As they looked out, they saw a huge beast that was over thirty yards in height sprinting toward their straw hut!

The huge beast had bone plates all over its body and was sprinting like thunder. It had a head of a dragon and feet of an elephant. It was a dragon elephant, a mutant born from a dragon and an elephant. However, on the back of the dragon elephant, there was a pitch black devil ape sitting on it. It was tall and sturdy and had a monk staff with twelve golden loops as it rode the dragon elephant towards the straw hut aggressively.

Hu Ling'er immediately jumped in front of Qin Mu. She opened her mouth and inhaled deeply before blowing forward.


The violent gust blew straight towards the dragon elephant and the devil ape. Hu Ling'er's tail swayed and the violent gust became even more frantic as it began to swirl and turn into a tornado that swept the dragon elephant and devil ape into the sky.

The devil ape leaped from the back of the dragon elephant while both of its hands held onto the monk staff which was becoming bigger and bigger!


Devil ape gave a loud roar and came smashing down like a small mountain. Both of its hand gripped tightly onto the monk staff and pierced it into the ground. The violent wind currents instantly surged forth in all directions, breaking apart the little fox's tornado spell.

The devil ape pulled out his monk staff and leaped up as if it was flying and raised its monk staff to smash towards Hu Ling'er. However, it only heard a loud sound as Qin Mu raised his hand and blocked the move for Hu Ling'er.

At this moment, Hu Ling'er leaped up and spat out wind that was like three-yards-long-curved-blades. As the six to seven curved blades flew through the air, they didn't attack devil ape but instead, flew towards Qin Mu!

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