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Chapter 70: A small movie triggers a bloodbath

"Island again?"

Chen Mo frowned, he remembered that this period of time, the company has been under a lot of cyber attacks, from the island IP quite a lot.

"It's the fan of that Portobello last time." Mo female said.

Chen Mo's face twitched a little, this hacker he was impressed.

The last time I asked the girl to copy all the invasion hacker's computer information, the results in this island hacker's computer, copied back all the Portland wild small movies and posters and seeds. From debut to latest works, nothing was left out.

"Why did he come again?" Chen Mo is a bit puzzled, is the last lesson is not enough?

"He stole the information last time back to crack, after unlocking, computer virus, hard drive collection of movies, posters and seeds, all gone." Mo said.

Chen Mo listened to Mo's words and was almost amused. This guy, not to revenge to invade the company's server, right?

"Ink Lady, in the fake database, open a port for him to enter. Since he's here, let him return empty-handed and give him a gift."

Chen Mo thought about it and smiled. There happened to be nothing else going on right now, so let's play with him.

"What kind of gift?" Mo asked.

"You make up an invisible virus program and let him take it. Put the small movie of Portobello in the binding, file encryption, and let them go back and crack it properly."

Chen Mo was curious to know how wonderful that hacker's face would look when Bodo's little movie popped up on the computer screen after he spent a lot of time and worked hard to crack it.

"Okay, Brother Mo." Moongirl said.

In just one minute, MoM created the fake database successfully. According to Chen Mo's intention, Mo Mui opened a hidden port for that hacker to let his successfully invade.

A corner of the island of Kyoto, a dim room, filled with the smell of decay, the walls are covered with female porn posters, are now the most popular actress Portland.

In front of the computer, sat a man, fingers tapping on the keyboard, frowning, his face pale and gloomy under the fluorescent mapping of the computer.

On the other computer next to it, a movie was playing, and the room was filled with sounds that made the blood vessels dilate.

Suddenly, the man's locked brow stretched seemingly, revealing a morose white teeth, very bizarre.

The original invasion without progress, suddenly found each other a back door, let him invade successfully.

After copying all the information and erasing all traces, the man retired with glee, before leaving, but also did not forget to put the virus into the database.

The last time the computer was hit by a virus, the hard-won collection of movies, all ruined, this time, in addition to stealing information, he still revenge.

Looking at the encrypted information, the man did not bother to crack. Unplugging the flash drive from the computer, he couldn't wait to dial a number.

"(Japanese) Mr. Nakamura, what you want, you've got it." The man sounded very excited.

"Soga, I'll come to you now." On the other end of the phone, a male duck-like voice came.

"Mr. Nakamura, where's the rest of the money?" The man asked.

"I'll transfer it to you when I get the information."

"Hi Huh!!!"

The man ignored the information on the computer and set his eyes on the computer next to him with a look of excitement on his face. An hour later, a knock sounded at the door, and the pale man hurriedly wiped his hands and rushed to open the door.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw a middle-aged man in a suit, followed by two bodyguards.

"Mr. Nakamura, you're here. This is what you asked for, the information inside is encrypted and needs to be decrypted by you, I didn't read the contents." The man held out the flash drive as if offering a treasure.


The middle-aged man took the flash drive and looked toward the room with a look of disgust on his face.

"Mr. Nakamura, when is that money going to be transferred to me?" The man was a little impatient: "I want to use the money to get Miss Bodo to make a movie." After saying that, his eyes became fiery.

"Take me into the house and sit down, and I will transfer the money to you."

"Good good ......" The man hurriedly moved out of the way.

Just walked in and saw the situation inside the house. The middle-aged man's brow furrowed and the disgust on his face increased: "Let me check the information."

"After you."

The middle-aged man just wanted to sit on the chair, saw the pile of liquid on it, hurriedly stood up, and inserted the U disk into the computer.

Only after confirming that there was information encrypted inside, did the middle-aged man pull out the flash drive.

"Confirmed, right? Mr. Nakamura, what about the rest of the money? I want to go to Miss Bodo for the movie."

"Well done, I'll burn it to you later."

The middle-aged man took out his sunglasses and put them on, turned around and left. The two bodyguards next to him understood, grabbed the pale man, took out a cloth and covered his nose.

Within a moment, the man was motionless and had lost his breath.

All traces were removed and the man's body was put back on the seat before leaving the room.

The next day.

At the headquarters of the island's Rinkaku Group, Kazuo Nakamura stared intently at the computer operated by the technician, watching the cracking process on the screen with delight on his face.

"Mr. Nakamura, the password is cracked." A computer technician wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"Yossi!" Kazuo Nakamura stroked his palm, a delighted smile on his face, and immediately dialed a number.

"President, you've got what you want ......"

After putting down the phone, only then did Kazuo Nakamura put his eyes on the folder of the computer, "Yours, open the information of these to see."

Conference room, just put down the phone Ichinoshu a smile: "Everyone, just now Nakamura-kun called, get very precious technology. The next thing we have to develop is ......"

"Hmm ...... Hmm! Ah! Ah! Ya know, eeee, Ichiku ......"

As soon as Ichinoshu's words were spoken, a video immediately popped up on the projection of the conference room. A red and fruity Miss Bodo was screaming with a ragged breath. The directors of the conference room fell into dead silence, the entire conference room, only the image that made people's blood vessels dilate and screaming.

"President Izuki, what's the next step in developing this?"

"What's going on? It's not this ......" Ichinoshu's face turned red and he looked at his computer and his face changed dramatically. His computer was also this screen, all of them were hit by the virus.

Not only the conference room, but all the computers in the headquarters of Rinkaku Group popped up this screen. The computer is no longer under control, and can not be turned off even if you want to.

Even the sound in the building, all a rhythm.

"Brother Mo, the invisible Trojan horse has been activated, in the headquarters of the island's Rinkaku Group." Chen Mo sat in his office looking at a book, was interrupted by the voice of Mo's daughter.

"Call back the monitoring to see."

Chen Mo put down the book in his hand and walked back to his office chair.

Looking at the surveillance screen that Mo Nui sent back from the headquarters of the Linghorn Group, Chen Mo smiled heatedly.

He was able to see that the directors of the Linghorn Group, the wonderful expressions on each person's face were comparable to the face-changing performance of a circus.

"Bring back some important information from their company computers." Chen Mo said.


Now the headquarters of the Rinku Group was in the middle of chaos.

The entire company's computers were all out of control, all playing 'exciting' action movies.

The computers of the Hishikaku Group of Companies had been invaded by a virus, and now the company's computers had been taken over by small movies, even if they unplugged and restarted, it was still this picture.

"Baka, Nakamura, what the hell is going on here?"

Ichinoshu slapped Kazuo Nakamura across the face, his face was now blackened to pot-black.

The entire company's computers were showing unpleasant images, and as the president of the company, he didn't even know how to explain this to the board of directors.

Now there was something even more serious, that information was still saved in his computer and not sent to storage, if that information was lost, he didn't have to do his job as the president.

"President, I don't know. After I opened the information I got from Itoiro, the whole company's computer became like this." Kazuo Nakamura wanted to cry.

"Baka, dumbass. Don't you even know about the virus? Where's Ito?" Iinoshu shivered with anger and slapped him again.

"He's dead." Kazuo Nakamura said.

"Then you said he stole the intelligent assistant from the marching ant company, where is the information? Where is it?" Ichinoshu grabbed him by the collar, hating to get him.

"I don't know." Kazuo Nakamura was so shocked that the flesh on his face trembled.

"Then what did he say before he died?"

"He said that the information was encrypted and that we needed to crack it ourselves."


"He also said that he wanted the money to go to Miss Bodo for the movie." Kazuo Nakamura stammered.

"Don't mention Bodo in front of me." Hearing the word Bodo, Ichinoshu almost stormed out, and now the whole company, as soon as the computer was turned on, it was all images of Hatano.

"Well ...... ah! Ichiku, Ichiku ......"

"Baka yaru."

Hearing this voice, Ichinoshu completely stormed out, grabbed the ornaments at hand, and smashed them directly into the computer that was playing the 'battle' screen.

"Are you that short of this money? Why don't you give him the money and take the real information? Go find it for me, Ito must have hidden the information, if you can't find it, you can go make a movie."

"Hey eh!" Kazuo Nakamura's face was full of bitterness and he almost didn't cry out.

Chen Mo did not know that his prank actually happened to have someone to take the blame. At this moment, Chen Mo was in his office, waiting for Mo's daughter's information.

"Brother Mo, Mo Nui has already got some information in the computer of the Lingua Group."

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