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Chapter 41: Pushing The Knife

Chapter 41: Pushing The Knife

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When Qin Mu sprinted wildly, he had raised a gust of wind. Granny Si and Blind had sat on the cusp of that very gust to travel. Cusp of the gust was similar to the cusp of the waves. Wave is created by the motion of water and the wave of wind that was raised by Qin Mu was the cusp of the gust.

The young man on Qin Mu’s back immediately got down and brought the three people towards his house as he hurried, "Quickly, quickly!"

Qin Mu put aside the cusp of the gust in his mind and walked to the courtyard of this manor to have a look. This village was much bigger than Disabled Elderly Village, housing over a hundred families. The houses here were also simple and crude.

There was a huge tree in the courtyard which crown covered half of the house. The woman in childbirth was in the house under the tree crown.

A village woman stuck her head out of the room and shouted, "Her water has broke, quickly bring some hot water! Oh, this is great, the midwife from Disabled Elderly Village is here! Now both the mother and child would definitely be safe!"

Granny Si looked around and immediately understood what was happening, "Mu’er, awaken your eyes to look around for any oddity. If there’s something odd, you can settle it yourself. I’ll be going in to deliver the baby. Blind, be careful not to get schemed against as well."

"Heaven’s Eyes, Awaken!"

Qin Mu opened his Heaven’s Eyes and took a look at the surroundings. Suddenly his gaze landed on the dense tree crown and his blood ran cold while he almost let out a cry.

There was a very thick branch on the tree. But when he took a closer look at it, it was actually a huge snake as thick as a barrel!

The huge snake was hidden in the tree crown with half of its body hidden inside the tree trunk. There were huge knots protruding out from the tree occasionally which was the body of the snake that was left out in the open!

Only from the size of the snake body, Qin Mu guessed that it was a long snake he had never seen before. The other half of its body was probably buried in the soil with the roots of the tree. This snake was bigger than the Green Dragon Snake that Old Ma and the rest had caught!

The entire tree, including the tree crown, was emanating thick black gases that were surrounding this house!

At this moment, the huge snake was spitting out its scarlet red tongue as it lowered its head towards the room where the woman was in. Qin Mu didn’t know what it was about to do!

Qin Mu was afraid he had made a mistake and closed his Heaven’s Eyes to see with his naked eyes. The tree was still a tree and not a huge snake. However, when he awakened his Heaven’s Eyes once again, the huge snake was still coiled around in the tree crown and waiting to eat the soul of the baby that was about to come out!

It was apparent that the huge snake had eaten the souls of the babies that this woman had given birth to during the past few years!

Fury ignited in his heart and he asked solemnly, "Grandpa Blind…"

Blind who was around him, replied him leisurely, "Granny had told us to leave it to you, therefore do what you have to do. This will be your first hunting. Hurry up, the baby is about to come out."

Qin Mu composed himself and walked to the bottom of the tree as he gently breathed in and out.

His vital qi moved from a standstill and with the fury in his heart, his vital qi became boundless as it circulated faster and faster!

As the vital qi in his body surged forth, his fury blazed even furiously!


Suddenly, the Pig Slaughtering Knife resonated with the vital qi in his body and flew out from his back to the top of his head with a hum.

Raising his hands to grab the knife, his rampaging vital qi surged wildly into the Pig Slaughtering Knife as he gave a swing!

Swinging his knife with all his strength!

Unleashing all his vital qi and fury in that unrestrained slash!


The Pig Slaughtering Knife in his hand whistled as it tore apart the air and landed a devastating cut of the trunk of the huge tree!


A huge sound rang out as Qin Mu slashed his knife into the tree trunk and embedded it halfway into the snake body that was hidden in the tree. The snake’s skin and flesh had been cultivated extremely sturdy that even Pig Slaughtering Knife, a weapon that Mute had made which surpassed normal spirit weapons, was unable to cut the huge snake into two halves!

Placing his hand on the back of his knife, he executed Cripple’s leg skills.

Cripple once said that legs are the wind, the earth, the root of all strength!

Planting his legs into the earth, he exerted his strength and the ground around his leg sank downwards. With all his momentum, he pushed onto the back of his knife with his hand while his other hand grabbed tightly onto the knife’s handle as he pushed the knife!

A scraping sound rang out. The huge snake got severed in half along with the tree!

Qin Mu stabilized his footing and brandished the Pig Slaughtering in front of him. The blood on his knife continued dripping and his muscles tensed up on his back while twitching uncontrollably.

Behind, the towering tree slanted and collapsed.


The huge tree collapsed in the courtyard and raised clouds of dust. Suddenly, the huge tree that had collapse came to life!

The huge snake which was slice apart into two was actually still alive. The upper half of the snake body thrashed around and shattered the tree trunk where its body was hidden in, shooting the barks in all directions. Some of the barks were even lodged into the wall!

The splattering barks and pieces of woods were even scarier than spears as they shot through the air with a huge force.

Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities!

The Pig Slaughtering Knife in Qin Mu’s hand flashed as he swung it. His previous move had been extremely heavy as he gathered all his strength into his knife whereas now his knife skills had become unusually fast!

There was only one secret to Butcher’s knife skill and that was fast, faster, fastest.

Clank clank clank clank—!

The violent blows rained down as numerous barks and woods collided onto Qin Mu’s Pig Slaughtering Knife, making his arms sore from blocking.

The snake’s ability was higher than him, however, it was focused on the woman giving childbirth as it wanted to instantly suck the soul away from the baby once it had come out.

When babies were born, their umbilical cords were connected to their mothers' placentas, thus their pneumas were precelestial and once they were born, their pneumas would become postcelestial. When they were still in the womb, their pneumas weren’t complete, so the huge snake chose to snatch the soul the instant the baby was born.

It wasn’t known how it had sneaked its way into the village and hid from everyone in the village while cultivating here. It had been hiding in this tree for the last several years without being discovered and had eaten a few infant’s souls to boost its own cultivation. It had thought everything would go smoothly like the previous few times and didn’t notice Qin Mu, allowing him to sever it in half.

However, despite being severed in half, it wasn’t that easy for it to just die.

The huge snake erupted in a fury knowing that its body had severed and would be hard to stay alive for long, thus it immediately reacted by opening its wide jaws and bit towards Qin Mu!

Violent gusts blew furiously into Qin Mu’s face, making him face twitched tremendously and his eyes unable to open.

Without thinking, the knife in Qin Mu’s hand slashed forward like a raging storm. However, an unimaginable powerful strength came towards him and knocked him back with a grunt. With a loud crash, there was a large human-shaped hole created in the wall of the courtyard!

Before Qin Mu could get up, he saw the two gates of the courtyard being blown away like paper cards. The huge snaked had crashed through the gate and slithered straight for him as it gave off a bloodthirsty aura. Its ferocious mouth and long teeth terrified Qin Mu and he dared not face off with the huge snake as he sneaked a pleading glance at Blind.

In the distance behind the snake, Blind just stood there calmly and paid no attention to what was happening.

Qin Mu’s heart stirred, "Could it be Grandpa Blind think that I’m able to handle this snake? Since he thinks that I’m able to handle it, I will be able to do it! Heaven's Eyes, Awaken!"

His vital qi circulated vigorously and entered his eyes to form layers of magnificent vital qi formations, forming a complicated pupil marking in his eyes.

When he had awakened his Heaven’s Eyes, he immediately felt that the world in front of him had been restructured. The dim village, the stray houses, the snake pouncing at him, had all became several times clearer. Every action the snake made, he could easily catch them.

Changing his footsteps, Qin Mu evaded the huge snake pounce by barely an inch and sliced his Pig Slaughtering Knife on the eyes of the huge snake that had flown past him.

Leaping upwards, he once again dodged the sweep of the huge snake by barely an inch.

Every movement of the snake became extremely clear in his eyes. From the muscles contractions under the snake’s skin and the angle of the exertion of strength, he could clearly know the next movement of the snake and dodge it accordingly.

All of this happened as if it was natural for Qin Mu. There was no need for him to predict its movement.

Heaven’s Eyes, the first heaven of Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill could not only see through facade but could also raise his senses by leaps and bounds!

With its left eye sliced open by Qin Mu’s knife, the snake screeched in pain and immediately pounced towards Qin Mu who had just landed on the ground. Following which, everything also suddenly turned dark before the other eye of the snake as it got sliced apart by Qin Mu.

The huge snake suddenly quietened down and stopped moving. Qin Mu also stood still without making a sound. The human and snake were just a few yards away from each other.

At the sides of the village’s pavements, several villagers had come out to have a look, only to be stunned at the sight of an eleven to twelve years old boy fighting against a huge snake.

Night had already fallen in this small village and the light from the old lamps shone dimly out from the windows, barely lighting up the pavements.

Almost everyone had held their breaths and were afraid to make even the slightest sound.

Everyone except the little girl who had suddenly cried out from being scared.

The huge snake instantly moved and slithered toward the little girl. With its huge mouth wide opened, it pounced towards the family of three that had been scared frozen.

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