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Chapter 27: An awakened marching ant

Marching Ant Company.

Zhao Min was looking at the financial statement with calm eyes.

By relying on the office software, in these two months, the company had more than two million in revenue. And the user feedback of the office software is also very good, at least in terms of experience, more comfortable and smooth than other office software.

Office software can only be excessive products, although a little stronger, but the competition is too big. Many people are already used to it, and will not change office software in a short time.

Next, the company's profit, put on the phone, as long as the phone sold, no worries about money.

She is now using the newly produced cell phone. Even she, look at the first glance like the phone exquisite shape. Soft but not lose atmosphere, men and women kill.

She believed that the cell phone system and cell phone appeared on the market, it can certainly be welcomed.

The marching ant system and mobile phone launch, preparations had started five days ago, counting the time, the setup should be completed today.

While Zhao Min was looking at the financial statement, her assistant Xiao Li knocked on the door and walked in.

"Mr. Zhao, Minister Li came with the news that the product launch is ready and can start tomorrow."


Zhao Min put down the financial statement in her hand and dialed Chen Mo's number.

From the time she took over the Marching Ant Company, she was preparing for the product launch. A brand new cell phone operating system, this was not an ordinary product, as long as it was operated properly, the company would be a hit.

These two products, no surprise, are enough for Marching Ant to enter the cell phone market.

At first, she did not choose to put out the cell phone system immediately.

The market is a place that eats people without spitting out bones, if they are not prepared and rashly put out, they are likely to be blocked by big capital, making them develop and struggle.

"Chairman." After the phone was connected, Zhao Min spoke.

"What is it?"

In the store, Chen Mo stopped the pen in his hand and stretched.

"The launch of the marching ant system has been prepared and will be held tomorrow at the Marriott Hotel, do you want to go over and give a speech on stage? This is an opportunity to show your face, and it's not too much to be famous." Zhao Min said.

"No, I'll just watch you from the stage, leave the launch to you." Chen Mo said.


"I don't like so many people's attention, otherwise the rhythm will be disrupted."

"Okay then, see you tomorrow, low-profile chairman." Zhao Min wasn't surprised by Chen Mo's answer, she already had a general understanding of Chen Mo's style over this period of time.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Mo buried his head and continued to study the computer programming language.

Two months had passed since he got the book on programming language creation.

During these times, Chen Mo spent all his time in research, and he came to the store every day to work on the character design of the Chinese programming language.

When someone came over to fix the phone, he also stopped to move his hands, combining work and rest.

The study of computer programming language, it is not a simple study. The foundation of any discipline, which seems simple, is very complex, especially the founders.

A keyword design, to consider many aspects of the situation, sometimes a day can not design a keyword.

What is even more troublesome is that Chinese characters are delicate, and the expressions and combinations are intricate and complex.

In order to better design the characters and expressions of the Chinese programming language, Chen Mo also deliberately read through the books of Chinese language and literature majors.

The design of keywords, together with the complete data types and operation methods, all kinds of complex settings have to be interwoven in Chen Mo's mind all over again.

After entering the state, various keywords, characters, and phrases flashed through Chen Mo's mind.

The notebook under his hand was also covered with various complex lines. During the period contains a variety of words, seemingly chaotic, but vaguely contains a certain law.

The design of a keyword must first define its meaning and function before it can be included in the list of keywords.

I don't know how long it took before Chen Mo's thinking was interrupted by the voice of Xiaoyu, who just looked up and saw Xiaoyu walking into the store with a lunch box.

Seeing Little Fisherman, Chen Mo smiled heartily.

"It's time to eat, every time you don't eat, are you made of iron? It's almost seven o'clock now." Xiaoyu's tone was tinged with reproach.

"I know you will send food over."

"Are you going to starve to death one day if I don't send it over?"

"Are you willing to do that?"

"Poor mouth."

Little Fishery laughed and took Chen Mo's hand, so she could only sit beside Chen Mo and also picked up chopsticks and ate.

"Little Fishery, why don't you move out and live with me." Chen Mo said as he ate. This idea, which he had played for a long time, was only said now.

"Want me to move out so badly?" Xiao Yu laughed.

"Of course, I want to dream about it. I am now but three meals do not know what to order, need a person to remind." Chen Mo's eyes lit up, when Xiao Yu said that, it meant there was a chance.

At Chen Mo's expectant look, Little Fisherman returned a smile and did not give him an answer.

Xiao Yu's expression, Chen Mo knew that there was no chance for the time being, but if Xiao Yu did not reject it directly, there was still a lot of hope. Maybe one day, she will agree to move out.

After eating, Chen Mo packed up his things, closed the door of the store, and took Little Fisherman away. During this period of time, the two people's life is the norm, and every time they are seen, they are envious of the others.

"Little Fishery, I have some business tomorrow, take a day off, the shop is not open."

"Mm." Xiaoyu answered.

"You don't ask me where I'm going?" Chen Mo opened his mouth and asked.

"You're not going to rob a house, kill and set fire to it, are you?"

"How is that possible. With such a smart and virtuous girlfriend, still go to rob a house, unless there is something wrong with your brain."

Xiao Yu wrapped her arms around Chen Mo's waist and leaned her body against his back: "Poor mouth, take me to the beach for a walk."

"Not afraid to forget the time again?"

"Think beautiful."


The next day, Chen Mo studied the Chinese programming language in the rented room until the afternoon, when Chen Mo changed into a set of casual T-shirt, put on his computer bag and left the rented room.

Today is the day the marching ant system is officially released to the public, although he, the chairman of the board, is not on stage, but still have to go to see.

Marriott Hotel, one of the five-star hotels in Binhai City. The charges here were not low, and it was for a decent launch that Zhao Min chose to do it here.

The launch of the marching ant system and mobile phone is not a trivial matter, it must be a more formal occasion.

Chen Mo took a taxi to the Marriott Hotel and looked at the time.

The launch was held at two o'clock, twenty minutes before the launch. Chen Mo saw people entering the Marriott Hotel one after another, many of them were journalists holding cameras and carrying bags.

Chen Mo also followed them in and soon reached the launch site.

The launch site is not many people, more than five hundred seats, only less than half of the position someone, there are many staff. The launch has not yet officially started, some journalists are debugging machines, some are simply playing mobile games.

An awakened marching ant!

On the screen, a line of large letters written in running script, the handwriting between the thick and light, the combination of collection and release. With the background of a very futuristic sense of technology behind, calligraphy and technology collection, looks pleasing to the eye.

This is the theme of this conference.

After taking a look at the screen, Chen Mo brightened up, found a corner to sit down and quietly waited for the launch to begin.

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