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Chapter 93 Human motion data acquisition

The next morning, Chen Mo and Xiao Yu had just walked out of the villa entrance when a car stopped at the entrance. Wang Hai stepped down from inside and opened the car door for the two.

After seeing Wang Hai, Chen Mo smiled, "Back."

During this time, Chen Mo had been asking Zhao Min to follow up on Wang Hai's affairs. Because of the shooting at that time, so no matter what, Wang Hai had to be investigated.

"They didn't give a reply, and they are out on bail for now." Wang Hai nodded his head.

"No difficulties for you, right?" Chen Mo asked.

"No." Wang Hai said.

"Get in the car." Chen Mo said towards Xiaoyu who was beside him.

Little Fishery here, he and Wang Hai is also not suitable to talk too much. Some things, the less Little Fishery knows the better, these things, he will be enough to bear.

"Wang Hai, when you pass by the square, stop the car, I'll buy a little something." Chen Mo said.

"Okay." Wang Hai nodded, his eyes looking at the rearview mirror from time to time.

Not long after, the car stopped outside the commercial square, Chen Mo instructed Xiao Yu to wait in the car, and ran into the square. Ten minutes later, only to run out with a bag.

"Clothes?" Xiaoyu looked at the bag in Chen Mo's hand with tears and laughter: "Why are you going to buy clothes at this time?"

"Useful." Chen Mo said mysteriously, "Wang Hai, let's go."

There were no words along the way.

When he came outside his experimental area, Chen Mo realized that several employees, with two treadmills, had already been waiting outside his experimental area.

"Move the treadmills to the entrance of the lab." Chen Mo said towards a few workers.

Now his lab, can't just let people in, especially after the series of events that happened. And there were robots, and these researches, could not be known by ordinary employees, so he did not let them move inside the lab directly.

"Yes, chairman." Several employees treadmill put in the laboratory door, and left the laboratory.

Only after making sure the treadmill was okay did they dial Zhao Min's phone number.

"Chairman, what is it?"

"Lend your assistant for a while." Chen Mo smiled.

"She is your person, still need to borrow from me?" Zhao Min was amused by Chen Mo's words.

"In the company, she is your assistant. If I just call her over, what about her job? I've commandeered her for the past two days." Chen Mo said.

"It seems you still have a clear distinction between public and private, so I'll inform her to go up." Zhao Min said, "By the way, ask her to bring two months of financial statements up to you."

"Okay." Chen Mo said.

Not long after hanging up the phone, Xiaoyu walked into Chen Mo's lab area with a folder.

"This is the company's financial statement for two months."

"You've read it, right?"

Chen Mo took Little Fishery into his lab and put the financial statements on the lab table to the side.

"Read it, seems to be no problem."

"No problem is fine, I don't need to read it, in the future, you help me read the company's financial statements."

Chen Mo is not afraid of someone's hands in the company's accounts, because there is the Mo girl monitoring in, anyone who does, he will be very clear.

"How can that work?"

"Why not? Now come and do me a favor."

Chen Mo pushed Xiaoyu to the experimental table and lifted the gauze on the table. The robot that had just been successfully assembled yesterday appeared in front of Xiao Yu.

Seeing the robot in front of her, Xiao Yu's mouth opened wide and she was dumbfounded.

She knew that Chen Mo was researching robots, but when she came before, it was just a skeleton, but now that she came over, it was actually assembled.

This robot, just like the robots in the movie, only without the cool paint job in the movie.

"This is the robot you finished?" Little Fishery reached out and touched on the robot's body.

"Half-finished product, there are still a lot of places to debug, so I asked you to help me."

Chen Mo turned the robot's start button on by himself, and the sensors in his eyes and chest, immediately emitted a red light.

"What can I help you with?"

Xiao Yu stared at the robot with unblinking eyes, making her heart full of curiosity.

"It can't walk yet, and I need data on a person's movement, so I'll let you help me. I am going to collect your movement data and put it inside it so that it can move freely."

"Okay." After thinking about it, Xiao Yu nodded: "How do I try?"

"First, put the sports undershirt on."

Chen Mo handed the clothes he bought this morning to Little Fisherman.

"So you bought this this morning, just to buy this."

Little Fishery took the bag in Chen Mo's hand, looked at Chen Mo oddly, and waited to change into the sports undershirt before walking to Chen Mo's body with a red face.

Once she looked up and saw Chen Mo's dumbfounded look, Xiao Yu blushed and quickly spread to the roots of her ears.

At this time, the small fishery, tied with a high ponytail, wearing a sports undershirt and sports shorts, long straight legs, and a flawlessly proportioned body, displayed in front of him. If there was a vest line, I'm afraid it would be perfect.

Youthful, energetic, temperament in the kind of faint wildness is magnified, completely without the usual gentle and sensible look.

Xiao Yu has a different sense of beauty with every change of style. Chen Mo does not even know if it is a lover's eye out of the West.

"So beautiful." Chen Mo rubbed his chin and admired.

Seeing Chen Mo's aggressive gaze, Xiao Yu had shyness in her eyes.

"Don't look, test ah." Little Fishery was a little overwhelmed by Chen Mo's look: "You don't test, I'll just go back to work."

Xiaoyu didn't dare to look directly at Chen Mo's gaze, and her heart began to beat faster. The two were intimate, but the last step was never taken.

"Okay, test, go home and see."

Chen Mo showed a relaxed smile, pulled the small fishery, the human movement test equipment are brought over. These instruments, mainly sensors and optical scanners.

Human movement, consisting of more than 200 joints, can complete a highly complex movement, and these movements, with a high degree of coordination.

In robot design, intelligent control of these aspects, human movement is a hot spot for research.

Chen Mo put the sensor headband on Xiaoyu, and then at each of her joints, put on the sensors, and let her stand on the treadmill.

Carrying the robot on the lab bench onto another treadmill, Chen Mo turned on the data connection of the sensors.

"Now prepare to collect data." Chen Mo said, "Are you ready?"

"Ready." Little Fish nodded.

"Now take a few steps to try." After pressing the start button, Chen Mo's eyes were on the computer screen.

As soon as his words fell, Little Fishery slowly walked up on the treadmill. The data on the computer then began to appear and elongate.

"Stop." Chen Mo called out to Little Fisherman and looked at the computer screen, "I will now send the data of your walk, to the robot to try."

Finished sending the data, the robot not far from Little Fishery began to walk up. Chen Mo was watching carefully around the robot. The pace was about the same distance as Little Fisherman, but there was still mechanical in the movement, and the limbs just moved stiffly, not really coordinated.

Relatively speaking, it is already much better, because this is just the beginning, to have this kind of result, is already very good.

"Little Fisherman, you continue to walk around, I will synchronize your data to the robot." Chen Mo walked back to the computer and switched to synchronize the data.

The moment Little Fishery walked, on the other treadmill, the robot also followed. Even the movement of turning its head was consistent, looking at Little Fishery with amazement.

"Speed up the pace." Chen Mo said as he watched the robot's movement.

Inside the robot turned a set of gyroscopes, able to automatically adjust the balance, plus the Mo female can automatically learn to adjust, and constantly coordinate the movement of the torso, and soon the robot's limbs began to be natural, and the movement was much smoother.

"Continue to accelerate, slowly run up." Chen Mo stared at the data that kept elongating on the computer screen.

Hearing Chen Mo's words, Little Fishery also picked up speed and jogged up on the treadmill.

Compared to letting Mo's daughter simulate walking by herself, using human movement data to imitate, this method could make the robot's movements more coordinated and closer to human.

Only after thirty minutes did Xiao Yu stop in exhaustion, panting and looking at Chen Mo.

"Take a rest." Chen Mo helped Xiao Yu dry her sweat, handed her water by hand, and then placed his gaze on the robot: "The preliminary movement data has been successfully collected, take a break and come see the results of your hard work today."

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