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Chapter 80: Second Refusal

The news was spreading, but there was no sign of Cook, something that made the media people who were guarding the Marching Ant Company wonder. Cook did not visit the marching ant company, nor did he appear in other places in the coastal city.

Inside the company, it was also quiet.

The news did not seem to be what they thought it was.

Inside the company, reporters could not just enter to interview, Cook did not show up since he was exposed at the Marina City airport last night, and they did not even know which hotel Cook was staying at.

For a while, the reporters who were outside the company began to get anxious.

Cook is sitting inside the hotel sofa with his eyes closed, his face with fatigue.

Just arrived last night, jet lag did not fall over, now the spirit is not good, the mood is not good.

When the U.S. stock market closed, Apple's share price fell another 1%, and now also by the marching ants rejected their invitation, the feeling of being rejected, the mood is always not too good.

Now the dilemma, the marching ants company has clearly responded, to talk business words. Go to the marching ant company, they will not take the initiative to come. He wants to get the initiative, it is simply impossible.

But nothing to talk about and leave, then he came to Binhai City, all the intentions are null and void. How to solve the problem is the next thing he has to do.

Now the new Apple S2 launch, soon to start, performance and marching ants almost, but no intelligent assistant, siri function, and small butterfly simply can not be compared.

Battery life, it is Apple's shortcomings, in addition to the advantages of having a bionic chip, he could not think of where the advantages of their phones.

If you hold a launch like this, I'm afraid that this time the sales, will be a tragic Waterloo.

Last time let the black hat in the marching ants company to steal the source code of the intelligent assistant, the results failed, the company's computer suffered, has not felt the public announcement.

They are investing a beaten amount of manpower to expand siri's functions and artificial intelligence research.

But want to make a breakthrough in a short time, almost impossible. Now the most important thing is to get the intelligent assistant to break the game, or they have to lose most of the market in Greater China, the future marching ants internationalization, they are more trouble.

It didn't take long for Cook to open his eyes and take out his phone to contact his secretary: "Contact the people at the marching ant company and ask them to go out to talk."

At this time in the Marching Ants Company, Chen Mo was sitting in his office eating lunch with Xiao Yu.

Many times, at noon, Xiaoyu ate with Chen Mo. Sometimes, it would go out to eat. Occasionally, he would make a meal and bring it to the office in the morning in a lunch box.

"I find that my little fisherman's cooking is much better than outside." Chen Mo laughed.

As soon as his words fell, a hint of joy surfaced on Little Fisherman's face. Just pretended to give him a white glance. When the two were together and no one was around, Chen Mo would sometimes say some meaty little love words.

The person you like complimented you, the small fishery natural heart also rejoiced. There is no booming love, at least simple is also very good.

"Eat more if it's good, so many dishes can't block your mouth." Xiao Yu strongly folder vegetables into Chen Mo's bowl.

"Clip so much, are you feeding the pigs?"

"You are feeding you." Little Fisherman laughed.

"Zhao Min calls."

As the two of them were eating, the voice of the intelligent assistant Xiaodie came from the phone on the table, followed by a ringing sound.

"Connect, hands-free." Chen Mo did not put down the chopsticks in his hand and swallowed the rice in his mouth and said.

"Chairman, not disturbing you, right?" Just after connecting, Zhao Min's voice came from the phone.

"What's the matter?" Chen Mo asked.

"Cook asked us to talk tonight." Zhao Min said.

"Talk in the evening? He's jet lagged, right? Tell them, if you want to cooperate, come to the company to talk. If it is so difficult to come to our company, there is no need to talk about cooperation, we are not the eighteenth level of hell here."

Chen Mo couldn't possibly agree to go out and talk to him all of a sudden, since they hadn't formally met. What does it mean to want to cooperate and not even want to come to their company?

Besides, his impression of Apple was not too good, when the intelligent assistant first came out, among the people who hacked into the company's server were Apple employees.

"Such a dry refusal, well, I'll have someone reply to them." Zhao Min said.

After hanging up his phone, Chen Mo continued to eat with Xiao Yu. After eating, Chen Mo sat in front of the computer and continued to make the design of the robot.

The list of materials needed for the robot, the list of components and parts, he had already compiled and asked Zhao Min to ask someone to purchase them.

Before that, it was necessary for him to design the robot out, and when the time came, the materials came, he would be able to enter the manufacturing stage directly.

"Aren't you going to rest for a while?" After finishing packing up all the lunch boxes, Xiaoyu came up behind Chen Mo.

"You go lie down for a while, you have to work in the afternoon. I'm not tired for now, and I can rest anytime I'm tired. You won't be able to sleep at work in the afternoon." Chen Mo said.

"What are you drawing?" Xiaoyu looked strangely at the design drawings in Chen Mo's computer.

"The design drawing of a robot."

"You want to study robots?"

Little fishery tone with astonishment, in her impression, robots are all high and mighty things, only exist in movies, live Chen Mo said to study robots, she had to be surprised.

"Get a small toy to play, anyway, there is nothing to do this time, if you like, after the success of the research send one to you."

"No, what do I need a robot for? I'm going to rest for a while, you don't want to be too tired." After saying that, he went to Chen Mo's office sofa to lie down.

Chen Mo continued to put his eyes on the computer and began to design the robot.

The robot consisted of four major parts. They are the actuator, the drive unit, the control system and the detection device.

What Chen Mo was doing now was the basic design. The technology obtained within the technology library was just a design drawing, and any other technology was not available.

Drive device he intends to use carbon crystal-based batteries, equipped with electric drive device, this stage, he never thought of installing the Iron Man chest that ark reactor. He is also not used to make any war robots, carbon crystal battery storage capacity, enough robots in the laboratory.

At least let the ink women have a carrier that can help him conduct experiments. Now the laboratory, no assistant, do a lot of things to do personally, too busy.

The control system is the ink girl, this has the ink girl control, but a lot of data, but also need to test the entry. There is also a CPU at each joint to interpolate operations and control processing.

He is now, is to design the layout of the robot.

The final detection device is important, the location of various sensors, laser sensors, photosensitive sensors, acoustic sensors, thermal sensors, etc.. These sensors, which are the eyes, nose and ears of the robot, send the feedback to the control system.

Robot design, can not be separated from the sensor, ignore the sensor to design the robot, are bullshit.

That's why he got the laser sensor first before, with the laser sensor, quite this robot, with a more accurate eyes.

Chen Mo in the design of the robot, in the coastal city of coastal hotel, some people but not as good mood as he.

In the hotel, Cook frowned.

Trouble, now it's big trouble. The marching ant company made up its mind not to come out, must let him go over, he is now a bit of a mess. Never tried it before, asking a person to be rejected twice.

Pondered for a long time before Cook stood up from the sofa and left the room.

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