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Chapter 18: Wanting your people

Chen Mo stopped walking, just turned around and saw a woman walking towards him, secretly sending a sigh of relief, he thought it was the agency that female salesman chased out.

The woman with shoulder-length green hair looked lean and capable, powerful, dressed similarly to a strong woman in the workplace. But Chen Mo can be sure that he does not know this woman.

But this beauty he looked a little familiar, forget where he had seen?

He could not forget the skill, if he had seen it head-on, like this kind of competent short-haired beauty, definitely have an impression.

Probably just from a glance in the crowd.

"Calling me?"

Chen Mo looked left and right and found no one around before he was sure the other party was calling him.

"It's you."

Zhao Min stopped in front of him and looked him up and down. Just now she only saw Chen Mo's back, but now that she saw the front, the more familiar she looked, the more the two figures overlapped together, and she was already sure.

"You are the young man who saved the baby in the shopping street half a month ago?" Zhao Min said with certainty.

"Eh? Something happened?" Chen Mo didn't deny it.

At first it was quite a big deal, the news were on the hot search, and there were quite a few people looking for him and Xiaoyu as a couple. Because the light was bad at the time, the photos on the Internet could not see the front face clearly.

Later the news of a celebrity cheating broke out, the heat of the matter was only covered over and his life was not disturbed.

He didn't expect anyone would still remember and actually recognize him.

"I was at the scene that night, and it was my bag that the thug grabbed." Zhao Min said.

At that time when Chen Mo jumped out to save that baby girl, her heart almost jumped out of her chest. She was very impressed with Chen Mo's kind of agile hands.

"Let's have a meal together, I'll treat you, as a small thanks."

"It's not me who snatched back the bag for you."

"You saved someone, all the same. It's rare to meet again by chance, let's have something to eat together, as a small thank you."

Zhao Min sized up Chen Mo, this young man, who didn't look like an ordinary person, with that depth and confidence in his eyes, was very attractive.

"OK." Chen Mo said without hesitation.

There is a free dinner, not to eat is a son of a bitch, or a beautiful woman please.

On the way, Zhao Min was sizing up this 'big boy' who looked several years younger than her, and seemed to be curious about Chen Mo.

"My name is Zhao Min, the Zhao Min of Zhang Wuji, may I ask your first name? Little hero." Zhao Min broke the silence, when Chen Mo's rescue act gave her a good first impression.

"Uh? My name is Chen Mo." Chen Mo rubbed his nose: "Little hero wouldn't dare to be."

"Where are you currently working?"

"No job."

"You don't look like a jobless person? Do you want me to introduce a job to you." Zhao Min said.

"No, ready to start a business."

Chen Mo smiled at Zhao Min and turned his gaze to the vehicles flowing like water on the roadside.

"Starting a business? It's not bad to start a business now. What line of work are you going to do? I've managed companies, so I might be able to give you a little advice. When there is a suitable opportunity, I can introduce some partners to you."

Zhao Min had a good impression of Chen Mo, if she could help him a bit, she wouldn't be stingy.

"High-tech products and technology development."

Seeing that Zhao Min was so enthusiastic, Chen Mo didn't hide anything.

"High-tech products? Technology research and development?"

Zhao Min looked at Chen Mo in surprise, looked up at the roadside restaurant, and led him in.

"The field of technology, for novice entrepreneurs, is the most difficult field to enter, you choose this field, have enough capital technology, or R&D team?"

Zhao Min chose a window seat, and Chen Mo also sat down opposite her.

"The capital is there, the product is there, there is no team, and the company has just been registered."

Chen Mo said while picking up the menu and flipping it open, casually ordered a few dishes that could be full, and casually handed it to the waiter.

Two people chatting, also counted as a preliminary acquaintance, the topic let go a lot.

Zhao Min has a very good impression of Chen Mo, so take the initiative a little. A young man risked his life to save others, she would not mind returning him if she could help.

"Don't focus on me, what are you currently doing?" Chen Mo turned the topic to Zhao Min.

"Former vice president of Manpower Group Greater China, now resigned and currently unemployed."

Chen Mo looked at Zhao Min in surprise, quickly took out his phone to search, and showed a happy smile after seeing her information and photo.

He was now lacking someone who was capable and would manage the company. This is simply the pillow that the heavens saw him about to doze off and gave him.

At this moment, Chen Mo stared at Zhao Min, just like a wolf seeing meat, his gaze thief bright.

"I have a bold idea."

Chen Mo cleared his throat that was choked, after talking so much, he also let go of quite a lot, at least not as restrained as at the beginning.

"Tell me?"

"I want you to ......"

"I have no idea about the penis." Zhao Min looked at Chen Mo and smiled gently.

"I'm not finished yet, I want you to help me manage the company, the company was registered successfully and just want to find a manager. We also have a destiny, let's obey God's arrangement."

Zhao Min is a senior talent, graduated with a master's degree in business administration, and served as the vice president of Manpower Group China for two years, such a good opportunity, he definitely will not let go.

"The idea is quite bold, trying to take advantage of an empty glove." Zhao Min looked at Chen Mo with a faint smile: "What is the name of your company? How many personnel? What are the products? How much capital?"

"The company has just been successfully registered ......"

"Little brother, although my sister thanks you for seeing the righteousness, but my sister does not have the leisure time to accompany you to start your own business."

"Remove the word 'little'." Chen Mo's face depressed: "Funding products are available, just let you help me recruit personnel and manage the company. Of course, the salary will not be less for you."

"How much money? Little brother." Zhao Min grabbed the boiling water on the table and said playfully.

"Where am I small?" The veins on Chen Mo's forehead jumped: "The funds are so tens of millions ......"

"What? Ahem ......"

Zhao Min was drinking water, and ended up choking and coughing desperately.

Seeing her appearance, Chen Mo was in a cheerful mood and casually handed her the tissue on the desktop.

"Do you brag without a draft?"

"Look at this." Chen Mo put the bank balance information in front of Zhao Min.

"You robbed . Robbed? Little brother."

Seeing the numbers on it, Zhao Min's eyes carried a strong surprise, not seeing that Chen Mo was still a little tycoon.

"And a little brother?" Black lines sprouted from Chen Mo's head, "This is the legal income after paying taxes."

"My salary is very high, if you're a dude taking your parents' money out to play, it's better to go home and eat and drink."

"Have you ever seen such a handsome dude?"

Zhao Min laughed, this Chen Mo is a bit interesting: "Then you say there are products, what is it?"

"A freshly baked smartphone operating system."

"You find you have two advantages, in addition to doing good deeds without leaving a name, you can also tell lies without blushing." Zhao Min laughed.

"If you don't believe me, we can make a bet on whether I really have a smartphone operating system."

"What's the bet?"


"To have my wealth, or my sex." Zhao Min said teasingly.

"To have your person."

Chen Mo ignored Zhao Min's flirtation and took out the successfully flashed Huawei phone and put it in front of Zhao Min.

"This contains the new system I developed, you can get a professional to verify it. If it's a new system, you join my company and help me manage it. If not, this phone is considered the price of a joke."

Zhao Min looked at Chen Mo with a faint smile.

Chen Mo's calm and confident appearance made her start to hesitate. Chen Mo did not look like he was lying, and lying at this time would not do him any good.

"If it's true, it's okay to join you, maybe I can become the richest woman in the future, right?"

Zhao Min picked up her phone and took a look at it, and to her surprise, it was indeed not Android.

Although she didn't know much about technology, she had changed many Android phones, and this kind of operating interface was definitely not Android, nor was it the system that came with Huawei.

But do not exclude, this is a copycat machine. But to Chen Mo's words, she already believed three points.

Zhao Min put the phone away and redirected her gaze to Chen Mo: "What is the name of your company?"

"Marching Ants, a marching ant that just came out of its nest."

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