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Chapter 23 - Déjà vu?

While Chen Mo's life returned to calm, the Marching Ant Company, however, was in a state of busyness.

After getting the office software, Zhao Min ordered to go down and use the fastest speed to get the promotion plan for the office software out.

The company's 50 million dollars, in the matter of the upcoming entry into the mobile phone industry, seems a bit stretched, now must use the office software to make money.

With Zhao Min a command down, just formed a small nest of marching ants, is fast running up.

Julie walked into Zhao Min's office with a planning document in hand.

When the company was established, she was called over by Zhao Min to help, and knowing her roots, Zhao Min also trusted her so much that she was directly put in charge of the management of the marketing system.

Office software is their first product promotion into the company, all of them raised twelve points of spirit, dare not have any slack.

After receiving Zhao Min's order, the marketing department started the advertising planning at the first time and determined the plan with the fastest speed until today, the advertisement was finally put out.

"How are the figures?" Zhao Min asked.

"According to the data in the background, as of the time I came to report, the free version of the software, the number of downloads has exceeded ten thousand, and more than three hundred registered paid users."

"Well, a good start." Zhao Min nodded his head

The current Marching Ant Company, which had just been established, was just an uncompromisingly small ant, without any fame at all.

The office software that had just been launched was able to break through 10,000 users in such a short period of time, which was already a very impressive achievement.

This time the office software, are Chen Mo's masterpiece. Launched four versions, home version, small business version, professional version and free version.

Free version, can only use the most basic word documents, Excel and PPT presentations, and unique image processing features.

Software price, just half of office is less.

They launched office software, one is to open up the company's visibility; two is to use the low price, enter the market, to give users a good reputation; three naturally is to make money.

Office software, the main market in the office of major enterprises. As long as you can take the corporate office of this piece of fat, Ant Office, will bring them a continuous income.

Ant office function, than office and wps good not, there is a picture processing function, a collection of office and beauty two functions in one, a unique and powerful function, and occupy little memory.

Zhao Min believes that it will not take long, there will be a steady stream of users to enter.

"Put out the mobile side as well, and have people go to major companies to promote it."

"Okay, Mr. Zhao."

Julie promised and left the office.

Only after Zhu Li left did Zhao Min pick up her phone and dial Chen Mo's number. This chairman, who was never seen by the dragon, made her helpless, and she could only contact him by cell phone every time.

"Chairman, the office software has been promoted out. The market response is good, there is a good start."

"That's good." In the store, Chen Mo stopped the circuit design in his hands.

"Do you want to come to the company?" Zhao Min asked.

"Let's go next time, I'm afraid I'm not available today. I'll send you the information on the appearance design and interface design of the phone later, and you have someone make a sample to apply for a patent."

"So soon?" Zhao Min's tone was full of surprise: "That's fine, you can get busy first. Mobile phone spare parts channel business, I have contacted, previous work, and some contacts, all things are still smooth, you do not need to worry."


After hanging up the phone, Chen Mo looked at the time, after saving the files of the motherboard circuit design, closed the shop door.

"Young man? Closed so soon? No more business?" Chen Mo just walked out, the next door grocery store aunt asked.

"I'm going out to play." Chen Mo laughed.

Today is Xiao Yu's accountant exam, he also took the opportunity to take a break.

The accountant's exam, which was held at the Accounting Practitioner Examination Service Center, was not far from Binhai University, and it took fifteen minutes to get there by bicycle.

Just arrived nearby, Chen Mo saw people coming out of the door one after another. It didn't take long for Xiaoyu to appear in the crowd and run towards him, looking like she was in a good mood.

Riding on Xiaoyu, he left straight away amidst the envious eyes of those around him.

After eating the buffet, the two went on a trip to the oceanarium, then went shopping and watched movies.

This is the most indulgent day, both know that this kind of opportunity is rare, so both let go of the mind to do their best to have fun. The couple should go to all the places that the couple should go to.

That night, the two stood nestled next to the seawall, quietly watching the sea fall into the darkness.

At this time, Chen Mo's face is unusually relaxed, this period of time, every day is reading, research, pressed too much. When he was with Little Fisherman, it made his head that tightness dare to disappear completely.

Looking at Xiaoyu's smile, Chen Mo's heart has a sense of satisfaction. Thinking back to meeting and falling in love with Xiaoyu, it was all like a dream.

Suddenly, Chen Mo raised an eyebrow, remembered something, let the small fishery snuggle, secretly took out the phone to look at, eyes became odd.

"It would be nice if this kept going."

"Yes, I thought so too." Chen Mo laughed softly.

"It's you guys?"

A voice appeared, interrupting the two. Chen Mo and Xiao Yu just turned their heads and saw Liang Zhihang holding a camera and looking at the two with a surprised face.

"It's you."

"Yes, it's me."

Liang Zhihang hurriedly shook hands with Chen Mo.

"What a coincidence, the last time you guys submitted that group of photos, it has been shortlisted. This is my first time to be shortlisted in a national photography competition. I washed out that photo, it's my best work in so many years. I just brought it with me, so I'll give you one."

Liang Zhihang took out a photo album from his backpack and pulled out a photo in the album and handed it to the two.

"Thanks." Chen Mo took the photo from Liang Zhihang and nodded his head to thank him.

"You're welcome, I should be the one to thank you. Just happened to run into each other, didn't mean to leave you guys alone, contact you later, bye."

After saying that, Liang Zhihang smiled and said goodbye, turning to leave.

"You put it in your bag. This photo should be treasured." Chen Mo handed the photo to Xiao Yu.

Seeing the scene when they kissed framed in the photo, Xiaoyu's face blushed slightly. Although her cell phone desktop is also this kind of photo, but now remember the mood at that time, but still some shy.

Just put the photo of the small fishery, feel a little wrong, just looked up, saw Chen Mo is bad smile staring at her.

Oooh ......

After a slight struggle, Xiaoyu resigned herself to her fate and her body went limp in Chen Mo's arms.

Only after a minute did Chen Mo let go.

"Satisfied? Just know how to bully me."

Xiaoyu gasped, shyly lying in Chen Mo's arms, just now when the two kissed, there were people walking past this way, now think of it is shy.

This scene seems similar?

Suddenly thought of something, Xiao Yu looked at Chen Mo blinked, woke up, hurriedly took out the phone from the bag.

Seeing the time displayed on the phone, Xiaoyu's face fell. Just like last time, there are still five minutes before the dorm closes, so it's too late to rush back.

Chen Mo laughed freely, took Xiaoyu's hand and walked back towards the night market.

"Where to?"

"To buy clothes."

"Buy clothes for what?"

"You can't even go back, still haven't showered, buy clothes back to change."

"So you deliberately did not tell me the time."

The two voices faded away.

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