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Chapter 48 Mobile Intelligent Assistant

Chen Mo rushed all the way back to the rented room and looked at the empty doorway with a depressed face.

Didn't it say half an hour? He rushed back, only 20 minutes, right? How come there is nothing? Did someone take it away?

With a depressed mood, Chen Mo called Xiao Yu's phone.

No one answered?

Chen Mo was even more puzzled, and with a depressed mood, he opened the door of his room. Just walking in, he stopped dead in his tracks and looked incredulously in front of him.

On the sofa, Xiaoyu is sitting quietly, with a smile on her face, next to her, there is a suitcase.

Long green and black hair tied up, two dragon beard bangs in front of the forehead, high collar slim sweater with jeans, clean and elegant temperament.

"The surprise for you has arrived, sign for it." Xiaoyu stood up from the sofa with a sweet smile.

"Okay, sign for it." Chen Mo smiled and walked over, hugged and kissed Little Fisherman.

"Woo ...... woo!"

A minute later, Little Fishery had buried her head in Chen Mo's chest, panting slightly, and her face had turned a shy blush.

"Bully me as soon as you come."

"Sign off ah." Chen Mo heatedly smiled: "Stay here in the future?"

"Aren't you welcome?" Xiao Yu said.

"Welcome, how can you not be welcome." Chen Mo said without hesitation. At the beginning, he thought of many ways to let Xiao Yu move out and live down, but failed, now is simply a huge surprise.

"This place is too small, I'll find a big house later and we'll move there."

"No, I think it's quite cozy here."

"How can that be, I can't let you be aggravated."

"If I say no, then no, you have to listen to me." Little Fishery kissed Chen Mo on his cheek.

"Okay, listen to you. One day you want to change the environment, tell me, you can go anywhere you want." Chen Mo hugged Xiaoyu and said.

"Okay, don't be fleshy." Xiao Yu broke away from Chen Mo's embrace, her face flushed red: "I have an appointment with Ruo Xi today, to report to the internship company, now I have to go over to her."

"Good, you take care of yourself."

After Xiaoyu left, Chen Mo found a few books on physics and started looking at them.

During the period of researching computer language, besides opening the book and reading the 400th book, he picked up a second book on the creation of computer language. During the period of researching artificial intelligence, Chen Mo only occasionally read books.

The task of 1000 books given by the technology library, now only read more than 490 books, still a few books short of 500 books. To upgrade the permission level of the technology library, this is a task that must be completed.

It is good to take advantage of the time now to complete the 500th book today. After entering the state, Chen Mo's whole body sank into it.

Three hours later, Chen Mo dropped the sixth book with a relaxed look on his face. After reading more books in physics, a lot of knowledge is common, so it is very fast to learn.

500 books have been completed, next is the time to take technology. Chen Mo lay on the bed and entered the technology library.

"Shu Lao, take the technology."

"Well, the 500th book, it's over halfway." Elder Shu nodded: "You now have a right to choose on your own, what do you want to choose?"

"Bring up all the styles of the Butterfly Eye phone." Chen Mo said.

Now that the Butterfly Eye had been launched for some time, it could be said that it was already in the game. Next it was necessary to launch a second phone to gain a firm foothold in the market.

Because there is no big breakthrough in cell phone technology, so the current cell phone market, modify the cell phone system, or change the chip and screen, are changing the soup without changing the medicine to circle money.

However, because the appearance of the butterfly eye design is too special, so Zhao Min did not dare to rashly launch the second cell phone. Haphazardly launch the second phone, the appearance becomes ugly, the technology is not much of a breakthrough, I am afraid that just formed the reputation, will instantly collapse.

So Zhao Min will mention the second phone to Chen Mo, after all, the first phone, is designed by Chen Mo, others really can not take over the design.

Chen Mo just finished, Shu boss hand a wave, hundreds of books appeared in front of Chen Mo.

"See the trainee level butterfly eye series of cell phones, are here." Shu Lao said.

Each product, inherited the exquisite appearance style of the Butterfly Eye series, Chen Mo immediately put his eyes on the introduction of the books.

The Butterfly Eye Smartphone; product description: equipped with cell phone intelligent assistant: Little Butterfly. Can contactless voice control, chat.

The butterfly eye twin butterfly cell phone"; product introduction: dual processor, can run dual operating systems.

The Butterfly Eye Full Memory Concept Phone" ......

Chen Mo browsed through all the cell phone introductions, but this time left an eye out. Chen Mo wrote down some of the most exquisite shapes and patterns of the Butterfly Eye cell phone on the cover of the book.

It takes a long time to apply for appearance patents for these shape designs. So all the appearance design at once, apply for appearance patent, later also do not have to be so troublesome, want him to design application again.

After jotting down the appearance graphics, Chen Mo dropped his gaze on his foremost "Butterfly Eye Smartphone", a cell phone intelligent assistant with contactless voice operation.

This is a big selling point, after all, currently on the market, there is not a real contactless voice operation cell phone.

"Shu Lao, this book, which contains the source code of Xiaodie?" Chen Mo asked.

"There is. This is the biggest feature of this phone, just like the waterproof interface, there is also the source code of the phone's intelligent assistant here."

"This is it." Chen Mo said at once.

Shu Lao nodded, grabbed the book, and slapped it into Chen Mo's head. After getting the design of the Butterfly Eye cell phone and the source code of the cell phone intelligent assistant, and chatting briefly with Shu Lao, Chen Mo only exited from within the technology library.

Just walking out of the room, ready to organize the design of the butterfly eye, the door of the rented room opened and Xiaoyu walked in carrying several large bags.

Chen Mo casually took the bags in Xiaoyu's hand: "Why did you buy so many things?"

"Some of my daily necessities, and also bought some vegetables back to cook. These are the clothes I bought for you, your clothes, they are old, they come and go just those few sets, I bought two sets for you."

"With you as a girlfriend, earn a lot." Chen Mo would smile.

"You just know." Xiaoyu wrinkled her nose at him: "To tell you the good news, today has gone to the internship company to report, tomorrow start work."

"What does it do?" Chen Mo asked.

"As the assistant general manager."

"Assistant to the general manager? You just interned, and you have this kind of position, will there be something bad in it? Why don't you just quit, I'll introduce a job to you, as my assistant, food and accommodation included, salary as you say." Chen Mo slightly tastelessly looked at Xiao Yu.

"Jealous?" Little Fishery stared at Chen Mo with a smile on her face.


"Then you want me to be your nanny? That won't work, I won't even get paid for following you. I can't spend your money at the beginning, I always need to have my own job, otherwise what will I do in the future?" Xiao Yu said.

"I do think, you a trainee, all of a sudden become the general manager assistant, will not be a little bad?"

"The boss is a woman, will not have any intention to me, rest assured? The original assistant jumped ship, there is no suitable candidate for the time being. I was lucky, originally in the finance department as an accountant, but the general manager saw me and said I look familiar, just short of an assistant, let me temporarily to her as an assistant."

"So? Why does the general manager look familiar to you? You have met?" Chen Mo asked, puzzled.

"No, I haven't met her." Little Fish shook her head.

"What is the name of the company?" Chen Mo continued to ask.

"Marching Ant Company."

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