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Chapter 52 Confession

The president's office.

Xiao Yu sat across from Zhao Min, with doubt in her eyes. After a day today, she felt that this president, it seemed, was very special to her.

She was just an intern who just came in, and the president brought her around to get in touch with the most core things. When you think about it, it all feels wrong.

"Little Fish, first day at work, are you used to it?" Zhao Min asked.

"It's okay." Xiaoyu wanted to say something but couldn't.

"You're wondering why I'm taking such good care of you, right?" Zhao Min saw Xiao Yu's lustful look and smiled faintly.

"Right." Little Fishery nodded her head.

"Remember that incident when your boyfriend saved the baby in the shopping street? At that time, I was the one who was robbed of my bag by the thugs." Zhao Min said calmly, "Yesterday I felt you looked familiar, but after I went back, I was reminded of it, so I remembered."

Xiao Yu looked at Zhao Min in surprise, the crowd was too chaotic, her attention was on Chen Mo, did not even notice Zhao Min.

"Taking care of me so much because of this matter?" Little Fishery asked.

"Of course not, your boyfriend, is a very good person, and you are also a very good girl."


Little Fishery smiled, but did not really think so. No matter how good she was, she couldn't have access to the highest level as soon as she entered the company.

"It's off now." Zhao Min smiled.

"Oh, bye, Sister Zhao."

After Little Fisherman left, Zhao Min dialed Chen Mo's phone, "Chairman, I have something to ask you."

"Go ahead."

"Are you really not going to tell Little Fisherman?" Zhao Min asked.

"This question, it's a real headache, I will mention it tonight." Sitting in the store, Chen Mo's face was a little helpless.

He knew Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu knew about this matter, she would definitely be burdened and affect her state of life. Now that Little Fishery has entered the company, and the lab will be completed in a few days, he will also go to the company, and it is already time to confess.

"Since you say so, then I am relieved. Now that Xiaoyu is my employee, I can be nosy. Now it's time for me to leave work, goodbye, Mr. Chairman." Zhao Min said.

In the store, Chen Mo put down his phone, exhaled and continued to put his eyes on the computer's cell phone appearance design.


Xiao Yu's heart was full of doubts. After packing her things, she left with her bag and just walked out of the entrance of the company, Li Ruoxi greeted her.

"Xiaoyu, how was work today?"

"Pretty good, Mr. Zhao took quite good care of me."

Xiaoyu now kept recalling Zhao Min's words and felt a bit not too much. But exactly what was wrong, she didn't figure out at once.

"Have you heard? That handsome guy next to General Zhao yesterday is the most mysterious chairman of our company."

"At first everyone thought it was Mr. Zhao's boyfriend, but I didn't think it was actually the chairman. So young, like just out of college graduates, also not that kind of technical nerd breath, sunny and handsome, do his girlfriend, must be very happy."

Xiaoyu and Li Ruoxi just walked out of the company entrance, two female white-collar workers behind also walked out in pairs, while talking and laughing.

"Graduates? Tech geek? Sunshine?"

Hearing the conversation between the two, Xiaoyu's mind immediately emerged a figure, hastily took out his cell phone to open the search.

"Xiaoyu, what are you doing?"

"Looking for an answer."

Xiao Yu's heart was apprehensive, and her body became tense. Not long after, Xiaoyu bit her lips and put away her phone, becoming distracted.

"Xiaoyu, what's wrong? Is it uncomfortable?" Li Ruoxi saw Xiaoyu's appearance and immediately felt that something was not quite right.

"Nothing, it's just that this answer is too surprising to me." Xiaoyu said calmly.

"What answer?" Li Ruoxi asked.

"After a while, I'll tell you." Little Fishery let out a deep breath.

"Little Fishery, you are not generous, I am a good girlfriend who sleeps with you, what is the matter even I do not say? Is it about Chen Mo? Are you guys uh huh~~" Li Ruoxi's smile is a little bad, a look like I understand.

Xiaoyu was interrupted by Li Ruoxi and blushed: "Don't think blindly, hurry up or get stuck in traffic."


That night, Chen Mo sat on the sofa, quietly looking at the book. The heart is also thinking, and so on how to speak to the small fishery.

It didn't take long for footsteps to come from the living room, and Xiaoyu, as usual, wearing a nightgown, sat down beside him, turned on the computer, and quietly watched the program.

"How was work today?" Chen Mo asked.

"Fine, the president is taking care of me, I don't know why she is so nice to me." Xiaoyu said with a calm face.

"Xiaoyu, if I had something to hide from you, what would you do?" Chen Mo put the book down and hugged Xiaoyu's shoulder, letting her lean on his shoulder.

"It depends on what's going on." Xiaoyu let Chen Mo hug her, not knowing what she was thinking.

"At first, I did not help you check and kill the virus? For this matter, there was also an oops in the library."

Chen Mo thought for a moment and opened his mouth, just finished, Xiaoyu snorted a laugh. The oops in the library at the beginning made her want to laugh when she remembered that scene now.

"Then what?" Little fishery said.

"At that time, the global computer virus crisis, I developed the check and kill software, able to check and kill viruses, so I sold it to the Seven Tigers, that was my first bucket of money. Later I used that money and registered a company ......"

"No need to say it." Xiaoyu interrupted Chen Mo: "Let me be quiet." Little Fishery leaned on Chen Mo's shoulder, and her eyes fell on the computer screen.

Chen Mo's heart was a little hairy, Little Fishery this look, he had never seen before, which made his heart unsettled, but he wisely did not say anything.

It was only when the program played on the computer ended that Little Fishery spoke: "Why are you suddenly telling me this?"

"You are into the company, sooner or later know, take the initiative to explain a little better, right, when did you find out?" Chen Mo laughed bitterly.

"Never mind when I found out, I do not enter the company, you intend not to say?"


"Don't say anything now, I want to hit you."

Before Chen Mo could react, Xiao Yu held her fist and punched Chen Mo's shoulder. Not a moment later, Little Fishery let out a cry of pain and rubbed her fist.

Seeing this scene, Chen Mo laughed. Once again, he punched someone and beat himself up painfully.

"Still laughing."

Little Fishery blushed and held her small fist again, greeting him. Only when he got tired of hitting did Little Fishery stop.

"Not angry anymore?" Chen Mo grabbed Little Fisherman's reddened hand.

"Very angry, you do not move, I want to bite you." After saying that, Little Fishery buried her head into Chen Mo's shoulder.

"Oh ......"

Chen Mo did not resist, and held Little Fishery in his arms, gently soothing. Little fishery is willing to throw a tantrum, then it's okay, he is afraid of stifling like just now.

After half a minute, Little Fishery let go of her mouth, looking at the bloody teeth marks on Chen Mo's shoulder, willow brows slightly frowned.

"Does it hurt?"

"How can you ask if it hurts after biting someone like this?"

"Serves you right, who let you hide such a big thing from me."

Xiaoyu hummed lightly, got up and went to the cupboard to rummage around, and in a short while came over with a bottle of red salve and cotton swabs, and started to help Chen Mo treat the wound.

"Not angry anymore, right?"

"Ask again and I'll bite you again."

After carefully helping Chen Mo deal with the wound, Xiaoyu only put down the red potion and walked back to the room. After Chen Mo waited for the red potion on his shoulder to dry, he packed up his books and walked into his room.

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