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Chapter 38: Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra

Chapter 38: Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra

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Ming Xin, the little monk flew into a fury when he heard that and shouted at Qin Mu, "Rebellious! How dare you insult Buddha!"

Qin Mu revealed a smile and his heart became calm. His eyes overflowed with incomparable confidence as he knew no matter how strong this little monk is or what technique this little monk has, he had already lost to him in his frame of mind.

The old monk sitting in front of Old Ma hesitated. What Qin Mu had said seemed rebellious, as he had not only insulted Buddha, but also God and Devil as well. However, in his ears, it didn’t sound rebellious but instead, they were words of wisdom.

With no Buddha in your heart, you can become a Buddha.

When there’s a Buddha in your heart, you will never become a Buddha.

With no Devil in your heart, you can become a Devil.

When there’s a Devil in your heart, you will never become a Devil.

Ming Xin’s frame of mind wasn’t there yet so he couldn’t comprehend the meaning of that sentence but the old monk could. The old monk had only comprehended the true essence of this word when he had reached Celestial Being Realm, however despite having cultivated to the Life and Death Realm now, he still couldn’t break the Buddha in his heart. The deeper the cultivation, the more one understood the power of God and Devil and how remarkable Rulai was.

It was easier said than done.

The similar logic had been spat out by this lad made it seem like extremely odd. Even odder, this lad actually said that he had broken God and Buddha in his heart!

Qin Mu’s age was too young and definitely couldn’t have come into contact with the true essence of this sentence. Since he was unable to come into contact with the true essence, how was he able to break God and Buddha in his heart?

To break God and Buddha in one’s heart, one had to go through tough cultivation and have enlightenment, otherwise, Buddha will still be Buddha and God will still be God in his heart.

"Anyway, he has not learned the grand technique of our Great Thunderclap Monastery so no matter how high his frame of mind is, he still will not be able to defeat Ming Xin."

The old monk looked downwards and seemed to have calmed down and didn’t put the outcome in mind.

On the arena, Ming Xin’s lanky body glowed faintly with golden light, giving people the feeling that he was a divine, solemn, and great Buddha, putting an incomparable pressure on their spirits!

Below the arena gathered all the people from various villages. They were all attracted by battles and were causing quite a commotion, but when Ming Xin’s body emanated a golden glow, the voices immediately vanished, becoming absolutely silent.

They had practically shut their mouths simultaneously as if they had all heard a deafening shout in their faces!

This is the cultivation method of Buddhism, Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra.

This cultivation method was different from the cultivation of other sects. The path they took proceeded from the outside to the inside. Outside meant the outside of the body, body that thus gone absolute and inside meant the heart, the heart that had thus gone absolute. Buddhism referred to them as Absolute Body and Absolute Heart.

Even though Ming Xin had only cultivated to the Absolute Body stage, but with the image of Buddha appearing, it was like a deafening shout in their faces!

Granny Si and the rest couldn’t help being nervous again. Ming Xin had yet to attack and his bearing had already displayed the severity of his strength to demoralize Qin Mu’s fighting spirit.

One might well ask, who would dare to attack Buddha?

Qin Mu dared!

Qin Mu’s body and heart came together as one followed by his heart and mind, mind and fist, fist and qi, qi and body. All came together as one and his spirit embryo also moved together with his body. With his body and spirit as one, he executed Tempest Of The Nine Dragons!

Qin Mu’s footwork was Cripple’s Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs that had extremely fast speed. Before Ming Xin could even blink, Qin Mu had reached in front of him and before he could even block, Qin Mu’s powerful punch had landed on his chest.

Tempest Of The Nine Dragons consisted nine layers of hidden force in a punch. The first layer was like a flame dragon coming out from Qin Mu’s fist and smashing into Ming Xin’s chest, resulting in a loud boom.

The golden glow in Ming Xin’s body suddenly grew intense and a huge golden bell faintly appeared.

Qin Mu’s second layer of force arrived after the first. The second layer of force was Twin Dragons Twist. The two dragons were coiled around each other as he tunneled towards Ming Xin’s chest!


Another sound of the bell rang out. As the two forces came too quickly, they almost rang at the same time, causing a deafening boom!

After that, it was the third force of Tempest Of The Nine Dragons, Three Dragons Rock Smash which was followed by Four Dragons Pounce, Five Dragons Devil Purge, Six Dragons Reincarnation and Seven Dragons Thrashing The Seas!

With seven layers of force bursting forth one after another, the bell rang seven times in succession and the golden glow around Ming Xin’s body finally became dim, resulting in the lanky little monk to move one step back.

The eighth layer of force, Eight Divisions Sky Dragon Force, burst forth and Ming Xin was forced to retreat again. Qin Mu’s ninth layer of force, Nine Dragons Tempest burst forth as well and the golden glow around Ming Xin’s body shattered.

Qin Mu was astonished. Even devil ape couldn’t handle the full force of Tempest Of The Nine Dragons. Every time Qin Mu had fought with it, he had always stopped at the sixth or seventh layer of force, in case he had seriously injured devil ape. However, Ming Xin didn’t dodge at all and blocked all nine layers of force head on!

Heeding Granny Si’s advice, he didn’t hold his strength back and had used all his power. He had even mobilized the power of his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, but he only forced Ming Xin a few steps back.

"You didn’t receive the true teachings of Thunderclap Eight Strikes.

Ming Xin moved and the vital qi beneath his soles exploded. With his rapid speed, he raised his palm and the sound of thunder rolled out. With just a punch, the roar of a dragon could actually be heard!


Before the punch even landed on Qin Mu, he could see Ming Xin’s vital qi turning into a green dragon. Despite it being faint, the dragon looked menacing and extremely tyranny!

The first layer of force from Tempest Of The Nine Dragon actually formed a shape from his vital qi. This showed that his vital qi was also very dense and the most crucial point was that he had a perfectly matching cultivation method for Thunderclap Eight Strikes. This was what Qin Mu was lacking!

Qin Mu took the strike head on and felt that the first layer of force was unusually powerful. However, before he could completely receive the first strike, the second layer of force had followed up with Twin Dragon Twist. The two dragons formed by his vital qi twisted and turned, twisting Qin Mu’s arms crooked. The third layer of force then followed up by smashing directing onto his arms!

Blood splattered from Qin Mu’s arm as his footwork became flustered as he continued to retreat. Rocks also flew in random directions as the arena was trampled under his feet.

As the four dragon qi pounced towards him, Qin Mu gave a grunt and his vital qi rushed into his eyes, awakening Heaven’s Eyes immediately. The vital qi in his hand transformed into a long spear and pierced through the four dragons and stabbed with a clink onto Ming Xin’s palm. Before Ming Xin’s Five Dragons Devil Purge could burst forth, his vital qi was dissipated by this spear.

As the two kinds of forces clashed, the spear formed by Qin Mu’s vital qi had also dissipated.

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and looked at Ming Xin’s palm. There was a drop of blood flowing down, as his palm got pricked open by the spear.

Qin Mu’s arms were badly mangled of course, and his wound was more severe than Ming Xin’s.

Qin Mu took a deep breath as his vital qi suddenly started blazing as he rushed toward Ming Xin.

Spring Thunder On The Lonely East Sea!

This time he didn’t use the water attribute and had changed to fire instead. It was like a blazing fire river descending from the sky into the sea, trying to ignite the sea!

Ming Xin remained unmoved and raised his hand to welcome it. His eyes being extremely clear, "Without the cultivation method, everything is fabricated and only look impressive."

Ming Xin also executed Spring Thunder On The Lonely East Sea and thunder burst forth from his palms, devastating the souls with the rumblings of thunder. Qin Mu’s fiery bearing was disintegrated straightaway!

And at this moment, Qin Mu raised both of his hands and they ignited in flames. Using hands as knives, he slashed them towards Ming Xin like a crazed devil!

Pig Slaughtering Knife Skill, Sun On East Sea Thousand Layer Waves!

This was an extremely insane move as it was hard for Butcher’s knife skills to unleash supreme power without becoming insane. There had to be the grandeur of a huge sun rising along with the thousand layers of waves overlapping each other. Using the matchless knife power to cut down and shatter every power in its way!

Slash slash slash slash slash!

The overlapping of a thousand waves and the overlapping of a thousand knives. There was nothing that couldn’t be cut down and nothing that couldn’t be shattered!

Ming Xin’s face slightly changed, however, Qin Mu frowned instead. He could see that Ming Xin was executing the eight form of Thunderclap Eight Strikes, Thousand-Armed Buddha!

The palm of this little monk met with his and it was like a Buddha with thousand of arms blocking his insane knives!

Qin Mu’s heart slightly sank. His hands weren’t actual knives. Ming Xin’s defense was extremely strong. It was hard to chop off his hands.

"Then I shall go faster! Faster and faster! So fast until you can’t catch my knives! Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities!"

Qin Mu was like a crazed devil and he continued to slash crazily. There was only a single thought in his mind which was faster, faster, faster, so fast that he could behead the Buddha!

"There’s no pig in this world that the Pig Slaughtering Knife cannot slaughter!" Qin Mu shouted ruthlessly as his vital qi went rampant.

Dang dang dang dang dang—!

Ming Xin used Thousand-Armed Buddha to block and suddenly, he missed Qin Mu’s hand knife as it hit him on his throat. The huge bell protecting his body gave a ring. Following that, a second knife broke through his defense and hit him exactly on the throat again, causing another ring.

The third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth knife!

Qin Mu’s knives grew faster and faster while repeatedly hitting the same spot which was the throat!

"Senior brother, I learned the same skills as you back then and we know each other very well. There’s a flaw in your Thousand-Armed Buddha."

Sitting in front of the old monk, Old Ma said indifferently, "It looks like you have imparted the flaw to your disciple as well."

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