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Chapter 57 Hacking

The commotion on the field quieted down once again, and the crowd turned their attention to Zhao Min. They all knew that the next information, must be very important.

After all, in a conference, saying the shortcomings of their own products is not something that anyone dares to say.

Zhao Min remained calm and unbroken, and clicked on the next page of the PPT.

"There is no flawless product in the world, even the intelligent assistant is no exception. The first is the compatibility problem, the current cell phone system, it is only compatible with the marching ant system and Android system, not compatible with the Apple system, that is, no IOS end APP."

Zhao Min's words, like a small stone dropped in a calm pond, immediately stirred up ripples. Not compatible with the IOS side, this is undoubtedly a big problem. The current mainstream market, Apple's share of cell phones is not low, this is to beat Apple to death?

If the features introduced above are true, and not compatible with the IOS side, then people will certainly not give priority to Apple when buying cell phones in the future. This is a blow to Apple, is undoubtedly huge.

Why is not compatible with Apple?

Those who heard it, this question can't help but pop up in their heads.

Zhao Min seemed to know the thoughts of the crowd and continued his speech.

"Intelligent assistants want to control the phone, the phone system is a hurdle that can not be bypassed. Android system is open source and can be compatible with Xiaodie. Apple side closed source, intelligent assistant can not automatically control the APP state, plus IOS side already has siri, completely without intelligent assistant, so there is no IOS side software."

Hearing Zhao Min's words, the crowd speechless. Intelligent assistant so powerful, simply not siri can be compared.

But many people didn't care, because they didn't use Apple phones at all, and many people had two phones, so this kind of problem didn't need them to worry.

"I seem to see Apple trembling."

"It's still a small ant that can't finish gnawing on an apple."

"Two cell phones, as you can send, can not use count me lose, beautiful ......"

"In fact, I care, the price of this intelligent assistant, this thing if free, it is estimated that Apple really want to jump."

After Zhao Min said no software on the Apple side, the comment section of the live broadcast, but also in the crazy discussion.

Zhao Min on the stage still with a confident smile.

"Next is its second problem, the small butterfly has just taken shape not long ago, it can only interact in two languages for the time being, Chinese and English, we are working on it, importing a multi-language library, in the future, the small butterfly will cover the mainstream languages in the world."

This issue, not many people are surprised, even those who have opinions, do not know about the marching ant intelligent assistant now. For the time being, the main market for intelligent assistants is still in the country.

"Finally, there is the issue of the fees of the small butterfly, which is the topic that everyone is most concerned about. Now the price of small butterfly is 20 yuan per month, the first ten minutes of free experience." Zhao Min said.

Price 20 yuan per month, when Zhao Min announced the price issue, there was a slight commotion in the field, especially in the area where the media people were.

As an intelligent assistant, according to the introduction of the features Zhao Min said, it is far more functional than similar software in the market, and a monthly fee of 20 yuan per month is not expensive. It's almost equivalent to using 20 yuan to take your phone up a notch, and that's a fee that almost anyone with a phone can afford to pay.

But the point is, like such a high-end intelligent assistant, the market is close to blank, how many Android phones around the world, no one can say the exact number. Even if only one twentieth of the Android users use, the revenue here is horrible.

Intelligent assistant, almost a chicken that lays golden eggs, will bring a steady stream of money to the marching ant company.

After Zhao Min's speech, the next step was the reporter Q&A session. The audience fans, too, entered the product experience area and began to download the intelligent assistant to experience.

The experience area displayed the products of the future concept of the marching ant company, which included intelligent office software, computer operating system, intelligent robot, ant cloud computing, big data and other things.

However, these technologies, in the marching ant company is still just a prototype, not even a prototype, so many fans and reporters, the main thing is to go to the intelligent assistant experience area, download the intelligent assistant experience.

The launch event has not yet officially ended, the network reports, has set off a big wave.

Many people who went to the experience area after experiencing the intelligent assistant took videos and sent them into the circle of friends, attracting a lot of envy and questions. Soon, the intelligent assistant experience video was uploaded to the network, attracting a lot of onlookers.

Marching ant company and intelligent assistant Xiaodie, also quickly on the hot search list.

A small intelligent assistant, almost make the smartphone, the overall upgrade a grade, do not want to be noticed are difficult.

Just after the launch of Marching Ant, the network was flooded with news, opening a bombing mode.

In this era, anything that involves artificial intelligence, or is related to artificial intelligence, will become a topic of conversation. Now the marching ant company released intelligent assistant without any warning, the function is more powerful than apple's cell phone assistant siri, bending the road to overtake the car, giving people a more cool feeling.

A marching ant out of the nest" - People's Daily

How far is artificial intelligence from us? --Globe

Hello! Humanity. -- Squirrel Headlines


All the major mainstream media in China, writing articles and publishing in-depth comments with the intelligent assistant of the marching ant company. Artificial intelligence has once again become a hot topic of discussion.

"Why doesn't the marching ant company embed the intelligent assistant on the next generation of cell phones?"

"Now the Marching Ant Company, just want to open the market and enhance the user experience, while testing and collecting data to enhance the database. In the future, they will downgrade the intelligent assistant and embed it in the second cell phone, the high-end cell phone market, which is almost open to them."

"It's so cool, I came back from the launch site, downloaded the intelligent assistant, and now I'm watching TV series with snacks in both hands and making comments, hahahaha ......"

After the launch, the network was in shock, and the marching ant company was not calm. Zhao Min stood in the technical background, quietly looking at the computer controlled by the technicians in front of her.

Coming out of the grand theater, she rushed back to the company at the first opportunity. The news had been released and was still fermenting, the next test was the top priority, the matter of the intelligent assistant on the shelves.

She has looked at the network repercussions, not to her surprise, the intelligent assistant repercussions, more than the marching ant system, in addition to the reason for this publicity media, there is artificial intelligence.

Cell phone operating system, the market has been saturated, so the marching ant system out, there are waves, but because not open source, coupled with the strength of the marching ant company, can not shake the status of the three major operating systems.

Now is different, the cell phone intelligent assistant piece, almost a blank. This piece of market, intact and placed in front of them, the benefits here, too big to imagine.

"President, the number of visitors is over one million now." The backstage technician sitting in front of the computer said.

"Is there no problem with the server?" Zhao Min asked.

"After the last attack, we have expanded and upgraded the server, one million people accessing at the same time, no problem at all." Lao Luo said.

"Put Xiaodie on the shelf." Zhao Min said.

The company was tense, and Chen Mo also sat in his office, quietly looking at the backstage page of the official website, not knowing what he was thinking. After the intelligent assistant hit the shelves, Chen Mo's gaze also appeared in focus.

"Brother Mo, there are hackers trying to invade the company server." Intelligent assistant just put on the shelves not long ago, Mo female spoke.

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