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Chapter 30 Hot Search

The number of fans in Xia Xue's live stream was soaring like crazy, the number of fans had reached a staggering 500,000 and was still rising like crazy.

The heat was exploding in an avalanche, and the live broadcast had appeared on the hot search list.

The advantages according to Zhao Min meant that the performance of the phone system was better than other phone systems.

If it's true, this is definitely a big news.

Cell phone system has always been the shortcomings of domestic cell phones, the current system used in domestic cell phones, the main ones are Android, YUNOS is also half dead in the cell phone market.

Now there is a domestic system out, this is an exciting news.

Some journalists have even thought of a headline.

"The strongest domestic cell phone system? Shock! Domestic cell phone system has these advantages.

I believe a headline can attract many people to click.

Li Tiejun is frantically writing, this cell phone of the marching ant company, too powerful, he now regrets that he did not prepare properly just now, this news is released, is definitely a big news.

Suddenly, the vibrating sound of his cell phone interrupted him. Bringing up the headset, Li Tiejun picked up the phone, "Editor-in-chief, what's up?"

"Tiejun, are you at the scene of the launch of the Marching Ant Company?"


"You send the press release back immediately, and I will inform Wang Qi to send back the video material."

"Did something happen?" Li Tiejun asked softly, covering his headphones.

"Don't you know? There are people at the launch site live on Weibo, and now it's on the Weibo hot search, so hurry up and send it back, be the first to post it and grab the heat."

"So soon on the hot search?" Li Tiejun's heart burst.

"You hurry."

After hanging up the phone, Li Tiejun hurriedly put together the nearly completed press release and sent it back to the editor-in-chief.

Then the first time he took out his phone and opened Weibo.

Sure enough, the keyword of domestic cell phone system was already on the hot search list, although it had just been on the list, but the heat was still rising.

"Who the hell is so resourceful, live on Weibo?" Li Tiejun tilted his head and started looking around.

Not only Li Tiejun, other reporters and media people, too, were urged to update their news at the first time.

Xia Xue took a look at her live page and was shocked to see the number of fans. The number of people watching the live broadcast was already almost 800,000, and this number was still rising.

The number of bounties was also changing, and after seeing the number of bounties, Xia Xue was almost moved to tears. These rewards were estimated to be enough to cover her living expenses for half a year.

Never seen such a crazy number of people, the first time to intuitively feel

After turning the camera back to her screen, the pop-up screen went crazy all of a sudden, full of 666.

"I want to see the imperial sister."

"Return my domineering female president ......"

"I want that phone, who can tell me when it will be on sale, my hands have long been hungry."

"The anchor beauty, quickly show me the big long-legged president."


Xia Xue cried and laughed as she looked at the pop-ups, many of which had been flooded before she could look closely.

Zhao Min did not know that the launch had been pushed into the hot search because of a small live broadcast. The phone's function introduction, is nearing the end, next, is the most important price.

"The first batch of phones, will be on sale tomorrow at ten o'clock, all using online sales. The specific price, subject to the official website announcement."

After introducing the price of the cell phone, Zhao Min stopped and swept a circle on the field: "The product introduction of the conference ends here, the next is to ask questions, you have any confusion, you can ask me questions."

Zhao Min's words fell, an instant, more than half of the media people raised their hands.

"The gentleman in the front row wearing black-framed glasses." Zhao Min pointed to Li Tiejun on the stage and said.

Li Tiejun took the microphone and stood up from his position and looked at Zhao Min with a smile, "Hello, Ms. Zhao, I am a reporter from the Globe."

After collecting his thoughts, Li Tiejun opened his mouth.

"May I ask how much research and development money your company has spent on this cell phone system? Will your company's waterproof interface be licensed to the outside world? In the domestic cell phone market, a hundred of them are competing, what do you think is your company's advantage?"

"Thank you for your question, your question is very sharp." Zhao Min said.

"Regarding the R&D funding, no comment for now; the waterproof interface issue, we will authorize it to the outside world. Any interested company is welcome to come and discuss cooperation. We hold the core technology, technology and the company's hard-working employees, is our biggest advantage."

Zhao Min was answering, and the reporters below were desperately writing, this was first-hand news, and none of them dared to slow down.

"Next, the gentleman in the third row, second from the right."

"Hello, I'm a reporter from IT House, according to the performance you just introduced, do you mean that the marching ant system is superior to both Android and Apple systems?"

"That's a rather interesting question. It's like I put three beautiful women in front of you, one of them is your girlfriend, and then ask you which one is the prettiest. Which one do you say is the prettiest?"

Zhao Min's rhetorical question made the people on stage gently laugh.

One by one, the questions were asked, and all the content that the reporters wanted to know, what they could know, was all in Zhao Min's answers.

Xia Xue looked at the screen of the live cell phone and blinked her eyes.

"If I have the opportunity to ask questions, what questions do you guys want to ask?"

As soon as her words came out, the pop-up screen of the live video instantly exploded.

"Three circumference!"

"Leg length!"

"Bullshit, ask her contact information."

"A pack of wolves, roll, ask her what her criteria for choosing a boyfriend are. Keep in line, I'll reward 10,000 for this question."


the most powerful and powerful

The words

A fan's words a, below a large pile of trench unmanned, full screen 666, will all other information drowned.

Full screen of boyfriend standards, see Xia Xue tangled up. If this occasion to ask out, certainly abrupt. But tangled for a while, Xia Xue raised her hand high in the air and waved it a few times.

"The last question, to the last row, the lady who waved her hand." Xia Xue's waving arm immediately drew Zhao Min's attention.

"It's really called for me." Xia Xue's face was overjoyed: "Ask the standard boyfriend question, give me some courage."

As soon as Xia Xue said this, she was immediately swept by a large number of luxury yachts, Lamborghinis and Ferraris, as well as a screen full of flowers and various gifts.

'Trenchless' was instantly brushed.

The microphone was quickly passed to Xia Xue, and after receiving the microphone, Xia Xue aimed the live cell phone screen at Zhao Min and stood up from her position.

Everyone put their eyes on Xia Xue, and seeing the phone in Xia Xue's hand, some people who got the news realized that the original live microblogger was this woman.

"Hello, Mr. Zhao, I am a self-publisher. Now is live microblogging the launch, just now so many seniors, professional questions, are almost finished asking. My live fans asked me to ask a question on their behalf. Do you currently have a boyfriend or someone you're interested in? What are your criteria for choosing a boyfriend?"

After asking this question, Xia Xue playfully spat out her tongue and turned her gaze towards Zhao Min. The others laughed lightly and all turned their gazes to Zhao Min.

Many of them, some of them just now asked questions that were not nutritious, because what should be known is known, what should not be known, Zhao Min will not say.

This question, so that the atmosphere of the launch site instantly relaxed down.

Zhao Min's eyelids on the stage jumped and smiled, without leaving a trace, glanced at the corner where Chen Mo was.

"This is a personal question outside the launch, but I can also answer you. Some time ago, that handsome man in Binhai City saved the baby, we are all clear about it, right?

I was there, and later I met him again, but unfortunately, he had a girlfriend. I hope my future boyfriend is this kind of upright, brave, motivated man."

Chen Mo, who was sitting in the corner, covered his face and laughed bitterly, which was obviously flirting with him.

Once this answer came out, the broadcast room boiled up.

"It's me, I'm straight."

"It's me, I helped the grandmother cross the road last time, my wish is to turn from a bricklayer to a contractor, absolute upward mobility."

"This is my future wife! No snatching from me."

"Note the premise, first you have to be handsome ......"

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