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Chapter 15 Bad News

Seeing Chen Mo about to be hit by a car, the crowd resounded with screams. Those who were on the sidelines, hastily covered their eyes, not daring to look directly.

The sound of tires scraping against the ground resounded in everyone's mind. The car did not stop until more than ten meters away, the crowd was dead silent.

The young woman looked blankly at the empty road, eyes rolled over and fainted on the ground.

Little fisherman dumbfounded, Chen Mo jumped out of that scene, replayed in the mind. Looking at the dead and empty road, her face was tinged with fear and tears kept pouring out.

"Chen Mo, Chen Mo."

With panic and fear in her voice, Xiaoyu rushed out despite everything.

Just as she ran to the road, Xiaoyu felt her body tighten and crashed into an embrace. The familiar scent that penetrated the tip of the nose, small fishery froze. Looking up and seeing a familiar face, she couldn't stop the tears, crying and laughing, and finally buried her head into his shoulder.

"Don't cry." Chen Mo comforted Little Fishery.

Potential development, so that his body has a strong explosive power and speed, just now in the nick of time, with that explosive power, only to dodge the car. At that time, he felt the car brushed by, he was scared out of a cold sweat.

Seeing Chen Mo appear, the crowd thundered with joy.

"Don't cry, look at this little guy are laughing at you." Chen Mo patted Xiao Yu's shoulder and put the baby in his arms in front of her.

The baby is now opening its pure eyes and smiling towards Xiao Yu. Seeing the baby's happy appearance, Little Fishery also broke into tears and smiled.

"The thug is caught."

A cheer rang out from the crowd, several men, carrying a man thrown back to the ground, hands and feet were tied with a belt, at this time, nose and face, the bag is still hanging on his body.

"This woman has fainted, who is the doctor here?"

There was a cry that drew the attention of the crowd, and by now the mother of the baby, had fallen to the ground.

"I am."

A middle-aged man with glasses came out and pressed a few times in the woman's person. It didn't take long for the woman to wake up.

"My child, my child." The woman's voice was tinged with fear as she looked around.

"Madam, your child." Chen Mo carried the baby back to the woman and put it in her arms.

Seeing the child intact, the woman held on for dear life, crying and laughing.

Amidst the applause of the crowd, a police car stopped at the side of the road. From the time it happened, to the end, no more than five minutes.

The man who intercepted the thugs turned around and walked into the crowd after seeing the police coming. Chen Mo also took Xiaoyu, walked into the crowd and disappeared.

Only when Chen Mo left, the crowd had a lot more attention on them.

Not far from the shopping street is the beach. Little Fishery helped Chen Mo to treat the abrasions on his cheeks and elbows with very gentle movements.

"Poor my handsome face, it's going to turn ugly."

"You're still narcissistic, you almost scared me to death just now." Xiao Yu was slightly angry, with a reproachful tone, but the movements in her hands, still careful.

"The brain is hot, and did not think much about it. At that time she was you, I would not hesitate to jump on."

"You are trying to wait for me for eighteen years are you?"

"I find that you have become humorous."

After the wound was treated, both of them fell into silence. The river breeze blew, making the atmosphere subtle. Chen Mo looked down at her, and Xiao Yu's cheeks immediately turned red and her eyes dodged a bit.

Chen Mo took Xiaoyu's waist and slowly lowered his head.

Xiao Yu's eyes were tightly closed, as if resigned to her fate, and her long eyelashes were trembling faintly. She knows what will happen next, her body is a little tense.

The lips came warm and soft, the shellfish teeth were softly pried open, and the strange sensation coming from the tip of her tongue caused a strange feeling to bubble up in her heart, her face turned redder, and her body pressed against Chen Mo.

The first kiss that was cherished for more than twenty years was finally dedicated to this somewhat narcissistic bastard.

The feeling of joy and happiness filled her body and mind, making Xiao Yu start to slowly cater to Chen Mo. Her movements slowly became natural from the beginning of the rusty.

The night and lights are mapped out, the sound of stray singers playing by the river echoes the sound of the river flowing by, and the river breeze blows Xiaoyu's skirt and hair, raising it slightly. Cruise ships on the sea, sparkling waves, the seaside colorful neon lights make up a beautiful picture.

After a minute, Chen Mo let go of Xiaoyu. The distance between the two hearts, with this kiss, completely open to each other.

"Perfect, perfect, too perfect."

Before the two people could return to their senses, an awe-inspiring voice interrupted their warmth. The two gazed in dismay and turned to the source of the voice.

"It's so perfect." A photographer, holding a camera, walked towards the two excitedly, "Hello, my name is Liang Zhihang, I'm a photography enthusiast."

"Uh? Hello, my name is Chen Mo." Seeing the other party introduce himself, Chen Mo politely returned the question.

"I came to the beach to look for inspiration for my work, and I happened to run into you guys and captured the image of you kissing just now. It's so perfect that I'm going to use this set of photos just now to submit them for the national photography contest, and I hope to ask for your permission."

Liang Zhihang excitedly opened the camera in his hand and showed the photos he had just taken to Chen Mo.

Xiao Yu didn't expect to be photographed while kissing just now, she shyly hid behind Chen Mo, wanting to find a crack to burrow down, it was her first kiss.

"I just had a flash of light, this set of photos, the name is called "Night Light""

Liang Zhihang's face was excited, completely unaware of the two people's strange appearance.

Just now the natural movements of the two people, and that indescribable feeling, it is impossible to show the posed photo. That kiss, which showed all the love of both sides to the fullest, reflecting the night color of the Shanghai scenery, was simply perfect.

Seeing the photo, Chen Mo's eyes lit up, it was indeed very beautiful.

"It is quite beautiful." Chen Mo said.

Chen Mo just finished speaking, he felt a slight pain in his waist, Xiao Yu had buried his face behind his back, his fingers pinching the flesh of his waist.

Liang Zhihang had a joyful look on his face, "This instantly gave me the inspiration to write a poem."

This was the most perfect work among all his works.

"If you send us the photo, we can agree that you can enter with it." Chen Mo looked at the photo and said.

"Okay, I'll add you to WeChat, and I'll send you the photos after I sort them out." Liang Zhihang immediately agreed and took out his phone to add Chen Mo's WeChat.

After Liang Zhihang left, Xiaoyu's face was still flushed and she snuggled into Chen Mo's body.

"Why did you promise him that you would let him take the photo to the competition?"

"That was an artistic creation of his, a rare inspiration. Besides, he helped us frame that important moment in the photo, and I'll take that photo as the theme of my phone later. Come on, one more time."

Xiaoyu shyly lowered her head and did not resist.

The two looked at the beauty of the seashore and wandered around the seawall. What happened just now had long been left behind by the two. This was the first real date, a little flawed, yet more perfect.

The happy time was short, and when Chen Mo took out his phone again to check the time, his face became odd.

"What's wrong?"

"I have to tell you the bad news, it's already 11:30, the dormitory is closed, you can't go back tonight." Chen Mo laughed.

"I don't feel like it's much longer." Xiaoyu grabbed the phone incredulously, "Then what should we do?"

"Two choices, go to a hotel for the night, or go to my rented room." Chen Mo laughed freely.

"You did it on purpose." Xiaoyu blushed and pinched the flesh of Chen Mo's waist.

"I sent four, absolutely not." Chen Mo sucked back a cold breath and held up four fingers.

"Not going to the hotel."

"Then come back with me."

Chen Mo took Xiaoyu, found the bike, and rushed back toward the rental house.

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