Shadow Rogue

Shadow Rogue

Author:chen yuan an shang
Chapters:0 | 3.3
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?? ◆◇◆◇ Campus Chapter --- ???? The bankruptcy of her family made her live in his house, and he tried to drive her out. ???? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of her, but you don't know that she is your brother's childhood friend, so should he choose to continue or give up? ???? A family change has turned them against each other, who were originally as close as brothers, and he chooses to be with her at this time, so what is it for? ???? In order to take revenge on him, he used her, tortured her and hurt her, so that she suddenly understood that she was just a pawn of him, a use .........???? The next volume ◇◆◇◆The urban chapter --- ???? Five years later, he became the president, and she became the most dazzling star. ???? Damn her to act as if she didn't know him, in his office, extending her hand politely and saying, "Hello, President, please take care of more!" ???? Damn, she ended up being someone else's wife? And with a child? There was absolutely no way he was going to let that happen, he was going to get her back ...... ???? ---------- ---------- ----?? This article is from the campus span to the city, there is a large turn in the middle, belong to the slow type, have to be patient to see ...... ???? ◇◆◇◆◇Shadow's new article:? The Devil's Domination: Taking Back the Fatal Stepford Wife It is said that the love is as deep as the hate, but often understand all this when it is too late, is not it? ---------- --The inscription three years ago, he was with her in order to protect her. Three years later, he in order to revenge her, he again with her. He kept torturing her, dominating her body and mind and wearing her down. "She is now just my ambiguous bed tool, as early as three years ago I was completely dead to her, now how can I love her again ........." when she heard him speak this sentence, love him that heart has completely broken She chose to leave. When she disappeared from his life, he realized that his heart had long been unknowingly occupied by her ...... He spared no expense, frantically looking for her and finding his heart. When several years later, he found her. But she was tormented by him back then, and the heart that originally loved him has gradually disappeared ...... a misunderstanding that separated two people who loved each other heart and soul for several years. The two people can also go back to the old days when the misunderstanding was solved? The chief president's kissing baby" text / Ivy Alvi "The sun is just right, then the flowers bloom" text / berries After the rain and wind in the old garden" text/Nica "Supreme red face: the dumping of the world charming queen" text/Helen Miner "Love is the will of God" text/cloud smoke tree http://novel.hongxiu. com/a/191461/《:》/《》/Murong Tingxue《》/http://《》/《》/《:2010 /《-》/《:》/ /a/220942/

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