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Chapter 2: Low-level human potential development techniques (New book for collection and recommendat

Chen Mo then placed his eyes on the dark red book on the table and walked over to gently flip it open.

Sure enough!

The dark red book has been able to open the second page, just before the signature, the book can not be turned.

Seeing the book, Chen Mo's gaze stared.

Each page, there is a simple introduction of a technology, looking at Chen Mo dazzling.

Computer virus killer code", belongs to the field: computer, permission level: trainee; product description: check and kill most computer viruses, malicious codes, malicious programs.

Soft ceramic material formula and process", belongs to the field: chemistry, physics, permission level: trainee; product introduction: lightweight non-conductive, high temperature resistant, with a certain ductility of ceramic materials, suitable for ordinary car shell, cell phone shell, computer shell, etc..

Beauty** Formulation", belongs to the field: biology, chemistry, authority level: trainee; product introduction: external use, skin whitening, applicable to the field of cosmetics, available for pregnant women, not edible.

Low-level lithium battery technology", belongs to the field: physics, chemistry, permission level: trainee; product introduction: a common lithium-ion rechargeable battery.


Dense variety of technology, involving various fields, just the permission level, are trainee, simply can not see the higher permission technology.

Even so, already enough shock. This technology is enough to renovate the world's technology and technology once.

Seeing so many technologies, Chen Mo was torn as to which one to choose.

Any kind here can bring him a lot of wealth. There are too many dishes, instead of knowing which plate to eat.

"Elder Shu, do you have any suggestions?" Chen Mo looked at Elder Shu.

"Let me give you advice?" Shu Lao said, "Many of the techniques here can bring you wealth, right?"

"Yes, a lot of wealth." Chen Mo nodded his head.

"Do you think that money is important or your body is important?" Shu Lao asked again.

"The body." Chen Mo answered without hesitation.

If you have more money, without a healthy body, everything is just a passing cloud. This truth, everyone knows.

"Shu Lao, you won't tell me not to choose and let me go out for a run to exercise, right?"

"Hahahaha ...... you talk a little funny." Shu Lao laughed: "I ask it this way, take out a technology out and release it to the market, such as this lithium battery technology, you have not studied it, right? Suddenly released out, people ask you how the technology came, how do you say? Stolen?"

Shu Lao's words made Chen Mo nod slightly.

"There is also the sinister heart, if you take the technology out, others will block it and steal it. In turn, say you stole the technology, what do you do? You are an ordinary person with no power and no influence, can you keep it?" Shu Lao said.

"No way."

Chen Mo shook his head, he really does not doubt Shu Lao's words, life is sometimes more bloodthirsty than the drama.

"So, bide your time, build up your strength." Shu Lao said: "This should be your country's cultural precipitation, right?"

"So what should I do? How should I choose?" Chen Mo asked.

"Two ways, first, you choose a technology that can make money, do not release it in a short period of time, learn this area of technology, themselves precipitated for a period of time, and then find the opportunity to release it. Second, you choose a technology that you can use now."

"Which one can be used?" Chen Mo flipped through the books, his face depressed, too many techniques, many similar ones, he simply did not know which one was the best.

"The one that is good for the body." Shu Lao said mysteriously, "Choose the biological type of technology and take a look, there is a book 'Low Level Human Potential Development Technology'."

Following Elder Shu's guidance, Chen Mo quickly flipped to the catalog of the biological category and found the technology Elder Shu mentioned.

Low-level Human Potential Development Technology"; belonging to the field: biological; authority level: trainee; product description: develop the basic human potential, improve human vitality, immunity, strength, agility, endurance, toughness.

"I don't need to tell you about human potential development, right? The most advanced version of this technology, to the most powerful, can develop the maximum potential of the human body, with superpowers. The most powerful people, capable of destroying planets, even more terrifying." Shu Lao said.

"Hiss ......" Chen Mo's eyes rounded, stunned by Shu Lao's words: "Isn't that a bit divine?"

"Not divine, travel through space, immortality, flying to the sky and disappearing to the earth, moving mountains and reclamation. These myths and legends, science can be realized."

Shu Lao looked into the deepest part of the library, his gaze profound.

"The supreme realm of science is theology."

"In the science and technology library, are there these techniques?" Chen Mo swept through the bookshelves with a frenzy in his eyes. These things are almost dreamed of in life, otherwise history would not have so many myths.

Myths, that is, humans' desire for immortality and power, are made up.

"Yes." Shu Lao nodded: "You want to take it, you must have the highest authority of the science and technology library. But you don't have to think about it for now, I'm just drawing you a pie. Those things are still more than a hundred thousand miles away from you. Think about your current situation. The Low Level Human Potential Development Technique, this is something you can immediately put to use now."

Chen Mo thought for a moment, as Shu Lao said, this potential development technique, indeed, was the book he could put to the most use at the moment.

Develop the body potential, learn a little martial arts, and do not have to be in the library, like in the library, and end up being knocked out by the shelves of books.

It's not always as lucky as this time when a hero saves the day.

"Just pick it."

"Are you sure?" Shu Lao said.

"Sure, the body is the root well." Chen Mo said, "Money-making techniques sooner or later, there is no rush."

Shu Lao nodded with satisfaction, his palm opened five fingers wide, a light fell from above the library, a book, appeared in his hand.

The book emitted a shimmering light, somewhat like a holographic projection.

Shu Lao put the book in his hand and gently tapped it on Chen Mo's head. Chen Mo's head shook, and a vast amount of information surfaced in his mind, etched in his memory.

"After this time, do I have to take the technique next month?" Chen Mo asked while thinking about the human potential development technology he got.

"Not necessarily. You go out and learn books on science and technology, technology. For every 100 books you learn, you can take one technology. Keep going until you've read enough books for 1,000, then you can move up to the next permission level." Shu Lao said.

"1000 books?" Chen Mo almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

What is the concept of 1000 books of science and technology? The average person can't even read 200 books in a lifetime. 1000 books? Isn't that a death sentence?

"Will it be a bit difficult to upgrade the conditions?"

"It's not as hard as you think, your head now, different from normal people, is considered a super brain. Technology library, is not for you to sit and eat. You have to keep forging ahead to learn in order to have higher authority." Shu Lao said in a serious tone.

"Understood." Chen Mo nodded heavily.

"Well, you've been in a coma for a while, it's time to go out. A long time in a coma is not good for your health." Shu Lao said, "You can come in later, turn the book, and I will come out."

"How do I get out?" Chen Mo looked around and didn't see an exit.

"Close the book." Shu Lao pointed to the dark red book and said.

Chen Mo reached out and closed the dark red book, and Shu Lao's body slowly disappeared. In the center of the library, in front of the table, a three-meter high door emitting golden light emerged.

A black vortex hovered in the middle of the door, with stars spinning blue light, a bit like the space-time portal in science fiction movies. Chen Mo walked next to the door, looked back at the library, and stepped into the golden door.

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