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Chapter 50: Little Fishery into the company

Xiao Yu sat on the sofa, her eyes fixed on the variety show on the laptop, allowing Chen Mo to help her blow-dry her hair, with a smile on her face and a sweet face.

"This is a bit of a big surprise today, when did you start planning this?" Chen Mo asked while helping Xiao Yu blow-dry her hair.

"It was when I said I would send you a surprise, but who told you to lie to me to come back in the first place, so I decided to postpone it and let you be dishonest." Little Fishery hummed lightly, her nose wrinkled up.

"What if I still cheat you in the future?" Chen Mo asked.

"How dare you? If you lie to me, I'll move out and live with Ruo Xi and let you wash your own smelly socks." Xiao Yu laughed.

"That serious? Is it okay to do it another way?"

"No, if I don't teach you a lesson, you will bully me in the future." Little Fisherman said.

After blow-drying Little Fisherman's hair, Chen Mo put the blow-dryer away and sat back on the sofa, holding Little Fisherman in his arms.

"I have to work tomorrow, tonight ......" Little Fishery nestled in Chen Mo's arms, her gaze tinged with shyness.

"There is no hurry, anyway, sooner or later you are mine, when you are mentally ready, you talk to me." Chen Mo said.

"Shame on you, who's yours." Xiao Yu's mouth hung a faint smile.

"After pouncing on you in the library at first, you are destined to not escape my palm."


There was no talk all night, and when he got up early the next morning, Little Fisherman had already prepared breakfast. After eating breakfast, Chen Mo went to the store and Xiao Yu headed to the company.

"Little Fishery, you are so lucky that even I am a little jealous." Li Ruoxi and Xiaoyu walked into the company shoulder to shoulder: "Just reported to work, and was seen by the president, directly the president assistant, that is a position that countless people dream of."

"I don't know why." Xiaoyu said: "I am now a little worried, after all, I have no experience in this area."

"Do a good job, everything is from strange to familiar. In the future, developed, just remember me, the bestie who used to sleep with you." Li Ruoxi smiled, "Separated here, work well."


Xiao Yu looked away and walked towards Zhao Min's office. After entering Zhao Min's office, Little Fishery got nervous all of a sudden. After all, it was her first day at work, and she heard that General Manager Zhao had a very strong personality.

"Mr. Zhao."

Zhao Min looked up and carefully sized up Xiao Yu.

Little Fishery looks very clean, although not the beauty of the country, when that gentle with a wild temperament, but very unique, let people brighten up.

"Sit down." Zhao Min gave her a faint smile: "Called He Xiaoyu, right?"

"Yes, the fishery of fisherwoman." Little Fishery nodded her head.

"Nice name, I'll call you Little Fisherman from now on, and you don't have to call me General Zhao, calling me old, call me Sister Zhao or Sister Min."

Little Fishery froze for a moment, did not react, looked at Zhao Min blinked. It was a human feeling that Zhao Min seemed to treat her a little differently.

"Sister Zhao." Although her heart was a ball of doubt, Little Fishery still called out.

"Well, the specific things that need to be done, Minister Li told you yesterday, right? Today is your first day at work, if you don't understand anything, ask, and this is the company's information, you should read more, if you don't understand, ask me directly."

Seeing that Zhao Min was not as serious as she thought, Xiao Yu secretly sighed with relief.

If the general manager was a tough woman, it would be difficult to deal with in the future. Now that she saw Zhao Min, her hanging heart dropped.

"Okay, Sister Zhao." Xiaoyu took the folder handed over by Zhao Min and left the office.


Chen Mo sat in the store, with headphones on, directing the ink girl to draw the cell phone case design. With four computers working at the same time, he was now wishing he could have four mouths.

"Mo girl, you change the third colored line of the eye spin on the diagram to a blue gradient color, the middle eye pupil, which is the location of the camera, you change the lines around it to black ......"

The ink girl was fast, but he couldn't command it. And the color pattern that was made was a little different from what he saw within the technology library.

While recalling the pattern of the butterfly eye appearance, he described it and relied on his strong memory to get the pattern initially completed.

The color pattern of the butterfly eye, once there is a slight flaw, looks completely destroy the beauty. So after the initial completion of the pattern, many places, he had to modify with his own hands.

Two hours later, Chen Mo sat down on the chair.

Now in his opinion, designing the appearance of the phone is even more difficult than designing the phone's motherboard.

With the help of the ink woman, design the phone motherboard, he only needs to say the components, and then explain the connection of the line, the ink woman can be completed in the first time. But the appearance of the butterfly eye design, color and lines, not the circuit board simply connect the components.

Two hours to complete four copies of the appearance of the design, completely copied the appearance of the pattern of the butterfly eye in the science and technology library, and with the help of the ink girl, this speed is not slow.

"Ink Lady, you will send the information on the appearance of the phone and the motherboard design to the company's president Zhao Min." Chen Mo said.

"Okay, Brother Mo, the email has been sent successfully." As soon as Chen Mo's words fell, Mo's girl's childish voice rang out.

Not a moment later, Chen Mo's phone rang.

"Connect." Chen Mo said.

"It's connected." Mo's daughter said.

"Chairman, the email has been received. I really want to open your head and see what structure your head is, such powerful art cells, it's a pity not to become an artist." As soon as the phone was connected, Zhao Min's voice came out.

"I can't art this thing, don't make a fuss, this is only four designs, there are still a few in my head, I'll design it and send it to you when I have time, save yourself the trouble later."

"Okay." Zhao Min said.

"How is Xiao Yu?"

"Just came to the company, is familiar with the company's situation, only a moment to worry? How about you come to the company?" Zhao Min said teasingly.

"I'll go there after the lab is finished." Chen Mo said.

"Then she will still know your identity by then? Aren't you afraid that she will cut you up when she finds out?" Zhao Min laughed.

"The boat will come to the bridge, it is not hidden for life." Chen Mo said.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Mo put his attention back on the computer.

"Mo'nan, embed the phone's intelligent assistant into the marching ant system."

The most important function of the cell phone released this time is right here in the cell phone intelligent assistant.

Currently on the market, there is no cell phone that can truly achieve complete contactless control, as long as the butterfly eye equipped with cell phone intelligent assistant appears on the market, it will lead to a second sensation.

"Okay, ink girl received."

Mo girl's childish voice just fell, in the computer on the decoder was clicked open, dense code, like flowing water on the decoder list open.

"Brother Mo, Mo'nan has finished embedding."

"Change my cell phone system to a marching ant system that carries a cell phone intelligent assistant." Chen Mo said.

"Brother Mo, please wait a moment."

Mo Mui fell into silence, and not a moment later, the phone automatically restarted and turned on again, and in the function options of the settings, there was already an additional option of intelligent assistant.

"Mo Nui, I am now trying out the intelligent assistant, you should not control my phone for now." Chen Mo tapped on the intelligent assistant and said.


"Open the browser."

Mo's girl's voice fell silent and after performing voice recognition, Chen Mo spoke.

Five minutes later, the initial test was completed before Chen Mo exhaled and sent the source code of the cell phone intelligent assistant, the information and the marching ant system embedded in the assistant along with Zhao Min.

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