Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 87

Song Yunying knows that Song Yunjia dislikes Xue Tao, because he is a playboy. Even Song Yunqiang dislikes him either, considering Xue Tao as a good-for-nothing.

But it was until she got married that she finally realized that her elder sister and elder brother were very disdainful of Xue Tao.

However, despite her older brother and older sister disdaining Xue Tao, Xue Tao is already her husband.

He is the one she has made up her mind to live with.

Since Xue Tao is already her man, she will help him.

She walks to the end of the corridor, stands by the window and presses the answering key.

"Has your old father already kicked the bucket?"

Song Yunying frowns: "A Tao, my father’s condition has worsened. He is still alive."

Xue Tao is at a rather noisy place. There is even the woman's laughter coming from the phone.

She feels unhappy about that. But Xue Tao continues to say: "Although your father is not dead now, he will not last for a few days. Take a good look at your father's will, lest the old man only give you a tiny part of the estate."

"I have already seen the will with my older brother and older sister. He will give 35 percent of his share to my brother and sister respectively. I will get 20 percent while Yunxuan will get 10 percent."

Xue Tao becomes sarcastic: "It is unfair for the old man to divide the estate in this way. You will only get 20 percent. Are you his biological daughter?"

"A Tao, I have already got married to you.20 percent is quite a lot."

"What does the old man mean to give your brother and sister 35 percent respectively? Does he want them to compete with each other?"

"A Tao, this is my father's decision. I can get 20 percent of the share, while Yunxuan will only get 10 percent of it."

"Song Yunxuan this little bitch has no place in the Song Family. You are the daughter of Song Yan who was raised in the Song Family. How can you compare yourself with her?"

Xue Tao calls Song Yunxuan’s names with foul language.

The sound of him in the microphone even spreads around.

Song Yunying looks pale. She gradually feels that her father really gives her too little estate.

They are both his daughters. Why Song Yunjia can get more?

Her brows knit tightly. Listening to the voice on the phone, she is lost in thought.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang, standing in the distance to see Song Yunying, watch her answering the phone.

Song Yunqiang wears a woebegone look: “Xue Tao has barely seen our Dad since he married Yunying.”

Song Yunjia sneers: "It is not surprising at all. He is Xue Tao, the dregs of the society. Do you still expect him to do anything good?"

Xue Tao, a man who is notoriously useless in Yuncheng, relying on the wealth of Xue Family, lives a dissipated life. He has had affairs with a lot of women.

"Yunying is so unreasonable. There are a lot of men she can marry. How has she fallen in love with Xue Tao?" Song Yunqiang says with pity for Song Yunying.

However, if Song Yunqiang knows at the moment that Song Yunying is not pregnant with Xue Tao’s child, he will not think that Song Yunying is blinded by love.

Song Yunying is not only sensible, but also smart.

Song Yunjia puts her hands in the pocket of her white coat and takes a glance at Song Yunying who is answering the phone. Her voice is so cold that it seems she is talking about some irrelevant things: "We shouldn't blame Xue Tao for being bad for Yunying. Yunying herself is eager to get married to Xue Tao and to become a member of Xue Family. That is why she has been treated badly in Xue Family.”

Song Yunqiang sighs and turns to see the ward where his father is being rescued.

Song Yunying has been talking on the phone for a long time. To kill time, Song Yunqiang chats with Song Yunjia casually.

"I heard that Gu Changle had a car accident a few days ago?"

"Yes, but she is ok. She was just shocked badly."

"After changing her heart, she is still so easy to be shocked?"

Song Yunjia laughs and looks up at Song Yunqiang: "Brother, although Gu Changge is daring, she was dead already. Even her heart is still beating in Gu Changle's chest, Gu Changle is not Gu Changge."

Since Gu Changle is not Gu Changge, how can he expect Gu Changle to have the courage of Gu Changge?

Song Yunqiang nods: "Gu Changle's personality is much worse than Gu Changge’s."

"There is no blood relationship between them after all." Song Yunjia is not surprised at all.

Half an hour passes.

Song Yunxuan, who is very nervous, hurriedly runs up along the stairs, with a layer of sweat on her forehead.

Song Yunqiang seeing her running over, moves forward to greet her: "There is an elevator. Why did you climb the stairs?"

Song Yunxuan doesn’t have time to wipe the sweat on her head. She takes a glance at her brother then wants to see Dad: "Where is Dad? How is he?"

Seeing that she is anxious, Song Yunqiang reaches out to grab her shoulder: "Calm down, Dad is under rescue in the operating room."

"When I saw Dad this morning, he was still fine. How come he came to the hospital?" Song Yunxuan’s fingers clutch Song Yunqiang’s sleeves, and her voice is accompanied by a sobbing tone.

Seeing that she is going to cry, Song Yunqiang’s voice softens: "Well, don't cry, Dad will be ok."

"But..." The tears in Song Yunxuan's eyes fall down at last. The teardrops hang on her fair cheeks. The black eyes of her grow misty, which makes her looks more fragile. "But what happened to Dad after all?"

Seeing Song Yunxuan crying while being supported by Song Yunqiang, Song Yunjia feels nothing at all. She only looks at her coldly then she finds herself a chair outside the operating room to sit down and wait.

Song Yunying seeing Song Yunxuan come, steps forward quickly: "Yunxuan, here you are."


Song Yunxuan loosens Song Yunqiang’s hand to catch Song Yunying's.

Song Yunying holds her hands and when she sees her crying, she is surprised.

She didn’t expect that Yunxuan would shed tears for their old father.

Song Yan has four children in his life, but he is not close to them as it should be.

Although he is now under rescue in the operating room, her three children haven’t shed a drop of tear when waiting outside the operating room.

Song Yunxuan is crying in a low voice. Song Yunying pats her back to calm her down: “Yunxuan, don’t cry, our Dad will be fine. It’s just that his cancer cells have spread to...”


Song Yunqiang’s coughing sound suddenly interrupts Song Yunying. Song Yunying stops talking.

Song Yunxuan looks up at Song Yunying with tears in her eyes, waiting Song Yunying to finish her words.

Song Yunying immediately turns back and swallows down the words she was going to say. She provokes another topic: "Look, the surgical light is off."

As expected, Song Yunxuan is distracted. She turns to look at the door of the operating room.

The surgical light outside the operating room is off.

Song Yunying lets Song Yunxuan go and walks forward with Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang.

A male doctor with a mask comes out of the operating room.

The doctor is about 1.9 meter tall. When they surround him, he takes off the mask on his faces and says: "Are you patient's family members?"

Song Yunjia has an acquaintance with the doctor. Hearing his programmatic questioning, she feels impatient. She asks directly: "Ning Yuan, they are my brother and sister. Don’t beat around the bush, please tell me about my father’s condition."

Ning Yuan takes a quick glance at Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying. He says routinely: “The patient is now awake after the rescue, but his condition is not optimistic. Come to the office with me, I will tell you the specific situation.”

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying follow him closely.

Ning Yuan goes forward, followed by three people.

Song Yunxuan stands in the distance and watches Ning Yuan go forward. She feels that she has met the doctor before.

With tear in her eyes, she watches Ning Yuan walk pass her.

Just as she tries to remember where she has seen the doctor, Ning Yuan suddenly stops and turns to ask her: "You are also the patient's family member, right? Come over together."

Song Yunxuan, called by him, looks up and meets his sight.

There is basically no expression on Ning Yuan’s face. After saying this, he turns back and continues to move forward.

Song Yunxuan walks fast to follow them. But she is stopped by Song Yunjia when she arrives at the door of Ning Yuan’s office: "Ning Yuan's office is too small. You can wait outside for a while."

"But I also want to know father's condition."

Song Yunjia seeing Song Yunxuan really want to go in, smiles faintly: "You wait outside. I will tell you what the doctor says later."

Song Yunxuan wants to follow her, but the wooden door closes before her.

Song Yunjia shuts her out of the door, just like guarding an outsider.

Standing outside the room and looking at the closed door, she does not move for a long time.

The passing by nurses see this scene and feel sorry for Song Yunxuan.

"I can't think of that Song Yan’s youngest daughter is actually blocked outside the doctor's office when he is badly sick."

"It is director Song who does not allow her sister to go in."

"It's not surprising. I heard that young girl has been sent to Song Family recently. It seems that director Song and her brothers and sisters all reject this girl."

These nurses lower their voices and walk away.

The tears, once blurred Song Yunxuan’s eyes, fade away gradually.

She looks at the closed door, moves a few steps then sits on the chair in the hallway.

In fact, it is unimportant to know what kind of illness Song Yan has. She only needs to know that Song Yan will not live long.

It is probable that Song Yan personally has told her brother and sisters to keep an eye on her, so she doesn’t even know what her father's illness is now.

However, although Song Yan is so shrewd, his children seem to misunderstand his words.

She thinks that the reason why Song Yan wants her children to keep an eye on her is nothing more than fearing that she may annex Song Family after attaching to Chu Family.

It is reasonable for Song Yan to think this way, because he himself knows that although he is the father of Song Yunxuan, he doesn’t treat her well.

He is afraid that Song Yunxuan will hate him because he is partial to his other children, so he tells her eldest son and eldest daughter to keep an eye on her.

What Song Yan thinks is right.

However, although she is Song Yunxuan, she will not hate Song Yan.

Instead, she will be very grateful to him.

She raises her hand to rub her eyes. Her eyes soften, with a touch of light flashing quickly by.

She stands up and walks toward the ICU ward where Song Yan is at.

In Song Yan's attending doctor-Ning Yuan’s office, Ning Yuan put the X perspective film on the light box to let Song Yunjia, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying have a look.

"The patients’ cancer cells have spread all over his body. It is vain to give him another surgery. I hope that you can be mentally prepared."

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