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Chapter 38 Low-level AI development

Low-Level Artificial Intelligence Development

A book slowly formed in Shu Lao's hands, seeing the cover of the book, Chen Mo's face revealed a smile that slowly expanded.

Artificial intelligence, this is the hottest research nowadays.

He had seen books on high-level artificial intelligence on the bookshelf, but right now, he simply did not have the authority to touch books on high-level artificial intelligence.

But low level AI, is also AI, Chen Mo's heart is happy.

He didn't expect to be able to get the technology of low-level AI development by sharing the Chinese programming language, it was like a pie falling from the sky and hitting him.

"Don't be too happy, this is only to teach you the method of development, and not to give you the source code of the AI." Shu Lao said.

"It's pretty much the same." Chen Mo laughed.

There is an essential difference between letting you copy the answer and telling you the solution. But getting the solution ideas, as long as the final result is right, it's all the same.

"It's much worse."

Shu Lao shook his head.

"The source code of artificial intelligence, unless copied and pasted, each created AI is different, the code and programming language is the genes of artificial intelligence."

"There is still this kind of preoccupation?" Chen Mo was full of amazement.

"Just like when you give birth to a child, the child born, although they are all children, but the gender, IQ, there is no congenital defects, this is a fundamental difference. And in the final analysis, it is genetically different, that is, the source code and programming language is different."

"What do you mean I have children?"

Chen Mo was instantly happy, how does this sound strange.

"To use an analogy, but you create artificial intelligence, and you give birth to a child is similar." Shu Lao laughed: "The framework of artificial intelligence is here, as for what your genes are, it depends on your own efforts."

After saying that, he slapped the book in his hand into Chen Mo's head.

"There is one more thing to talk to you about."

"You say." Chen Mo recalled the knowledge of low-level artificial intelligence as he did so.

"The programming language of the AI, determines its height. The programming language you developed, although just created, but the level of subtlety, is better than any computer language you have learned before. Using the programming language you developed to develop an artificial intelligence may yield unexpected gains."

"Understood." Chen Mo nodded his head.

"One last thing, and something that must be reminded. When creating an artificial intelligence, you must be careful. I remember that there was a world where a person with a raging and warlike personality created an AI that connected to a person's consciousness, and as a result, the AI also inherited that person's personality, and that world was destroyed."

"Got it."

Chen Mo's heart chills, this is an example of artificial intelligence destroy the world, right. But everything is a double-edged sword, it is impossible not to do it because there is this kind of worry.

Stayed inside the science and technology library for a long time, asked Shu Lao some knowledge about artificial intelligence, before coming out from inside the science and technology library.

This time the harvest is very big, except for that "human chest. The development of the part of the auxiliary medicine" temporarily can not be used, "carbon crystal-based lithium-ion battery technology", only need to synthesize the carbon crystal, you can produce batteries.

According to the data recorded in the book, carbon crystal-based lithium-ion batteries, not as good as graphene batteries. But than the current polymer lithium-ion battery, the electric capacity is much higher, charging speed is also much faster.

In the future, electric cars, cell phones, laptops, these areas of the battery, can enter completely. Even Chen Mo was surprised that this technology, in the science and technology library is actually only low-level technology.

But thinking about what may appear in the future world, these technologies are indeed too low-level.

The Ballpoint Pen Production Technology", Chen Mo does not intend to use, this kind of process, in the present completely have a replacement, also does not have too much characteristics. A technology company, into the stationery market, there is not much point.

The biggest gain this time is "low-level artificial intelligence development".

Artificial intelligence technology, from the beginning he coveted, but the level permission is not enough, in the technology library, simply can not touch the books on artificial intelligence.

This time, the sharing of Chinese programming language, getting artificial intelligence, even if it is low-level, is a very unexpected surprise.

The low level defined by the technology library is not the low level defined by the current Internet technology.

After sitting up from the bed, Chen Mo dialed Zhao Min's phone number.

Now there is the technology of carbon crystal-based lithium-ion battery, but he still needs a laboratory to synthesize the carbon crystal. After all, the carbon crystal recorded in the book might be a new material, and this must be experimented.

"Chairman, what is it?"

"Have someone help me build a personal laboratory, a physics lab and a chemistry lab, turn around and I will send you the equipment and instruments needed." Chen Mo said.

"OK." Zhao Min immediately agreed: "Now I'm in a meeting, I'll call you back."


After hanging up the phone, Chen Mo opened his computer and sent a list of the equipment and materials he needed to Zhao Min's email address.

Not long after it was successfully sent, he received a call from Zhao Min.

"Chairman, I just finished the meeting and listened to the departments report the situation. About the company's financial problems, I'll report to you."

"Well, just say the sales of Butterfly Eyes, how many were sold?" Chen Mo asked.

"800,000 units, a very good sales volume. In addition to the purchase of spare parts and the cost of various patent licenses, as well as some other expenses, the net profit is still more than 500 million."

"No wonder so many people covet the cell phone market." Chen Mo was slightly surprised.

"We are higher priced than other phones because of the phone system and waterproof function, and the profit is quite high. You are now a billionaire, how does it feel?"

"Not much feeling." Chen Mo laughed.

"Okay, you win."

Zhao Min's voice was full of helplessness, as if nothing big in the sky could startle this young chairman's ripples.

"I took a piece of land on the Qinhai side, more than 300 acres, because it is a high-tech industrial park, the government side has a great discount, 800 a square, 170 million to take, the location is also very good."

"Well." Chen Mo said, "Then let people plan and design it first."


"What do you want the physics and chemistry labs for this time?"

Zhao Min was sitting in the office at this time looking at the email Chen Mo sent over, the equipment and instruments on it, and materials, she couldn't see what it was for, only professionals, knew what the equipment was for.

"Preparing to study the battery."

"Your head I can not understand."

Zhao Min smiled bitterly, now it was Chen Mo who was holding up a company's technology all by himself, and she didn't even know, what kind of smart medicine Chen Mo had taken.

For this low-key chairman, she was more and more impervious. Seems to be an ordinary young man, but really go to understand, the depths are not visible.

"I will let people build the laboratory, the relevant environmental assessment procedures are also for you to get, back after the holidays, should be able to. R & D department over there, is based on the architecture of the marching ant system, proceed to develop a computer operating system."

"Quite an idea, turn around and tell me the progress of their research." Chen Mo was instantly interested.

"The company will definitely not be able to rely on you alone to hold it up. The people in the R&D department are not paid to eat idle rice. About the cell phone market, we have opened a gap and stirred up this pool of stagnant water. The second cell phone design, do you still have any bold ideas?"

"I'll think about it later."


After hanging up the phone, Chen Mo focused his attention on the computer and began to familiarize himself with the use of the Chinese programming language.

This was a nascent field, the Chinese character programming language, which was different from any other computer language. However, this programming language was developed by him, and he was familiar with the basic syntax, and only needed a simple study to be able to integrate it.

Close to the evening, Chen Mo woke up, looked at the time, and instantly awake. Without saying a word, turned off the computer and rushed out of the rented room.

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