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Chapter 33 - The war invitation

"Sorry, Mr. Li, we have no plans for financing for the time being. If there are plans in this regard, I will contact you."

Zhao Min hung up the phone in her hand, covered the phone to the landline, and leaned back in her chair and breathed a sigh of relief.

A week had passed since the official sale of Butterfly Eye, and during this week, Zhao Min kept receiving phone calls, all asking about financing.

IDG, Penguin Investment, Sequoia, Jiuding Holdings, several of the largest domestic venture capital firms, all called her, and many independent investors.

These days, she received phone calls, and in seven days, she received more than seventy calls. If not for work problems, she would like to unplug the phone line.

Chen Mo, the chairman of the board, did not care about anything at all and left all the matters to her. She felt that she had fallen into a big hole when she bet with Chen Mo.

But to her relief, the sales of cell phones went very well. The phone can be waterproof, in addition to the smooth experience of the marching ant system, a lot of good reviews.

Many of the newly reserved phones have already been delivered to users. Because of the preliminary step by step caution, so far, everything is very smooth, no major problems appear. There are just some discordant voices on the network occasionally, but it has no impact on them.

The problem of waterproof interface, there are already cell phone companies and they contact.

Charging interface, many cell phone companies have their own unique design, headphone interface, now common are 3.5 MM headphone interface.

Butterfly eye unique waterproof interface design, has attracted the interest of many companies.

Zhao Min said at the launch, can be authorized externally, so many people from cell phone companies, and they are already talking about the authorization.

After all, not every company can choose wireless charging like Apple. The existence of a waterproof interface is not as expensive as wireless charging, and allows the phone to have a waterproof function.

Whether from the cost, or practical considerations, waterproof interface, is a good choice.

The company is now moving forward smoothly, and as long as it survives for a while longer, it will be truly stable.

Just as Zhao Min was looking at the documents, a sharp knock sounded on the door, and Li Lingfeng walked in with a hurried.

"What's happened?" Seeing Li Lingfeng's appearance, Zhao Min frowned, in her impression, Li Lingfeng was never very calm and steady.

"General Zhao, some articles appeared on the internet slamming us, saying that there is a major security flaw in the Marching Ant system, and it has now become a ruckus on the internet."

"Security vulnerability?" Zhao Min became cautious: "Does it really exist?"

"False, I went to the technical department to find Lao Luo, Lao Luo said that the so-called security vulnerability is completely false, someone hired a water force and is deliberately smearing us. I also got news from Julie's side that many users have chosen to return the product."

Zhao Min picked up her phone and clicked on the news, and sure enough, as Li Lingfeng said, many articles, were reporting about the security vulnerability of the marching ants.

After reading a few articles, Zhao Min also looked through the news comments.

There was a lot of bashing and abuse, driven by a few spewers, and the comments were overwhelming, all attacking the marching ant company.

A large pile of news comments, all brainless black.

Zhao Min briefly swept a glance, put down the phone, and rubbed his brow hard. What should come is still coming, obviously someone doesn't want to see them go so smoothly.

"What should we do?" Li Lingfeng asked.

The appearance of the marching ant system and the butterfly eye had moved the big piece of cake that was the cell phone market.

After hyping their company and having a rotten reputation, the marching ant system will be scrapped and no one else will dare to use it at that time. Then annex them, repackage, and launch again.

This approach is a bit old-fashioned, but very effective.

"Don't be in a hurry, I'll contact the chairman first."

Zhao Min instructed Li Lingfeng to sit and wait for a while and dialed Chen Mo's number.

Such a big thing happened, she was busy working her ass off here, and that chairman, however, didn't know where he was at large, making her helpless.

"Chairman, there is a bad news." As soon as the phone call came through, Zhao Min spoke.

"Is it the matter of the security breach of the marching ant system?" Chen Mo said as he turned off the news on his computer.

The marching ant system was designed by him, this kind of thing, he could not be indifferent.

As for the smear on the internet, he didn't care, not being envied is a mediocre talent, which company will experience such trivial things.

"You know, then it's best." Zhao Min said.

"The loophole of the marching ant system, I can't even find it, I know it's fake before I even look at it, you have no way to solve it?" Chen Mo asked

"It can be solved, I just want to ask you if there is a better way, after all, you know the marching ant system best."

"Like this?" Chen Mo thought about it, "I do have a bold idea."

"Your ideas are always bold, say it."

"Whoever can find a loophole and crack the cell phone system will be given one million." Chen Mo said.

"Are you crazy?"

"Don't worry, it can't be found."

Chen Mo carried a strong confidence that this was the cell phone system that he got from within the science and technology library and developed as the basic structure.

After completion, it was also optimized by the science and technology library, in terms of security, not to say perfect, but without the source code, want to crack, the difficulty is not ordinary. This is the reason why he dares to think that the marching ant system is superior to other cell phone systems.

"Well, you are not even worried, I, a part-time worker, do not have to worry about anything. But on the basis of your idea, I am going to change it. You're not worried about raising the bonus if someone finds a loophole, two million okay?"

"Offer a reward of five million or less, whatever you want to do."


After hanging up the phone, Zhao Min looked at Li Lingfeng.

"Ling Feng, go post a message. Whoever can find a loophole in the marching ant system and crack the system with the data intact. Our company, then take out two million, one million to donate to the Children's Fund and one million to the person who finds the loophole, the reward is valid for six months."

Zhao Min had a little more problems with the company than Chen Mo did. Now that someone was smearing them and wanted to bring back the company's reputation, charity was the best way to do it.

Once this kind of gimmick came out, it would not only drive the sales of the phone, but also give the company a good reputation, and the safety of the marching ant system would be known by everyone, killing many birds with one stone.

"Well, understood." Li Lingfeng nodded his head and left the office.


On the topic of the marching ant system, the internet continues to be hot, and the security vulnerability of the marching ant system is being talked about in various articles.

And just when the heat was at its hottest, the official microblog of the marching ants reprinted an article about depicting the existence of security holes in the marching ants system and made a public response.

"War post! The chairman said: two million for one vulnerability, anyone or team finds a vulnerability in the marching ant system and cracks the phone with the phone data intact, the company is willing to pay two million, one million to donate to the Children's Fund and one million to the person or team who cracks it. (The reward is valid for six months, and the final interpretation of this announcement, belongs to the company)."

Once this response came out, it was like throwing a pot of cold water in an already boiling frying pan, instantly igniting the heat of public opinion and pushing the topic to a new climax.


This topic instantly occupied the front row of the hot search list.

Under the official microblog of the marching ant company, it was quickly occupied by various doujinshi.

"Me: Mom, give me money quickly, I want to go to learn computer, can get rich, a million it. Mom: You want to go to an internet cafe and play games, right? Kid's dad, tie him up quickly."

"Last time I was tricked into begging in Dubai, then I was tricked into getting a wife in Ukraine, and last year I was told I could make money playing poker in prison, and my ass still hurts. Now I want to cheat me to learn computer technology, find loopholes, I quit ...... that boss, brick moving wages to close, I want to pay tuition. Eh, yes, to learn computer."

"Bamboo rats, bamboo rats, clearance sale."

Under the official microblogging of the marching ants, a large number of comments, all painted in a bizarre manner, the news of the marching ants company offering a reward of two million, quickly overshadowed the news of the smear.

The article that used the security vulnerability of the marching ant system as a point of attack quickly died after the response came out. The network's coverage all shifted to the bounty offered by Marching Ant this time.

This incident was so horrible that even Apple didn't dare to make such a statement, and I didn't expect an ant that had just emerged from its nest to say such words.

After the news spread, various technical gods quickly followed the official microblog of Marching Ants and retweeted the news, announcing that they would join the cracking team.

The famous domestic Penguin network security team and the leader of the seven tigers network security team, also forwarded the microblogging, and publicly said that join the cracking team, once cracked, all the money is donated to charity.

A message that stirred up a craze for cracking the marching ant system on the Internet.

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