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Chapter 21 Open Source?

The company was slowly getting into the right track in Zhao Min's hands. After taking over the company from Chen Mo, she started to gather some of the former capable employees.

Together with some newly recruited employees, in just ten days, the company could already barely maintain its operation.

Zhao Min sat in her office position, carefully looking at the documents in her hands. Opposite her was a woman with a pretty face and wearing professional formal wear.

"Xiaoli, you go and inform Director Li that there will be more recruitments at the job fairs of major universities, but they must be strictly in accordance with the company's hiring standards."

Zhao Min handed the document in her hand back to the female white collar: "Also, the company is still rather tight on personnel, so you can help out in the administrative system for now."

"Okay, president." Xiao Li took the documents and left the office.

Only when Xiao Li left did Zhao Min rub her brow and pick up the tea cup next to her and take a sip.

The company had just started, and now there were many troublesome things to deal with.

Chen Mo, the chairman of the board, did not care about anything at all and left all the things to her to handle.

Zhao Min is painful and happy, now there is a lot of work, but now the company affairs she said, no longer have the previous hands tied.

Knock, knock, knock!

Not long after, a knock on the door sounded, and Chen Mo walked into the office carrying a backpack and a document.

"It's rare, Chairman."

Seeing Chen Mo, a look of surprise clearly flashed in Zhao Min's eyes.

When the company leased the office address, Chen Mo came once, and in the past few days, Chen Mo was not even seen, and both of them were contacted by mobile phone, but unexpectedly today, Chen Mo actually came over in person.

"Is the company very busy?"

As soon as Chen Mo came in, he put the documents and information in his hand in front of Zhao Min.

"Nonsense, just started, the company is short of manpower. The company's data center, servers, recruiters, do you think everyone is as idle as you? Now is preparing to go to major universities, recruiting fresh graduates." Zhao Min took the information Chen Mo handed over and flipped through it a few times.

"The conscience of heaven and earth, I am not idle, I am getting the second product." Chen Mo said.

As soon as Chen Mo's words fell, Zhao Min immediately raised his spirits.

"When will it be finished? The cell phone system, for the time being, cannot be released out, the company's volume is not enough and there is a serious shortage of talents, releasing it, it will be easily targeted. If there are other products, they can be released first, and when the company gets a firm foothold, once the cell phone system comes out, it can soar to the sky."

"It's the same as what I thought, so I'm catching up these days, and writing out the second product."

"What is the second product?" Zhao Min asked.

"An office software." Chen Mo put a U disk in front of Zhao Min: "It's all finished, the function is similar to WPS and office, with an extra simple picture processing function, the information is all inside."

During this period of time, Chen Mo was hiding every day to knock the code of the office software and design the interface, fortunately it was only copied, otherwise it would be a bit troublesome for him to design all the interface by himself.

"Really?" Zhao Min asked with some disbelief.

"This is my company, is there any money to get for lying to you?"

Chen Mo gave Zhao Min's reaction a laugh, inserted the U disk into Zhao Min's office computer, and directly occupied her place.

It didn't take long for a software to appear on the desktop, and the icon was a cartoon ant.

"Ant Office?"

Zhao Min took a look at the icon, lit up, and clicked on the software.

The office software is similar to WPS, but only the difference in the interface, more functions than WPS. PDF and other format conversion are available. There is also an additional image processing function, quite a simplified version of PS, a little more than the beauty function, this function makes people bright.

The layout of the interface makes it very comfortable to look at, and people who have used WPS or office, are very easy to get started.

"This is what you got out?" Zhao Min pointed at the computer and said.

"Yes, praise me quickly."

Shakaaka ......

Zhao Min opened the drawer a messy rummage, see Chen Mo blinked: "What are you doing?"

"Looking for scissors."

"What are you looking for scissors for?"

"To praise you ah."

Chen Mo was so scared that his sweat hair stood up: "Calm down! You don't have to be so excited even if you don't praise?"

"Did you really research this thing?" Zhao Min was still a bit unconvinced.

"No need to be startled, there will definitely be more than these products in the future." Chen Mo said.

"Talking about business, now report to you about the company's work and expenses." Zhao Min also sat down on the sofa in the office.

"No need, I trust you." Chen Mo said, "You are in charge of the company's affairs."

"These words are really touching, aren't you afraid that your girlfriend will know that her boyfriend says such things to another woman?" Zhao Min smiled and said

"It's okay for her to know. I'm here this time, not to listen to your report, but to send you products."

Chen Mo pointed to the USB flash drive on the table.

"This office software, has matured, there are two versions inside for PC and cell phone mobile, the key is to see how you promote it. It is good to take this time to make the company stable and pave the way for the mobile system release."

"About the marching ant system, I have commissioned an agency and applied for an international patent. Do you choose to license it, or enter the cell phone market, or open source?"

"Not open." Chen Mo said.

The umbrella company opened the source code of the Android system, which was now losing control of the Android system because of the open source agreement. Domestic cell phone manufacturers have been constantly optimizing based on Android, and the umbrella company has named third-party custom systems such as the rice system, which is jeopardizing the Android ecology.

Seeing that Apple is making a lot of money on a plate because of the Apple system, the umbrella company is now updating the Android system and is gradually tightening its grip on the Android system.

The latest updated version of Android has integrated the fragmented system for strict modularity. It is to gradually take back the control of the Android system.

If the marching ant system is also open source, with the unique architecture of the marching ant system, it will surely attract the interest of developers. Even develop computer operating systems based on the marching ant system.

Once the marching ant ecology is dispersed, even if it beats Android, it will definitely be troublesome to recover it in the future. So Chen Mo didn't think about open source.

"Then enter the cell phone market." Zhao Min said, "Our cell phone system, which is better than Apple's system, has some advantages by entering the cell phone market with high matching and low price."

"OK." Chen Mo thought for a moment and said, "The phone design thing, leave it to me."

"Can you do it?" Zhao Min looked at Chen Mo with disbelief.

"Can a man say no?"

"This is really hard to say, after all, you are the little brother." Zhao Min said playfully.

Chen Mo's head was full of black lines, he was sure that Zhao Min was definitely doing it on purpose.

"Since you said you can, then the cell phone design, I'll leave it to you, I need to recruit people, the company is still too small, there is not too much talent." Without waiting for Chen Mo to speak, Zhao Min said.

After Zhao Min worked on the company's affairs, Chen Mo went back towards the school alone.

To Zhao Min, he was very relieved. Since Zhao Min was willing to help him manage the company, he would naturally trust Zhao Min one hundred percent.

All the way back to the library.

Xiao Yu was already sitting inside the library, it was not long before the accountant exam, and Xiao Yu would come here every day when she had time.

After strolling around the bookshelves for a while, Chen Mo held a pile of books on telecommunications and sat down beside Xiao Yu.

"Here you go."

Only after Chen Mo sat down did Little Fishery raise her head and smile sweetly at him.

"Here to keep my girlfriend company." Chen Mo laughed.

"Sorry, I have to prepare for the accountant title exam during this period of time, so I don't have much time to accompany you." Xiao Yu looked at Chen Mo with some apologetic eyes.

"Say sorry to me, why don't you take some practical action." Chen Mo attached to her ear and said.

"Sit properly, this is a library." Little Fishery blushed and cried, "I'll give you a surprise after this period."

"Really? What kind of surprise?"

"You'll know by then." Xiaoyu glanced at the books on Chen Mo's desk: "You were reading books on physics last time, how come you're reading telecommunications now?"

"Learn to repair your computer."

Once the mention of repairing the computer, small fishery gently smiled. The last time the computer virus thing, make such a big oops, now think about it is funny.

After chatting in a low voice, Chen Mo put his eyes on the book. Xiaoyu stared at Chen Mo's focused side face, and her eyes became gentle.

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