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Chapter 68 Announcement!

"Positive electrode material, lithium cobaltate gel, negative electrode material carbon crystal. Limit voltage 3.86V, charge limit voltage 4.5V, rated capacity 8500mAh ......"

The ink lady was reporting the battery data, while Chen Mo was holding the battery in his hand and carefully observing it.

After three days, Chen Mo finally succeeded in making the first carbon crystal-based lithium-ion battery after making the paste, coating and assembling, according to the size of the butterfly eye battery.

Like all ordinary batteries, carbon crystal-based battery, also includes positive, negative and electrolyte three parts, only the difference is the material.

Carbon crystals can greatly increase the amount of lithium ion charge and discharge and the number of times it can be charged.

This makes the electric capacity of carbon crystal-based lithium-ion batteries, better than other materials.

Carbon crystal has defects in its atomic structure that make it not very rigid and not as tough or ductile. So it is not as versatile as a super material like graphene, and its only use is as the negative electrode of a battery with embedded lithium ions.

It is this single use that limits its continued development, and that is why it is a low-level technology.

However, until graphene battery technology is fully mature, the carbon-crystal-based battery is a very good product. Because of its electrical capacity, it is probably more than twice the capacity of the lithium-ion batteries already on the market.

"Mo girl, the technology related to your carbon crystal synthesis, organize it into patent application information and print it out." Chen Mo put down the battery in his hand and said.

"Okay, brother Mo."

After a while, the printer connected to the computer in the laboratory rang. After getting the patent information for the technology of carbon crystal synthesis, Chen Mo left the lab.

Today was the day of the mass production experiment, and Zhao Min was already waiting for him.

When he walked to Zhao Min's office, Chen Mo handed her the patent application information in his hand, "This is the patent application information of carbon crystal."

"So soon?"

Zhao Min picked up the information and took a glance at it, there were quite a few technical terms on it, she just took a glance at it and put it down.

New material, Zhao Min was now extremely curious about Chen Mo's head. What is inside, from the discovery of new materials, to the application, only how long?

This kind of research cycle, terribly short, do not know also thought it was Tesla cast.

"I am organizing the information at the beginning of the experiment, next go to the factory, the battery has come out, confirm the material is useful, next is the mass production experiment." Chen Mo said.

"It produces the battery, how big is the electric capacity?" Zhao Min asked curiously.

"You are now using the butterfly eyes, right? The new battery came out, the preliminary calculation, can make it last 35 hours."

Zhao Min took a breath of cold air backwards, his eyes full of surprise.

Now on the market, the common phone life is only a dozen hours, Chen Mo this number, means to increase the phone life more than twice.

"Let's go, go to the factory."

Zhao Min followed Chen Mo out of the office, and the two of them walked out, and Xiao Yu also followed Chen Mo with the documents in her arms. The road sped along and the group arrived at the factory in great numbers.

Since Chen Mo said he would enter the industry, Zhao Min had started to acquire the factory. This factory, the closest to the company's office building, so it was also transformed into a pilot plant for research use.

The equipment that Chen Mo asked to buy had already been installed here, and the raw materials of graphite were also ready.

As soon as they arrived at the factory, the factory director hurriedly welcomed them out.

The factory director named Wan Mingyi, a middle-aged man in his forties. In the past, the factory closed down, the owner left the country with money, defaulted on bank loans and staff wages, the court auctioned the factory and equipment, and finally bought by Zhao Min, the workers are still the original factory workers, very familiar with some production processes.

After Wan Mingyi saw Chen Mo and Zhao Min, people also became restrained.

Now the marching ant company, as long as a little attention to the news people, all know this name, especially the people of Binhai City.

"Where is the production workshop?" Chen Mo asked.

"It's over here." Wan Mingyi will you say.

"Let a few resourceful skilled workers come over, wait I will tell you the production process and some notes." Chen Mo said.


Wan Mingyi ordered a few technicians from the workers of the factory, followed Chen Mo and entered the production workshop.

Seeing the machines and high-pressure reaction irrigation in the workshop, Chen Mo went over and opened the control system of the equipment and started to set the parameters. The production of carbon crystals, this data is the most important, a little wrong, the purity of carbon crystals will be affected.

"Now start feeding." Chen Mo said, "Come two people to operate the reaction tank." Chen Mo shouted towards the employees behind him.

"Ah Hua, Da Qiang, you two go over." Wan Mingyi said towards the two young skilled workers beside him.


The two walked to Chen Mo's side and then greeted Chen Mo in a formal manner. This boss, who was even younger than them, made them admire.

"This position, what you have to do is very simple, it is responsible for the switch of the reaction irrigation. When the raw material is put in, turn on the reaction tank, I have set the specific parameters. When the temperature prompt light indicates completion, you will turn on the pressurization button ......"

Chen Mo will need to tell all the steps for the two people to hear, to make sure that they both understand, he only stopped.

The specific data, Chen Mo did not tell anyone. Data is the key to carbon crystal synthesis, if the data is exposed, then their efforts will be in vain.

"I will demonstrate the operation once below." After the raw materials were put in, Chen Mo opened the reactor.

The people in the back, all eyes were on the reaction tank. After about fifteen minutes, the high-pressure reaction tank stopped running.

After the reaction tank was opened, a large pile of pieces, carbon wafers of different sizes, were all poured on the assembly line. All the machines stopped, and the employees of the factory, all of them put their eyes on the pile of carbon wafers conveying the assembly line.

This black and unpleasant thing was what they were going to produce.

Chen Mo took out a piece of carbon crystal from the assembly line, walked to the instrument, and put it in. Not long after, seeing the 79% purity displayed on it, Chen Mo's brow furrowed.

It was 3% lower than the purity of the laboratory, lower than the standard 80.

This is understandable, after all, the laboratory's instruments and equipment, much more sophisticated than here, the same conditions, slightly lower purity, completely acceptable.

"This batch of materials, all do waste destruction, continue to put raw materials."

Chen Mo picked up his notebook, wrote down the current parameters, and after a little calculation, walked back to the apparatus and began another experimental attempt.

The precision of the equipment is different and has an impact on the production.

After modifying the data, while waiting for a break, Chen Mo explained to the others about other things to pay attention to.

"Factory Manager Wan, in the future when production starts, for each batch of material, you have someone randomly pick 20 pieces out for testing, once there is a piece with a purity lower than 80, just like just now, that batch of material, all of it, is scrapped."

"Okay." Wan Mingyi nodded his head.

Two hours later, Chen Mo looked at the 82% shown on the purity test and let out a breath. After four times of data modification, he finally got the purity up.

"From now on, produce according to this data, reaction irrigation there, make sure to control it well."

"Understood." Wan Mingyi nodded his head.

The success of the mass production test made many people breathe a sigh of relief. After giving a clear account of some things, Chen Mo only rushed back to the company with the crowd. After handing over Zhao Min to acquire a few more factories and prepare for the production of batteries, Chen Mo returned to his office.

"Mo's daughter."

"Brother Mo, Mo'nan is here." As soon as Chen Mo opened his mouth, Mo Nui said.

"On the company's official website, in my name, announce the news of the discovery of the new material carbon crystal, and don't publish the technical data."

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