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Chapter 65 - Someone from the military?

Hearing a knock on the door, Xiao Yu hurriedly got up from Chen Mo's arms, straightened her sleeping dress that was messed up by Chen Mo, hummed lightly, and ran back to her room with a red face.

Chen Mo shook his head with a smile and stood up from the sofa.

Just opened the door and saw a middle-aged man in a suit standing in the doorway, looking at him with a smile on his face. The man's skin was dark, but his eyes revealed authority, and his aura was very stern, he did not look like an ordinary person.

"Hello, it's Mr. Chen Mo, right?" Before Chen Mo could ask, the middle-aged man hurriedly introduced himself, "My name is Li Chengzhi, I'm sorry to disturb you so late."

"May I ask what can I do for you?"

Chen Mo sized him up, he was sure he hadn't seen this man before, and his heart was slightly wary, after all, it was an eventful time.

The other party knew his address and should have paid special attention to him.

"Can we talk inside?" Li Chengzhi smiled, "No need to be nervous, I have no malicious intent, I'm the only one who came over, to talk business."

"Chen Mo, a guest is coming, don't you invite others in?" While the two were sizing each other up, Xiao Yu came out from the room after changing her clothes.

"Sorry, I don't want to talk business right now. If you can, you can come to my company tomorrow."

Chen Mo finished speaking and was about to close the door.

"Wait." Li Chengzhi stopped Chen Mo's movement and took out a document from his pocket and put it in front of Chen Mo: "Actually, I don't want to disturb you so late, but it's really special."


Chen Mo took the document and took a look at it, his face turned serious.

In the country, anything involving the military was not a trivial matter. He did not expect that the top would send someone to look for him, needless to say, it must be for the technology of the intelligent assistant in his hands.

"May I come in and sit down?" Li Chengzhi smiled.

"Come in." Chen Mo said after thinking about it.

"Have some water." Just as Li Chengzhi sat down on the sofa, Xiaoyu brought over a cup of boiling water.

"Little Fisherman, you go to bed first, I'll talk to him about something."


Little Fishery nodded and walked back to the room without asking too many questions. Chen Mo refocused his gaze on Li Chengzhi, his face still calm.

"A very nice girl, Mr. Chen Mo is really lucky." After Little Fisherman left, Li Chengzhi spoke, "This time, I'm here for two main things. The first thing is to invite you to join the Engineering Academy."

"And the second?"

Chen Mo's face was expressionless, he hadn't really confirmed whether the other party's identity was real or not yet, so he was just listening. After all, there are many such things as forging documents, and some bold people cannot be ruled out from taking this risk.

"The second is to make a deal with you in exchange for the technology of your company's intelligent assistant. Fair deal, you have any conditions, you can put forward." Li Chengzhi's posture was very low, as he said, he was here to talk business.

Chen Mo was not surprised, from the time the other party stated his identity, he guessed the other party's purpose.

The source of Siri is the CALO program announced by the U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Research and Planning Agency, a digital assistant that allows the military to simplify the processing of complex concurrent services, with learning, organizational, and cognitive capabilities.

Siri, a civilian software derived from this program, was acquired by Apple for $200 million and became Siri, now Apple's own cell phone assistant.

The domestic military will certainly have a similar plan, just not announced to the public.

Intelligent assistant is more advanced and powerful than Siri, the technology in this, close to the needs of the military. If you can get the technology of intelligent assistant, the progress of research in this area, will certainly be greatly accelerated, and the country's artificial intelligence research, will also be accelerated.

Some time ago, the country has included artificial intelligence into the national development strategy. The appearance of the intelligent assistant will certainly make the country pay attention to his existence.

"Fair trade, your conditions, within our ability, will try to meet. Of course if little brother is not willing to trade, we won't force it."

Li Chengzhi looked at the pensive Chen Mo, and his heart lifted, if Chen Mo refused, then the next thing would be a bit difficult to do. After all, in their investigation, Chen Mo was an uncompromising genius with an unlimited future.

"How do I confirm the authenticity of your identity?"

Chen Mo did not have much emotional fluctuation, this matter is not trivial, the identity is not sure, the consequences are very serious.

"This is my document." Li Chengzhi took out the document from his pocket and handed it to Chen Mo.

"I have just looked at it, I can't prove its authenticity."

This matter, Chen Mo had to be cautious, he admired the people's sons and daughters, but after all, he hadn't contacted anyone in the military hierarchy, and this was the first time.

In response to Chen Mo's question, Li Chengzhi did not get angry, but smiled. The eyes that looked at Chen Mo were more appreciative.

"This is really hard to prove, how about this, you first tell me your conditions, I will go back and reflect. I will come to you tomorrow." Li Chengzhi said.

"When you prove your identity, I will say the conditions, come to my company directly tomorrow to find me." Chen Mo said.

"Okay, see you next time then." Li Chengzhi also did not ambiguity, got up and left.

After Li Chengzhi left, Chen Mo closed the door and walked into the room.

Xiao Yu leaned on the bed with headphones and played with her phone, and only put it down when she saw Chen Mo enter: "Go to sleep."


Chen Mo climbed onto the bed and hugged her from behind: "Xiaoyu, let's move over there this weekend."

Today, Li Chengzhi came to him and made him realize a problem. His current status was no longer an ordinary person, and if his competitors wanted to find him in trouble, this place was not very safe.

In an upscale neighborhood, where many rich people lived, the security would be a little better.

"Okay, listen to you." Little Fish, who was shrinking in Chen Mo's arms, nodded her head.

"You agreed? Without asking why?" Chen Mo thought about how just now Little Fisherman had asked him to stay here for a while longer, but he didn't expect that now that he said it, Little Fisherman had agreed.

"What you promised me, surely you won't change it easily. Since the change, there must be a reason, why do I ask so much? Moving is not a big deal, there is no need to object. I just think, that house is too big, I must be tired of cleaning it in the future. If I had known it was you who wanted to buy it, I would have chosen a smaller one." Xiaoyu said.

"And me."


The bedside whispers of the two gradually calmed down, and the night was wordless.

The next day Chen Mo finished his breakfast and rushed to the company with Xiaoyu. Just arrived at the company, I saw the surrounding employees with a happy face, laughing and talking with the people next to them.

This kind of situation, during this time, rarely appeared.

"Good day, Chairman." The two employees hurriedly greeted Chen Mo and Xiaoyu after seeing them.

"What is the happy event in the company today?"

"Chairman, don't you know? This morning, all the rumors about smearing our company on the internet are gone. I heard that the people in charge of those water army companies were arrested. The rumors on the internet that the people who bought the water army companies to smear the company were also arrested."


Chen Mo also surprised up, as if everything came too suddenly.

"You guys go to work."


After bidding farewell to Xiao Yu, Chen Mo also returned to the office area that belonged to him.


"Brother Mo, Mo-mei is here."

"You help me check an officer's card, the number is ......" Just after turning on the computer, Chen Mo said the number of Li Chengzhi's officer's card that he wrote down yesterday.

The first thing that came to his mind was the sudden disappearance of the remarks on the internet about the smear of the marching ants, which was related to the visit of Li Chengzhi last night.

He had to personally determine Li Chengzhi's identity in this way, after all, he had to be cautious regarding the military. If the other party's identity was an impostor, then he would be in trouble.

"Brother Mo, the information has been found."

As soon as Mo's girl's childish voice fell, an archive immediately popped up on the computer desktop.

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