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Chapter 49: She is mine

Chen Mo looked at Xiao Yu, his heart was full of surprise, and then his face turned strange.

The assistant of the general manager of the marching ant company was Zhao Min's assistant.

That night, when Chen Mo saved the baby, Zhao Min was present, probably that's when he saw Xiao Yu, that's why he thought Xiao Yu looked familiar, just didn't remember for a moment that she was Chen Mo's girlfriend.

Should I tell Xiao Yu about the marching ant company? Chen Mo was torn.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Xiaoyu's cheeks flushed red as Chen Mo stared at her.

"How come I don't know about your internship at the marching ant company?" Chen Mo asked.

"You didn't ask me. Last semester, the marching ant company went to the school to recruit. Darryl and I went for an interview, and we both passed. Darryl went to the marketing department, I was in the finance department, and when I reported to work today, I was met by the general manager. She made me her assistant." Xiao Yu said, "What's the matter?"

"No, the marching ant company is very promising and has great development prospects. To be able to be the assistant to the general manager, I just feel that my girlfriend is not only beautiful, but very capable of excellence." Chen Mo laughed.

"Have you praised your girlfriend so much?" Little Fishery said angrily, only the sweet smile on her face betrayed her.

"I said the truth."

"Facts your head, I'm going to cook." Xiaoyu gave him a blank look and walked towards the small kitchen.

Xiao Yu went to cook, Chen Mo hid in his room to dial Zhao Min's cell phone. Little Fishery into the marching ants company, is also a kind of fate, as her boyfriend, he does not interfere with Little Fishery's decision, but secretly help can still be.

"Chairman, what is it?"

"Did you find an assistant today?" Chen Mo asked.

"How do you know? It's an intern from Binhai University, quite a clean girl. I look familiar, I forget where I've seen her before, it just so happens that there is a shortage of an assistant, although she has no experience, but her conditions are good, she can be trained, I let her be my assistant for the time being."

"That's really a coincidence." Chen Mo said.

"What? Hitting on my assistant's idea?" Zhao Min asked teasingly.

"Hitting on the hairline, she is mine." Chen Mo was speechless.


Zhao Min's voice was tinged with surprise, and he fell into contemplation, coming over for a moment before it dawned on him.

"I said how so familiar, so it is the other night, the girl with you. Wait? She doesn't know the company is yours?"

"I didn't tell her." Chen Mo said.

"Then you're great, opening such a big company and your girlfriend still doesn't know about it." Zhao Min's voice carried a teasing tone, "You plan to keep it from her all the time?"

"My plan is to go with the flow, she asked me to say, and later slowly, she will find out herself. I won't tell him suddenly, I don't want to affect her state of life because of this matter. Today she came back to tell me, I just know that she entered the company."

"Then you called me to inform me about this?"

"No, it's in the company, you bring her up, so she can stand alone." Chen Mo said.

With him around, there was no need to worry about money, but he didn't want Xiaoyu to become a housewife as a vase in the future, which was unfair to Xiaoyu.

Xiao Yu looked soft, but she was strong inside, she would never accept that kind of life as a vase.

"Okay, Mr. Chairman, I will definitely cultivate it properly. But this matter, I advise you to say it earlier. From a woman's point of view, it's an injustice to her to keep it hidden like this." Zhao Min said.

"Well, I will take care of this matter." Chen Mo said.

"Is there anything else?"

"Yes, prepare the matter of the second cell phone, the specific design, I will send it to you tomorrow."

"Okay, I will arrange it."


After eating, Li Ruoxi asked Xiaoyu to go out shopping, and Chen Mo also started the finishing of the cell phone intelligent assistant.

"Mo girl." Chen Mo said with his headphones on.

In front of him, was the laptop and desktop computer put together. Want to ink female barely normal operation, must be two computer exchange work, or run ink female, the computer simply can not stand.

"Brother Mo, Ink Lady is here." As soon as Chen Mo's words fell, Ink Girl's voice came on the headset.

"Now follow the framework I said and put together the program module and program code." Chen Mo said in a low voice, otherwise if Xiao Yu heard him, he must think he was going crazy.

"Okay, brother Mo, you say." Mo said.

Chen Mo looked into the headset and began to elaborate the program design of the cell phone intelligent assistant.

With MoM's help, he didn't need to do anything at all, he only needed to say the program modules and functions, and MoM would be able to put the code together in the first place.

Before and after less than three hours, with the help of Mo Miao, has put together the cell phone intelligent assistant and motherboard design, this speed, let Chen Mo even feel horrible.

The efficiency of artificial intelligence, especially the artificial intelligence that can think independently, is simply not comparable to humans.

Chen Mo let out a deep breath.

With the help of the ink girl, these tasks become simple, he only needs to act as a command role, any of his instructions, the ink girl will be completed with the fastest speed.

The power of artificial intelligence, powerful in assisting research also showed up. The efficiency of the research, increased by more than a star and a half.

No wonder so many giant companies are researching artificial intelligence, if it is really researching strong artificial intelligence, I am afraid that the production efficiency will increase to a terrifying realm.

This is a truly transformative technology. Even Pu. Beijing the Great believes that the leader in this field will become the ruler of the world.

Chen Mo now intuitively feels the significance of this statement. If he were willing to let the Ink Lady attack the global network, the entire world would be paralyzed.

Artificial intelligence in the hands of people with ulterior motives is truly terrifying.

The ink girl could not be exposed for the time being, or the consequences would be beyond his imagination. The existence of Mo Miao is definitely more terrifying than nuclear weapons.

"Brother Mo, may I ask if you need any more help?" The voice of Mo's daughter came from the headset.

"The last is the design of the phone case."

Click ......

Chen Mo had just opened his mouth when the door of the rented room opened, it should be Xiao Yu who came back.

"The next cell phone casing design, I'll do it myself, you go study." Chen Mo said.

The design of the appearance of the butterfly eyes, or in person, after all, it is difficult to describe this butterfly eye pattern pattern with words. And talking to Mo girl here, Xiao Yu must not think that he is out of his head.

"Okay, thank you brother Mo, if you need any help, you can call the ink lady." The ink lady finished and sank into silence.

Xiaoyu walked into the room, threw the bag towards the bed, and the whole person fell on it, "I'm exhausted, I won't dare to accompany Ruo Xi shopping again."

"Go take a hot bath, you won't be tired." Chen Mo said after looking at Xiao Yu.


Little Fishery climbed up from the bed, grabbed her clothes, and then walked into the bathroom. The sound of water in the bathroom rang out, and Chen Mo also put his attention on the PS software in front of him and began to draw the shape of the phone.

It didn't take long for the sound of Xiao Yu's footsteps to come from inside the room.

"Chen Mo, help me blow-dry my hair."

Seeing Little Fishery out of the water and a shy face, Chen Mo's heart was happy and got up and went out to get a blow dryer.

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