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Chapter 71 Laser Sensor Technology

Chen Mo sat up straight, with a look of anticipation on his face. The rhombus group is the island's military industry group, there must be many secrets, he would like to see, in the end the Mo girl rhombus group took what information back.

"Open and see." Chen Mo said.


The moment Mo's words fell, a piece of information jumped to the computer screen.

After starting to browse the information, Chen Mo got cautious. There was quite a bit of special information in the information that Murmur got, including the formulas for two special materials.

The information of the car and ship research, Chen Mo did not read more, and when he saw the research of weapons, his face became a bit more serious.

The piece of arms, he could not touch, at least not at the moment.

But some of these are the information of ordinary weapons and the design of an airborne machine gun. Special weapons, can not be so simply stored in the company's database, there must be a separate storage point.

When seeing the last piece of information, Chen Mo's pupils shrank, and his face then sank.

This information is full of domestic terrain, environment, weather and water pattern data and research reports. It also included the location of some bases and important research institutes, as well as a lot of research and development personnel and agents working for the Rinku Group, which was alarming to Chen Mo.

After seeing this information, Chen Mo began to think about how to deal with it, this is not an ordinary thing, he was not even sure, there is still a backup of the Ling Horn Group.

Between countries, sending spies to each other, this is a tacit practice, can catch, test the ability of national intelligence agencies. Some time ago, a lot of spies were caught openly, but those that were not announced, no one knows how many.

"Ink Lady, send this information to the NSA people and write that it came from the Rinku Group. Send it anonymously, don't be traced to the address, or there will be trouble." Chen Mo said.

These things were not his business. But since he knew that there was such a thing, he would be a redditor and hide his name deeply. This is his homeland and has this responsibility.

As for the content of this information, what the people above will do with it, it is not his business.

"Brother Mo, it has been sent successfully, leaving no traces."

"This information is encrypted at the highest level, don't let anyone see it." After instructing the Mo girl to handle this information, Chen Mo sat back on the sofa and continued reading.

Security Bureau Office.

"Director, a special intelligence was just received, you need to come over and take a look at it." Li Jizheng rushed into the director's office, not even knocking on the door, with a gloomy look on his face.

"Is it that urgent?"

"Very urgent."

Zhu Ming, who was preparing to handle matters, hurriedly put down the documents in his hands, and did not ask more questions, hurriedly put down the matter at hand and followed Li Jizheng quickly out of the office area.

His men, he knew very well, normally Li Jizheng would never run in in such a hurry, there must be something very urgent.

"It's this information."

Two people just came to the office area, Li Jizheng let the technical staff in front of the computer, open the mail. The people around all quiet down, the eyes all on Zhu Ming.

Zhu Ming's face became increasingly grave, and when he saw the end, his eyebrows were furrowed.

"Who sent it?" Zhu Ming asked.

"I don't know, the other party is a master, using a fake address, I can't trace any information about him." The technician sitting in front of the computer said.

"Can you determine the accuracy of this information?" Zhu Ming looked at Li Jizheng.

"It should be true, there are two of the islanders in here, the ones we are monitoring. Just now we have confirmed the news that half an hour ago, the headquarters of the Island Rinku Group was indeed hacked, and now all the computers in the headquarters are in paralysis." Li Jizheng said.

"Copy the file down to me, I need to report to the top. The person who sent us the information, can you find out?" Zhu Ming asked.

"I'm afraid not, the other party didn't leave a trace, like the Redditor's technique." The technician sitting in front of the computer said.

"Set up a team, Jizheng as the leader, responsible for monitoring the activities of the islanders on this list. The researchers on the list, I will notify other groups to protect."


The hacking of the Rinku Group soon hit the international news and became a hot headline.

It became hot not because of how much of an impact it caused, but because it was so bizarre.

The entire Rinkaku Group's computer was playing a small movie of Bodo, even if it was unplugged and rebooted, but as soon as it was turned on, it was that image that kept looping.

It is said that the Rinkaku Group invited the best technical staff of the island, and finally also helpless. This unknown virus, already exists in the computer's hard drive. As soon as the computer is turned on, the virus automatically starts, locks up the system and plays small movies. The computer's hard drive must be formatted and the system reinstalled.

As for who hacked the Ringside Group, no one knows, and the person behind it has never made a public statement. As for what the Rinku Group lost, the outside world does not know.

The impact of the hacking fiasco, the shares of all the listed companies and even the companies that cooperate with the Rhombus Group fell.

Because no one can guarantee that the hacker took what information of the rhombus group, and will not have any leaks in the future.

This incident also makes many companies concerned about network security issues.

This is not a trivial matter, when Morgan was hacked, leaking the information of more than twenty million users. This kind of thing, for any company, is a fatal blow.

After the matter of Rinkhorn was handled, Chen Mo's day once again fell into calm.

Three days later, Chen Mo closed the book in his hand and breathed a sigh of relief.

He had been reading books during this period of leisure, and today he finally completed the condition of the 600th book. One library free choice.

Rubbing his somewhat tired brow, Chen Mo lay down on the sofa and entered the technology library.

"What technology do you want this time?" As soon as Shu Lao came out, he asked Chen Mo.

"Which page is the sensor technology on? I'll look for it myself." Chen Mo said.

Chen Mo didn't choose software, software technology he could get Mo's daughter to help compile, what he needed now was hardware technology.

His research, when it unfolds in the future, must be supported by a lot of hardware.

The target this time is laser sensor technology, he has asked Zhao Min to acquire a car manufacturing plant, the purpose is to prepare for future trials of driverless cars.

The market for driverless cars is quite mature in terms of software. Thousand degrees, umbrella companies and Tesla, which are several self-driving software technologies, are already very mature.

What limits the popularity of autonomous driving is the hardware.

The laser sensors currently on the market are too big, too expensive, and immature technology, limiting the popularity of autonomous driving.

The laser sensor has a wide role, and the future research of robotics, also need laser sensors. So this time the laser sensor will be made out, later on the development of other products, absolutely has a huge use.

Shu Lao nodded and said, "On page 1606-1789, it's all trainee level sensor technology."


Chen Mo began to look through the dark red book and started looking for sensors.

Ultrasonic sensors, acoustic sensors, large acoustic sensors ...... dense sensor technology, making Chen Mo's eyes dazzled. According to the classification, Chen Mo quickly found the technology needed.

Tenglong laser sensor technology"; belong to the field: physics, electronics, permission level: trainee; product description: the maximum measurement distance of 1000 meters, precision 5mm, fast, strong resistance to light and electrical interference, miniaturization (10cm diameter), low production costs.

Volume, cost, performance, these indicators, fully meet the requirements of the sensing technology he wants to find.

"This is it." Chen Mo pointed to the technology in the book and said.


Shu Lao nodded, his palm opened wide, and a book slowly formed in his hand, slapping it directly into Chen Mo's head.

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