Science and Technology Library

Chapter 3: Little Fish

Binhai City People's Hospital. Chen Mo's body shook and opened his eyes on the bed, his eyes were bewildered.

Was everything just now a dream?

Chen Mo felt a slight pain in his head, and he found that there seemed to be an additional memory in his mind, the information of "Low Level Human Potential Development Technology".

The technology library is real? Chen Mo was happy and closed his eyes again.

The hundred-meter-high gate appeared in front of him again, white light drowned him, and Chen Mo appeared in the familiar library.

The endless shelves, the mountain of books, the sea of books.

Not a dream!

Exiting from the technology library, Chen Mo's face was beaming with joy. The smell of disinfectant water reached the tip of his nose, making Chen Mo come back to his senses and turn his head to look around.

This is the ward, the head is still a bit faintly painful, touched it and found an additional bulge on it. Pressed a little, the pain made Chen Mo sucked in a cold breath.

Suddenly, Chen Mo felt, a heavy feeling coming from his right hand. Looking at his arm, he found a girl, who was lying on his arm, sleeping.

The girl from the library?

Chen Mo immediately recognized that it was the girl he had jumped over and hugged in the library.

He did not move, afraid to wake the girl, let her lie on it. Listen to the girl's figure, this moment, his long-closed heart appeared a touch of stirring.

After a while, Chen Mo felt movement from his arm. Looking over toward the arm, he saw the girl also raised her head and looked at him.

"You're awake." The girl hurriedly let go of Chen Mo's arm, a blush surfaced on her face.

"Hmm." Chen Mo smiled and nodded, "How long have I been unconscious?"

"Almost three days ago, the doctor said you had a mild concussion and are no longer in serious condition. Thank you for saving me at the library."

"No need."

Chen Mo took a look at the girl's tired face and was slightly distressed: "You've been taking care of me here for the past three days?"

"Mm." The girl nodded shyly: "Your teacher came to see you, and the doctor said you were fine and would wake up after a while, so he didn't inform your family so they wouldn't worry, so he asked me to take care of you."

"Thank you." Chen Mo's gaze became soft.

"It is deserved, you have saved me once." The girl said, "My name is He Xiaoyu, the fisherman's fish, you can call me Xiaoyu."

"My name is Chen Mo, the silent Mo."

The two people face each other with four eyes, the small fishery face cheeks become more red, for a time do not know what to do.

Gu Gu ......

The sound of stomach protests rang out to break the delicate atmosphere, small fishery puffed a smile, Chen Mo's face reddened, a little embarrassed.

"You've been playing glucose for the past two days and haven't eaten anything, let me go buy you something to eat." Xiao Yu got up and left.

Chen Mo looked at the indisputable stomach, hated iron, later called starving you to death.

Not long after, Xiaoyu returned with a bag: "You just woke up, should not eat too greasy things, I bought you a bowl of porridge, if not enough, I will go buy again."

"Thanks." Chen Mo reached out to take it, but found that a hanging needle was still inserted in his left hand.

"I'll feed you."

Xiao Yu picked up the spoon and spooned a spoonful to Chen Mo's mouth. The gentle action makes people feel, like a girlfriend taking care of her boyfriend, envious of others.

Chen Mo's heart burst with joy, he didn't expect to be treated this way.

The two of them are in the same room, and the two of them are in the same room.

The eyes of the two met from time to time, and Xiaoyu's face blushed.

This is the first time to take care of a person of the opposite sex, and for three consecutive days. She was so tired because she did all the body rubbing and massage by herself.

Those nurses, all thought the two of them had a relationship.

But Chen Mo saved her and her family didn't come, so she had to take care of it. Thinking about the three days of touching Chen Mo's body all over, Xiao Yu did not dare to look at him directly.

After feeding Chen Mo the porridge, Xiaoyu took out a stack of red mao grandpa from her bag and handed it to him.

"The thing about the library is that a girl was frightened by the sound of thunder and accidentally knocked over the bookshelf. That girl came to say goodbye, this is the medical fee he paid to you, ten thousand yuan."

"Good, put it away. You're so tired, go back and rest first." Chen Mo looked at Xiao Yu's tired eyes, slightly heartbroken.

Xiao Yu looked at Chen Mo, not knowing what she was thinking, after a while, she nodded and stood up with her bag.

"Are you still coming this afternoon?"

"Well," Little Fishery paused, her ears a little red, and finally answered lightly and left at a brisk pace.

Seeing Xiao Yu's back leaving, Chen Mo lost his concentration, the corners of his mouth smile up, can't wait to jump up from the hospital bed.

From Xiao Yu's reaction just now, he knew that there was a chance. It's been a long time since I've had a heartbeat, and Little Fishery made him feel that way.

The hero saved the beauty and also gained the beauty's favor, the old bridge, it happened to him.

After being happy, Chen Mo lay back in bed and thought about human potential development.

That afternoon, Little Fish arrived as promised.

Chen Mo had also recovered and checked his body once to make sure it was okay before he checked in and left the hospital.

"Let's go have a meal. I haven't eaten for three days, so I need to treat myself." Chen Mo rubbed his stomach and said.

"I'll treat you, you saved me, it's a small repayment." Xiao Yu stood beside Chen Mo, slightly formal, remembering the scene of taking care of Chen Mo in the past few days, her heart was weak.

"No, it's on me, thank you for taking care of me for three days." Chen Mo took out the money from noon: "That girl's compensation is a bit much, turn around and return the money to her. She is also a student, it is all about spending her family's money, since it was an accident, it is enough to pay the medical expenses."

Chen Mo handed the rest of the money to Xiao Yu.

Xiaoyu looked up at Chen Mo, took the money in his hand, and looked at him with a slightly changed look.

After a simple meal, Chen Mo invited Xiaoyu to see a movie again. Chen Mo can feel that the distance between the two people is invisibly slowly drawing closer.

After sending Xiaoyu back to the dormitory, Chen Mo rushed back alone to the dormitory.

Today is very lucky, get technology library, and meet a good girl, he feels, his future, a bright.

After returning to the dormitory, he found that the wolves in the dormitory had not returned, so he directly lay down on the bed.

Not long after lying down, the cell phone WeChat rang. Xiao Yu's message, Chen Mo couldn't wait to click on it, he felt that his life, from today onwards, has become wonderful.

"The money has been returned to the girl, she asked me to say sorry to you."

"It's okay, maybe I should thank her for making my life more exciting." Chen Mo immediately replied, "Are you free tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow weekend, I'm going to the library, taking three days off to catch up on my homework."

"Just in time, I want to go to the library too, let's go together."

Chen Mo smiled, but he really wanted to go.

Shu Lao said, learn science and technology books and technology, 100 books, you can take a technology. He had to learn, he had to get up to get a higher authority.

"Okay, I'll go over at eight in the morning, you just got out of the hospital today, rest early."

In the girls' dormitory, Xiaoyu put down her cell phone, her eyes with a blush and a hint of joy at the corner of her mouth. Suddenly, the phone in her hand was grabbed away and a face with a wicked smile reached out in front of Xiao Yu.

"Little Fishery, your eyes are filled with spring water and your face is flooded with peach blossoms. Is it a good thing to take three days off to take care of the hero who saved your life?"

"No," Little Fishery was a little vain: "You give me back my phone."

"Hey, hey, you're weak-minded." The girl laughed: "The bridge of the hero saving the beauty is a classic, let me see your message."

"Li Ruoxi, you quickly give me back my phone." Xiaoyu immediately grabbed the girl and desperately grabbed the phone.

"I should thank her for making my life more exciting. Tomorrow morning at eight o'clock, the library, you rest early. The best cabbage in our family is going to be vaulted."

"Ah, damn Darryl, give me back my phone."


Inside a girls' dormitory in Binhai University, there was a hubbub.

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