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Chapter 59 Valued at $10 billion?

Apple's share price, one hour after the opening, plunged 1%, evaporating $8.2 billion in market value. Apple shares are still fluctuating, falling for three days in a row before finally stabilizing, with a three-day drop of nearly 4%, which is a very big drop for any company, especially for a giant like Apple.

The last time there was such a big drop was when Apple announced that it was charging a reward fee on Apple's end. This sudden drop makes people think of intelligent assistants.

Apple's system closed source, unable to support intelligent assistants, in the next cell phone market, will no longer have the advantage. And Apple cell phone, and is one of the most profitable of the many businesses, all Apple shares have shown a downward trend, although the decline is not very large, but the impact has come out.

This time, the impact, causing the market an uproar, many media, have started a report on this topic.

"Have the Marching Ants Taken Shape? --The New York Times

"A Rising Giant? --The Wall Street Journal

"Aggressive marching ants! --Times


Numerous reports poured in about the threatening presence of marching ants.

Outside, there was no peace at Apple headquarters, where a hawk-nosed, bearded researcher looked grimly at the code on his computer screen.

It had been a week since they had hacked back the files from the marching ants' database.

During this week, he was trying to figure out how to crack the folder. After trying for so long, there was no progress until today.

He didn't even think that the company would be so difficult to deal with, and actually encrypted the data, making him think out of his head.

The company's stock market was not so good recently, and his superiors kept urging him to crack the data package and get the source code of the intelligent assistant, otherwise he would definitely be scolded.


The man sitting on the computer chair finally showed a smile. Not long after, the man's smile froze on his face, seeing a bunch of messy codes on it, his face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

Snap ......

Computer screen a black, next to several computers, also all black screen. This scene, let the man's pupils shrink.


The man shouted angrily and slammed his fist on the keyboard. No need to think, the people of the marching ant company, planted a virus in the data packet, he was fooled.

With the computer black screen, the office area also began to appear commotion.

Marching Ant Company.

Chen Mo heard Mo's report and smiled slightly.

He had already asked Mo Mui to plant a tracking virus in the data packet, as soon as the data packet was cracked, that was when the virus spread out, the computer was already ruined, this was just a small lesson for them.

Standing up from his position, Chen Mo put on his lab coat and walked towards the lab.

Chen Mo here is very calm, but the domestic network is not calm. With the popularity of intelligent assistants, more and more interesting things are bursting out from the network.

In the microblogging, someone posted something about his girlfriend and the intelligent assistant quarreling, and then in a fit of anger, smashed the phone. After this video was uploaded to the network, it drew a lot of onlookers and laughter.

Xiaodie's chat function is also exquisitely reflected within just one video.

This is not an isolated case, under the official Weibo of the marching ant company, it was already occupied by a group of people complaining.

"I've never seen such an arrogant intelligent assistant, every time I scolded it, it didn't talk back and let me smash it. It bullies me for not daring to hit it? No more, I just bought a new phone now."

"Product quality issues ah, marching ants, you pay for my phone. I scolded it and it told me to put it in the water. I forgot it wasn't a butterfly eye."

"It seems I'm not the only one who got hurt, luckily it's just the screen that blew up and can be replaced."

"Brothers, top me up, my phone is Nokia ......"

Although the picture style is clear and funny, but many people see the focus of it.

To be able to have such a flexible voice interaction function, this is undoubtedly to tell everyone that the artificial intelligence of the marching ant company, has been at the forefront of research.

Artificial intelligence is the main development trend of future technology.

Whoever makes a major breakthrough in this field will rule the market in the future. The market for artificial intelligence has been researched long ago, and all the many technology companies have invested a lot of money in researching artificial intelligence.

Numerous market evaluation companies began to do value assessment for the marching ants, and finally JPMorgan made a valuation of $10 billion.

This valuation shook the financial markets. However, many people did not agree with Morgan's estimate and thought that the valuation was too low.

Not to mention the marching ant system and butterfly eye cell phone, just the existence of intelligent assistants, the market value has exceeded $10 billion.

The future into the global market, even if only 50 million cell phone users pay to use the intelligent assistant, the annual revenue of the marching ant company is 12 billion Huaxia yuan.

This is only the lowest estimate, there are billions of smart phones in the world, a little optimistic, with the intelligent assistant, the future of the marching ant company is unlimited, and there are many derivative products of intelligent assistant.

10 billion dollars, just a minimum valuation. For the marching ant company, which has not developed yet, the market value of the marching ant company can definitely be comparable to those giants when it develops later.

The rise of Marching Ants caused a huge stir in the country.

All kinds of reports about the company were overwhelming, and for a while, the company once again became the focus of everyone's discussion.

With less than a year of existence and only two product launches, the company has leaped to become one of the domestic technology giants, a legendary rise.

There has never been a technology company that has risen so quickly.

And in the eyes of the storm, the marching ants company, at this time up and down a busy. After the intelligent assistant came out, the marching ant company once again ushered in the opportunity to expand.

Zhao Min sat in the office dealing with the whole pile of documents, she was very headache at this time.

After the intelligent assistant came out, the marching ant company ushered in the biggest development period. This time, it had to expand or not, the company's popularity had reached a peak, and it had to expand the size of the company to run better.

But here's the problem, expand too fast, the company is prone to problems.

There are various reports out there about how powerful the marching ant company is, no one knows better than Zhao Min, and now the marching ant company has a shortage of talent, and the speed of talent training simply can't keep up with the speed of the company's development.

The last time the Butterfly Eye phone was released, the company had already laid out in the major cities in China.

Now that the scale has expanded, the talent can't keep up. In order to be able to develop faster, now headhunting companies have capable managers, are recruited and sent to all major cities to set up branches.

And now it has started to prepare for national recruitment and netting talents. The marching ant company, like a large machine, must have a combination of individual small gears in order to run.

"Trouble." Zhao Min put down the file and knocked his head, and exhaled deeply.

The intelligent assistant was selling like crazy, and during this period of time, the company's revenue was, almost, described as a daily income. With more money, there are more troublesome things.

Zhao Min just put down the file not long, Xiao Yu came in: "Sister Zhao, Mr. Yu Chengnan, CEO of Huawei Terminal Company, wants to see you, now in the reception room."

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