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Chapter 39: Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky

Chapter 39: Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky

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The old monk’s white eyebrows twitched and immediately knew what flaw he was saying. When he was learning the skills back then, he had fallen asleep in one of Rulai’s classes and the class was teaching them about Thousand-Armed Buddha.

Buddhism is all about fate. The old monk had missed this fate and thus was unable to ask Rulai about the essence of Thousand-Armed Buddha. He could only ask his senior and junior brothers to attain Thousand-Armed Buddha, but after all, it couldn’t be compared to authentic teachings from Rulai.

His Thousand-Armed Buddha had indeed an imperceivable flaw. The old monk had also discovered this flaw and wanted to mend it, however, the more he tried to mend, the bigger the flaw became.

To solve the problem, one must find out the source of the problem. Thousand-Armed Buddha was extremely complicated and required all of one’s senses to work together. The numbers of variations were simply too many to count and any small mistake could never be from just a single reason. It could be caused by several or dozens of reasons that seemed to have no affiliation with the problem.

The old monk started seeking the cause of the flaw since young and still hadn’t found it now. The flaw in his Thousand-Armed Buddha was naturally passed on to Ming Xin as he was his disciple.

This flaw was very minor and only could be revealed under extremely fast attacks. How this flaw works was when his arms pass through an inch below the throat, his vital qi would become slightly frail.

When under the high-speed attacks of the enemy, because of the frail vital qi in the arms, the speed of him raising his hands would be slightly slower. In that instant, the flaw would appear at the throat in a flash. The old monk had a very high cultivation thus not many people would force out his flaw but it was different for Ming Xin.

In terms of cultivation, Qin Mu was above Ming Xin and with Qin Mu’s hands as knives, they became unusually fast. In just a short while, he had already struck a hundred blows on Ming Xin’s throat!

At the sixty-eight blow, the golden glow around Ming Xin’s body had already shattered once. Even though Ming Xin had gathered his vital qi to form the huge golden bell again, Qin Mu’s knife had already slashed into his throat!

Blood flowed out profusely from Ming Xin’s throat and dyed his white buddhist robe blood red.

The old monk let off a sigh, "Silly child, if your Thousand-Armed Buddha is unable to block his knives, don’t you know how to use another move?"

Ming Xin suddenly realized his mistakes. As he tried to receive Qin Mu’s knives, he had forgotten he would only receive a beating if he continued to defend only. However, with the short time gain using his golden bell to block Qin Mu’s knives, he would have a chance to defeat his opponent.

It was because of Qin Mu’s insanity that had intimidated him, causing him to forget what he was good at!

He suddenly changed move as his palm clenched into a fist, vibrating the air. His fist was like a huge golden sun that was extremely dazzling!

Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky!

In this moment, a melodious buddha voice actually sounded out from his mudra and following it was a loud rumble from the thunder in palm that was enough to purge souls!

His Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky was different from Qin Mu. The power of this move was several times stronger than what Qin Mu was able to unleash.

Receiving a blow from this move, Qin Mu instantly felt muddlehead as his three souls moved simultaneously and all his seven spirits got startled.

Thud thud thud!

Qin Mu raised his finger and gave a series of dazzling pokes to his forehead, tailbone, navel, head, throat, heart, perineum and lungs to lock his three souls and seven spirits in place!

Heavenly Devil Nature Technique!

Granny Si had imparted Heavenly Devil Nature Technique to him which was meant for him to bind the souls and spirit, locking the essence and blood to strip the skin for making clothes and now it was actually used by Qin Mu to bind his own souls and spirits in order not be purged by Ming Xin’s attack!

"Sa mo ye!"

An urgent devil voice sounded out as Qin Mu gave a pinching flower gesture. With a jolt from his palm, the Devil Freedom Mudra attacked forward causing Ming Xin’s soul to waver and almost got dragged out from his body. However, at this moment, Qin Mu suddenly changed his attack and changed from a devil technique to a buddha technique, Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky!

Ming Xin’s Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky was to turn his fist into the sun, using the thunderclap to shatter soul and the golden glow to purge soul. Whereas Qin Mu’s Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky turned his fist into a sun ignited with Vermillion Bird Vital Qi, with an astonishing heart that could melt steel.

Qin Mu opened up his fist and the air in his palm instantly exploded with a huge impact in the opponent’s face, messing up the opponent’s soul.

There was a difference between Old Ma’s Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky and the old monk’s. It was obvious the old monk’s was of authentic tradition while Old Ma had improved on it and focused more on the power.

It was just that Qin Mu didn’t have Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra, therefore, he was unable to unleash the full power.

Just as Ming Xin’s soul wavered from the impact and nearly flew out of his body, another low shout resonated out, "Sa mo ye!"

Qin Mu actually changed his move again and with the pinching flower gesture, Devil Freedom Mudra was once again executed. Granny Si, the old monk and the rest were all startled from seeing Qin Mu swapping between mudras of Buddhism and the Devil unimpeded and smoothly.

It was definite that Buddha would have a conflict with Devil. To execute Buddha techniques after using Devil techniques would be exceptionally difficult and never be as smooth as what Qin Mu had done.

"It’s the Overlord Body Vital Qi." Deaf gave a smile and muttered.

Granny Si heard it and her heart slightly jolted, "Deaf is right, only the Overlord Body Vital Qi with no attributes could swap between Buddha techniques and Devil Techniques smoothly! Mu’er is indeed an Overlord Body, Village Chief was right!"

The old monk suddenly rose up and chanted the name of Buddha. Qin Mu’s Devil Freedom Mudra instantly lost its power and an invisible force separated him from Ming Xin. Ming Xin wanted to readjust his spirit to fight Qin Mu again but darkness fell over him as his body swayed.

He had lost too much blood from his throat which had almost been slashed apart into two.

"I’ve lost."

The old monk gave Old Ma a look and beckoned Ming Xin to come over. "Junior brother, I may have lost this time, but not the next. Ming Xin, we have wandered everywhere and haven’t found a place to settle. How about we look for a good karma nearby and find a village to settle in."

Ming Xin’s throat was still bleeding as he stepped forward and the old monk helped him bandage it up after applying ointments. He then spoke to Old Ma in a profound manner, "Junior brother, the monk staff may be gone but another still can be made, however, a head could only be lost once. Once you lose, you’ll lose everything. Also, little benefactor, cultivating devil techniques had made you treacherous and murderous. Beware of sinking into the depths of hell and never to reincarnate by taking the path of the devil!" Finished saying, he brought Ming Xin and floated away without stepping on the earth.

Qin Mu jumped down the arena, sending the old monk and the disciple off with his gaze. Old Ma looked grave. It was apparent that he was worried about the old monk’s words, "Grandpa Ma, granny, if they have the chance, would they kill us?"

Granny Si coldly laughed, "Subduing demons and devils is how old baldy makes a living, so if they have the chance, our end not be any better than Woman Wu! As for Old Ma…" She shook her head.

By imparting out the skills of Thunderclap Eight Strikes, Old Ma had already breached the taboo of Great Thunderclap Monastery!

Qin Mu asked puzzledly, "Then why don’t we just kill him to save ourselves from the trouble? Why do we still have to wait for him to come and stir trouble?"

Granny Si’s eyes brightened up and supported his words, "Our Mu’er is starting to have the demeanor of an Overlord Body! Apothecary, Mute, Blind, how about we just silence this old baldy and little baldy?"

Even the old monk had gone far away, he subconsciously hastened his footsteps when hearing that and flew away with Ming Xin with no further thoughts on settling nearby Disabled Elderly Village.

Granny Si and the rest didn’t give chase as well and had continued their own works instead. Deaf suddenly sighed ruefully, "Great Ruins is getting more and more unreliable. Any demons and monsters could also enter here and create a fuss."

Blind nodded his head in agreement, "Making us honest people unable to have a moment of peace. Old Ma, there’s no point in hiding like this. When the day comes and you want to go back to Great Thunderclap Monastery, us old bones will follow you there."

Old Ma was moved but he didn’t show it and instead lifted up the monk staff, "I slaughtered my way out of Great Thunderclap Monastery back then so I naturally have to slaughter my way back without your help. Mu’er, you have won this so it belongs to you."

Qin Mu took over the monk staff and it wasn’t as heavy as he had thought. The monk staff had obviously pushed the table down deep but it was pretty light in his hand so he asked bewilderingly, "Is this monk staff very valuable? Why did Old Ma have to use his head as a wager?"

"Valuable? It’s not really valuable."

Granny checked out the monk staff and grinned, "Do you know Border Dragon City? This monk staff could only buy down a Border Dragon City at most."

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