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Chapter 64 - Someone's coming? (Third shift)

The scene of the press conference at the Marriott Hotel was crowded with people. This was the first press conference held by Marching Ant since the company was hacked.

Except for a short sentence at the beginning, Marching Ant had remained silent in the face of the smearing of the water army on the internet.

Is it no longer silent today?

All the reporters who were there were anxiously waiting for the start of the reception, including some foreign reporters.

After the intelligent assistant came out, a lot of things happened. Because it is not compatible with the smart assistant, Apple's phone sales in the Greater China region in the latest week, a series of decline. Together with the disaster, there is also Apple's stock market, also in line with the decline in sales.

So many foreign media, want to take this opportunity to understand the relevant news.

This is a temporary decision of the press conference, but there are still many well-known media are present. Yesterday, the marching ant company sent out the news of the press conference, many of them rushed to the coastal city.

Backstage, Zhao Min looked at the time and walked into the venue with Xiao Yu. Now Zhao Min is the external image of the marching ant company and the biggest internet celebrity at present.

As soon as Zhao Min and Xiaoyu appeared at the venue, there was a slight commotion in the crowd below. All the cameras were pointed at her, and the rest were the sound of shutters, accompanied by constant flashes.

As soon as they sat down at the long table of the reception, the reception venue gradually quieted down.

"Hello, everyone."

After a brief greeting, it was time to get down to business. , numerous reporters took out their notebooks or cell phones, ready to record news content and write news articles.

"This reporter with glasses." Zhao Min had just sat down and pointed to a reporter in the first row.


The female reporter wearing glasses took the microphone and then looked at Zhao Min.

"I am a reporter from Binhai Daily, yesterday someone saw that a police car appeared under your company's office building and took away a man, and there is a rumor that it is the chairman of your company? Is this information accurate? Why was this man taken away?"

"I can tell you clearly that this information is not accurate, that is not our chairman. Yesterday, the police did take away an employee of our company, and we were the ones who called the police. Because he damaged the interests of the company, the company will not condone it.

As for what he has committed, I am not at liberty to say much here for the time being, the police are investigating, and we believe that the police in Binhai City, will give us a fair, satisfactory answer."

Zhao Min voice is calm, can not hear the joy and anger.

"The middle one, the man in the white shirt." Zhao Min continued to point people to ask questions.

This time, since the press conference was held, she let them ask all the questions they wanted to ask, to save trouble later.

"Thank you, I'm a reporter from the Southern News. Yesterday, people from the tax bureau entered your company, and there are rumors on the Internet that the marching ant company has tax evasion, what is your response to this?"

"I haven't read these articles, if there are these rumors, they are rumors. I will have someone from the company follow up, and if someone really rumors like this, I don't mind having them receive a lawyer's letter.

Yesterday's tax office was just a routine inspection, they could have confirmed the news that we were cheating on taxes, then I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you.

We at Marching Ants were founded not long ago and we are where we are today because we follow the law. We focus on technology and let it benefit people's lives, and we won't do anything in such small ways."

Zhao Min's voice did not fluctuate, still with a calm look, "Next, this gentleman."

"Thank you, I'm a reporter from the youth newspaper, now there are many articles on the internet claiming that the marching ants may be stealing, copying other companies' technology, what is your response to this?"

"This idea is ridiculous, whose technology are we stealing? Who has this technology for us to steal? From ant office, marching ant system, butterfly eye, and finally to intelligent assistant, all these technologies are unique to our company, and innovation is the soul of our company.

Speaking of stealing, I have a data in my hand, from the establishment to now, our company has encountered a total of 349 network attacks, a large number of traffic attacks, Trojan invasion. Although all of them were detected and defused by us, I am afraid that it is not us who want to steal the technology."


The reception lasted for an hour and a half, and Zhao Min calmly answered all kinds of tricky questions; they didn't do anything wrong and weren't afraid of any attacks.

After the press conference was over, Zhao Min took Xiaoyu and left the Marriott Hotel to rush back to the company.

What should be said now, has been said, and how much repercussions will be caused next, it is not for them to predict.

After the press conference, there was indeed a big reaction on the internet. The recent king of topics is the marching ant company. This press conference was able to interpret a lot of issues and also the attitude of the marching ants.

The attitude of the marching ants is very obvious, or the original words, not afraid of those unseen means of challenge, not to mention will not retreat a step in any respect. The company's bottom line is in the intelligent assistant.

No matter how black the outside world, the intelligent assistant users, still climbing, the marching ants company, even just this one product, is not afraid to worry about the money problem.


"It's really endless."

Inside Chen Mo's office, Zhao Min rubbed her temples. These days, there are especially many things that are annoying.

"The king of hell is good to see, the little kids are hard to deal with." Chen Mo thought immediately afterwards and laughed, "But I read your speech, you can go and become the spokesperson of the national foreign ministry."

"Get lost." Zhao Min threw Chen Mo a blank stare and returned to the topic, "I wonder what those people will make next."

The interests of the intelligent assistant were too big, making many people want a piece of the pie. These people, not getting what they want, will never rest. She was wondering whether it was right or wrong for her to release the intelligent assistant publicly in the first place.

But now it is useless to talk about right and wrong.

For those capital, within reach, they will bite madly, regardless of everything to bite a piece of meat down. When the mountains are high, they will not dare to move you, they will only be able to bend over and wag their tails at you.

But the marching ants company, has not yet reached that point where people are deterred.

"What are you afraid of, the water is coming."

"Of course you're not afraid, and it's not annoying you, you just sit here and read a book and bury your head in research." Zhao Min directly rolled his eyes, turned to look at Chen Mo's side of the small fishery: "Another day I let the small fishery to deal with these troublesome things, see if your heart hurts."

"It's none of my business." Xiaoyu blushed, not expecting to be suddenly flirted with by Zhao Min.

"Be optimistic, the storm will always pass." Chen Mo said, "What are the next major things for the company?"

"Recently busy with the acquisition, is evaluating the value of the factory and advertising company, the construction of the company's headquarters, the establishment of branches in the major domestic cities ......"

Zhao Min and Chen Mo reported the recent affairs of the company, after chatting, Zhao Min took Xiao Yu and started to be busy, Chen Mo also returned to his office area and quietly read a book.

That night, in a small rented room not far from Binhai University.

Little fishery nestled in Chen Mo's arms, gaze on the computer program, from time to time a smile. This time of the day, at night, is the only time they have to spend together.

Seeing the smile of the little fisherman in his arms, Chen Mo also showed a smile.

Every day research, and small fishery together is the most relaxed, do not have to think about anything, do not have to talk about work, occasionally go out for a walk, shopping or as a small couple to see a movie.

"Little fishery, let me show you something."

Chen Mo took out two sets of keys from his pocket and put them in front of Xiaoyu and shook them.

Seeing the keys in Chen Mo's hand, Xiao Yu's face was surprised: "How come you have these keys?"

"I asked Zhao Min to buy the house for me, what's wrong? What's wrong with it?" Chen Mo said.

"Sister Zhao asked me to help her look at it, didn't say it was you who wanted to buy it." Xiaoyu also grabbed the key in Chen Mo's hand and flipped through it twice to make sure it was correct.

"I never thought she would let you go, thanks to her thinking."

Chen Mo cried and laughed, when he asked Zhao Min to help him buy a house, originally wanted to give Xiao Yu a surprise, did not expect her to let Xiao Yu go to see the house.

"Find a time, we move over?"

"Don't move yet, this place is a little smaller but quite cozy. Let me get a little psychologically acclimated first, okay? And that house is so big, I can't clean it." Xiao Yu said helplessly.

"Okay, all yours, but I want a reward."

"Oooh ......"

After two minutes, Little Fishery gasped and went limp in Chen Mo's arms, her face still flushed.

Knock, knock, knock!

The two had just let go not long before the knock on the door sounded, someone was coming.

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