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Chapter 96 Banquet

Hessa Charity Night, during SARS, was initiated by well-known actor stars to raise money to support the battle against SARS, and has continued to this day.

It was supposed to be a star-studded event, and those who were present, were all the major domestic actor stars. In addition, are the bosses of well-known domestic enterprises, directors and some people with status.

This time, the charity dinner was held in Binhai City, and as the brightest new star of technology in China, and the headquarters was in Binhai City, it was inevitable to invite people from the marching ant company.

This is the first time that the marching ant company participated in public charity, Zhao Min originally attached great importance to it and wanted to come over personally, but this time he went to Europe and prepared for the marching ant company to enter the international, so he had to let Chen Mo, the chairman of the board, come over.

Eight o'clock.

Chen Mo and Xiaoyu appeared outside the banquet venue, surrounded by all kinds of luxury cars, almost like a large luxury car show site.

Xiao Yu saw this scene outside the window and immediately got nervous.

This is her first time to participate in such a large banquet, to participate in this kind of banquet, are the elite of society. No matter how she counted, she was just a Cinderella, only the prince was around.

The melodious music in the car did not let Little Fishery relax in the slightest, instead, she tightly grabbed Chen Mo's palm.

"Nervous?" Chen Mo asked.

"A little." Little Fishery nodded her head.

"To be honest, I've never participated in this kind of banquet either." Chen Mo patted Xiao Yu's hand, reassuring her.

When she felt the warmth of Chen Mo's hand, Xiao Yu's heart relaxed slightly, as if the sky was falling as long as Chen Mo was there, it was fine.

After the car stopped outside the venue, Xiaoyu took Chen Mo's hand and slowly walked inside.

Just before they reached the entrance of the banquet, the two of them were called by the welcoming staff: "Excuse me, two?"

"We are the representatives of the Marching Ant Company." Chen Mo said indifferently.

"Oh? Ms. Zhao Min didn't come?" A staff member next to him who was in charge of people signing in asked.

"She's gone to Europe." Chen Mo said.

"Oh, then you can sign in here, inside please, there will be a second scene later." The staff member said with a smile.

After the two people left, the staff member picked up the intercom: "Director, the president of the marching ant company didn't arrive, and sent two representatives over, one named Chen Mo and the other named He Xiaoyu."

"Clear, I will inform the host. The location of the second scene of the marching ant company is also changed, not the president, sitting at that table is a bit inappropriate. Specific location, you guys see where appropriate, improvise and change the position of the president of the Huayi Group."


Chen Mo and Xiaoyu arrived not too early, many people had already entered long ago.

This is an open-air banquet site, and everywhere in the venue, you can see groups of people gathered together, holding glasses of wine, talking and laughing. There are many security personnel patrolling outside the venue, obviously the security work is very well in place.

As soon as they entered the venue, Xiao Yu tensed up, her body clinging to Chen Mo's body.

"Small fishery, you do not tense ah, make me a little nervous, and then the two together embarrassed." Chen Mo said.

Little Fishery puffed and laughed, being said by him, but relaxed a lot. Xiao Yu's laughter also made Chen Mo's heart slightly nervous stretch, calmly and freely surveyed the surrounding people.

"Hey, Assistant He is here." A middle-aged man in a suit and extremely smart, after seeing Xiao Yu, won up with a glass of wine and smiled faintly at the two: "Didn't Mr. Zhao come?"

"Hello Mr. Qi, Mr. Zhao has gone to Europe and will not be back until a few days later." Xiao Yu said politely.

"Ho, what a pity, I originally wanted to talk to Mr. Zhao about cooperation today. Looks like next time, Assistant He, I'll go over there to talk to an old friend first, make yourself at home."

After saying that, he left straight away with his glass of wine, only casually sweeping Chen Mo from beginning to end.

"Who is he?"

"Qi Ming, the boss of a company, the company is not big, I met him when I followed Mr. Zhao to sign contracts with those channel traders. The characteristic of being extremely smart, let me remember."

"Little fishery, found you learned bad." Chen Mo laughed.

"Which has?"

Little Fishery also gently laughed, just now the tension all dissipated, holding Chen Mo's arm to leave. Just because of Xiao Yu's pure temperament, gentle and generous, attracting a lot of attention.

Those who know Xiao Yu, know that Xiao Yu is Zhao Min's assistant.

Now the marching ant company is a well-known domestic company, the most likely to break the deadlock of domestic Internet companies. Zhao Min is also now considered one of the business giants in China.

Today many gentry came specifically for Zhao Min, after all, taking Zhao Min means their family business and their future, unlimited future.

Zhao Min did not come, leaving many people disappointed.

Those who knew Xiao Yu, just a simple greeting, and chatted with others. Zhao Min was not here, and they could not talk to an assistant about cooperation.

As for Chen Mo, even less people knew him.

"Chen Mo, how do you feel about this party?" After a round, Xiaoyu held Chen Mo's hand and asked.

"If I didn't have you to accompany me, I guess I would die of boredom."

Chen Mo gave what he thought was a fair assessment.

To him, these people were all strangers. He was not good at socializing on such occasions, and he was a blank in this regard. He also didn't like to take the initiative to accost people.

The people who entered this venue were all elites from all walks of life, and spoke many times with their mouths shut, the kind of hook-ups he didn't like.

If he could, he would even prefer to stay in the laboratory research.

"Go and sit down." Little Fish said.


Chen Mo took Xiaoyu and walked to a corner where no one was. Just after sitting down, Chen Mo picked up a glass of juice and drank it all in one go.

These juices are selected from the best, the freshest fruit, a cup down, can cover the average person's salary for a day.

It is said to be a charity party, but very often it is more like a platform for socializing.

But Chen Mo does not care about this, anyway, the sponsors pay, not from the charity money. They donate money and do not spend it in such places.

"Can I get my phone and play a game?" Chen Mo said.

Xiaoyu smiled, playing games at this kind of banquet was a breath of fresh air.

"You play, I'll watch you play."


Chen Mo took out his phone and opened the game. Usually only play a handful when relaxing, now bored to a handful.

Just when Chen Mo was immersed in the game, a pleasant voice will them intended.

"Excuse me, is there anyone in this position?"

The two people looked up and saw a beautiful figure. A girl with a clear face looked at Chen Mo, who was playing the game, in amazement. It was the first time she had ever seen a game being played in such a place.

"There's no one."

Xiao Yu looked up and looked at the girl in surprise, "You're Gao Wenwen?"

"Who is Gao Wenwen?" Chen Mo put down the phone in his hand and glanced at the girl.

"A popular star, not long after her debut, relying on a TV series to be among the most popular actors. Legend has it that she refused the subterfuge of some powerful person in the entertainment industry and was banned. Talented and artistic, but no director dare to use, signed endorsement ads were also returned." Little fishery lying in Chen Mo's ear, light up vermilion lips.


Gao Wenwen smiled and greeted both of them, picked up the juice and drank it by herself, only looking a bit distracted.

Chen Mo took a deep look at Gao Wenwen. The circle of entertainment is the most chaotic place, a girl without a backing background, but still able to clean themselves up, but he was impressed.

After just one look at Gao Wenwen, Chen Mo picked up his phone and was ready to continue. However, just as he tried to play the game, there was no small commotion in the crowd.

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