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Chapter 63: A wave is still unsettled

After putting down the phone, Zhao Min immediately left the office and walked towards the finance department. This call from Chen Mo was strange, he normally wouldn't manage the company's affairs, and this time a call suddenly came to check the accounts.

What's wrong with the finance department?

Zhao Min did not dare to be slack, today is the day of the tax bureau to check the accounts, two days ago notice, if the accounts are really wrong, then the trouble will be big.

Sun Hong held the bills in his hand and his eyes searched on the computer. Now the weather is not hot, his forehead is also spread with a slight fine sweat.

After modifying the bill's account, Sun Hong quickly put the bill back into his pocket and continued to take out another bill from the account book and began to modify it.

"Sun Hong, what are you doing?"

A voice rang out from behind, causing Sun Hong's heart to tighten and his pupils to contract in death: "Minister, I'm keeping the books and accounting for the company's accounts for last month."

"Give me the account book, wait for the president to come over." Zhang Yi said.

"Okay, okay."

Sun Hong hurriedly closed the account book in his hand and handed it to Zhang Yi.

"You're sweating? Are you sick?" Zhang Yi looked at Sun Hong's somewhat flustered face, and his eyebrows furrowed tightly.

"No, my clothes are too thick, Minister, I happen to have an urgent need to pee and go to the toilet."

"Hmm." Zhang Yi frowned and nodded, looking at Sun Hong's anxious back, his gaze was surprised for a few moments and he spoke tentatively, "Wait, Sun Hong, the accounts don't seem to be right."

The moment these words came out, Sun Hong's heart contracted dead, almost scared on the ground, without saying a word, pull out his legs and run.

"Catch Sun Hong."

Zhang Yi pupils shrink, immediately pointed at Sun Hong's back and shouted. Hearing the shout, the staff who just appeared at the door, immediately stopped Sun Hong's way and pounced him on the ground.

"Let go of me, I didn't do anything! It's not my business ......" Sun Hong, who was grabbed, struggled desperately, followed by two other male staff members, who also held Sun Hong down.


Chen Mo and Zhao Min had just arrived at the finance department when they heard a cacophony of noise inside. All the staff's eyes were focused on the two.

"Chairman," "President."

The voices inside the finance department immediately quieted down, and all the employees' eyes were focused on the two men and tensed up.

Zhao Min's heart was puzzled as she followed Chen Mo in and saw the scene in front of her and her heart sank.

In the middle of the crowd, Zhang Yi and a few employees, is holding down a man. And Zhang Yi's face was as gloomy as water, very unattractive.

"What's going on?" Zhao Min asked with a frown.

"Chairman, president. Just now I came to check the accounts, I just arrived and found that he was making a move on the accounts, luckily I found it quickly and almost let him get away." Zhang Yi said with a black face.

The company was in the middle of an eventful year, and at this juncture, the problem appeared in the finance department, so it was fortunate that Zhao Min had asked him to come over to take a look.

At this juncture, this bastard came to mess him up and actually tried to make a move on the accounts. If he hadn't found out in time and the people from the tax bureau came over, I'm afraid he would have rolled up and gone home.

"Is it serious?" Zhao Min sank his face.

"No big deal, he just changed a few entries and I came over. The original ticket was also found on him, and now he is having it changed back." After Zhang Yi finished, he looked at the man who was caught with a black face: "Sun Hong, the company treats you well, right? Why did you do this?"

"Someone gave me half a million to revise the accounts." The caught Sun Hong cried out, "Let me go once, I'm just a fool of money, give me a chance."

"One sentence of being obsessed with wealth and it's settled?" Zhang Yi's black face: "If you hadn't found out earlier, do you know what consequences you would have brought to the company?"

"I have bitterness." Sun Hong's face was painful.

"Bitterness? The bitterness of eating out of the company?"

Zhang Yi gloomy face, the company this time, although the outside rumors overwhelming, but no problem inside. Unexpectedly this time such a big problem appeared in the finance department, he did not even know how to explain to Zhao Min.

"I was forced to do nothing, I have a family to support, my wife is in the hospital for surgery, has spent all the savings, and mortgage, car loan, I can not help it, I need money, I have a wife and son to support." Sun Hong's voice became hysterical.

"This is the reason for your crime? I sympathize with you, but I don't agree with what you're doing. We are not children, you should be responsible for what you did." Zhang Yi yelled in anger, "Call the police, this matter, must be dealt with seriously."

"Let me go, I can't go to jail, I still have a family, you can't ruin my family,"

"You are the one who ruined yourself." Zhang Yi's tone is gloomy.

This kind of behavior, absolutely can not be easily spared, if not pursued, the company must not have big trouble in the future. It just so happens that the finance department is watching, as a warning.

The finance department is the lifeblood of the company, Zhao Min trusts him, only then will the finance department into his hands, here the problem, the company are in trouble.

Seeing Sun Hong being taken away, the finance department's eyes were complicated, but there was no sympathy, no excuse, no reason to do so. If Sun Hong got his hands on them today, many of them would have lost their jobs.

Everyone put their eyes on Chen Mo and Zhao Min, this time the chairman and president came over, it seems that this time they will be scolded.

"Everyone else go back to work, what happened today, I don't want it to happen a second time. If you don't want to do it, resign yourself. Don't let your future be cut short because of a momentary impulse."

After Sun Hong was taken away by the security guards, Zhang Yi shouted angrily at the employees who were gathered around. In an instant, all the personnel turned into birds and scattered, returning to their jobs.

"Chairman, president, I am responsible for this matter." After following Chen Mo and Zhao Min back to the office, Zhang Yi said with his head bowed.

Zhao Min did not say anything and looked at Chen Mo. She was also upset in her heart, but luckily it was discovered early and there was no loss, otherwise the tax bureau would have been in trouble when they came over to check the accounts and found out.

The people outside, are eager to see their company in trouble.

"This kind of thing, you also are not known in advance, can not be prevented. This time you will not be held responsible, the next time will not be an example. I hope that next time there will not be a similar situation, go back and watch the books, soon the tax bureau people will come over." Chen Mo said.

"Okay." Zhang Yi heard that Chen Mo did not pursue the matter and breathed a sigh of relief, with a faint gratitude in his heart.

"Inform the people below that after this fiasco, everyone will have half a month's salary added as a bonus." Chen Mo said after thinking about it.

Now the company has more things, if added to this kind of thing happened, if not give the staff a little motivation, the company is afraid that all a dead look. And the crazy sales of the intelligent assistant, must also give the staff a little reward.


Only after Zhang Yi left did Zhao Min look at Chen Mo.

"How did you know that there would be problems in the finance department?"

"Do you believe me when I say coincidence? I just thought that the people from the tax bureau were coming over, so I asked you to confirm the accounts once, just in case someone did something, but I didn't expect that there really was." Chen Mo said.

He naturally will not tell the matter of the Mo girl, after all, artificial intelligence is not yet appropriate to be known by others.

Zhao Min rolled her eyes, a look of I do not believe. But at this time, it can only be explained this way.

That day, a reporter photographed that a police car appeared in the office building of the marching ant company, and shortly after that, the tax bureau was seen entering the marching ant company. This powerful news quickly spread on the internet.

Tax evasion by the company?

The chairman of the board of directors of the company was arrested!

Is the rumor true? Is it true that the marching ant company stole technology from other companies?

That afternoon, there were various photos and articles circulating on the internet, all of which were about the company.

It was an eventful time recently, and at this time the police car appeared at the entrance of the office building of the Marching Ant Company, which was undoubtedly saying that something unknown had happened inside the Marching Ant Company.

"President, affected by the rumors, some suppliers of cell phone spare parts, suspended cooperation with us."

"Butterfly Eye OEM production has also stalled, and the factory side wants us to pay the full amount first before they are willing to continue production."

Inside the conference room, Zhao Min listened to Julie's report, her brow furrowed tightly and her face didn't look too good.

"Pay them the final payment for this batch of butterfly eyes, stop production of butterfly eyes and look for a new OEM factory, Ling Feng, you go arrange and hold a temporary press conference tomorrow."

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