Super Dimensional Wizard

Super Dimensional Wizard

Author:mu hu
Chapters:2706 | 3.4


The status of sorcerers is transcendent in all continents and pan-dimensions. Mystery, wisdom, cruelty and bloodshed are synonymous with sorcerers. But what is a real sorcerer like? After coming into contact with the world of sorcerers, Engel came to the conclusion that sorcerers are a group of people who use materialistic thoughts to illuminate themselves, but use materialistic attitudes to justify the world. In other words, it is a group of alternative scientists who walk alone with a rigorous attitude on the way to the truth. ---------- Multiple worlds, infinite overlap. Wise creatures are guided by the underworld to come out of their own civilizational path. Among them, the sorcerer world, with its unique cultivation civilization, across the endless realms. Even though the sorcerer world is so strong, the reality of the universe, the mystery of the dimension is still never able to be broken. Until, a multiverse traveler, visited this world. (The traveler is not the protagonist is not the protagonist is not the protagonist, the important thing to say three times!

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