Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 67

When Song Yunxuan arrives at the Xue Family, Song Yunying is listening to music and seems relaxed.

Song Yunqiang comes to talk to her: "Yunying, I come to visit you with Yunxuan."

Taking a look at the servants at home, Song Yunying smiles and welcomes them. “Big brother, it is so kind of you for visiting me when you are so busy.”

Song Yunqiang nods, sits down then looks at Song Yunxuan: "Yunxuan worries that you are in a bad mood, so we come over to accompany you."

Song Yunying has taken her as an eyesore since Song Yunxuan came into the house. But nowshe is not at the Song Family where she grows up but at the Xue Family. Her words and deeds at the Xue Family will be watched by the surrounding servants.

These damn servants will tell her in-laws every bit of her misconduct right away and it willmake her in-laws who are not satisfied with her since she married in get more tired of her.

She is tired at the Xue Family because she must be careful when she makes every move.

However, since she has married, she can’t get divorce.

Otherwise, it is an insult to the Song Family and it will also make a mockery of her.

Seeing that her sister become more considerate at the Xue Family, Song Yunxuan urges her big brother: "Big brother, remember to pick me up at night. Maybe sister will ask me to eat dinner with her, so you don’t need to come too early.”

Song Yunqiang nods and gets up: "I can’t accompany you because I have something to do. You can talk with Yunxuan. Don't bottle everything up inside. It is not good for your health."

Song Yunqiang cares about Song Yunying only because they have grown up together.

Since Song Yunxuan has come already, she can’t drive her away but nod and send her older brother to leave.

Song Yunxuan looks around the inside of the Xue Family after Song Yunqiang leaves: "You are alone at home? Where are uncle Xue and aunt Xue?"

Song Yunying originally wants to say: “Do you think they are as idle as you are?” However, when she is about to say that, she thinks it not appropriate at the Xue Family.

Thus, she says indirectly: "Your brother-in-law has gone on business these days, so they all went to the company."

Hearing that Xue Tao’s parents are not at home, Song Yunxuan feels more at ease and smiles: “Aren’t you joking? I heard from brother yesterday that he met brother-in-law at Sanmentai."

Sanmentai is a business hotel in Yuncheng.It is named Sanmentai because it locates near Sanmentai Mountain.

Everyone in Yuncheng knows that Sanmentai is an entertainment place for playboys. It provides them with one-stop amusement like bathing, massage, drinking, karaoke and mahjong.

Compared to the YuntingYese Bar in the center of Yuncheng, this Sanmentai is even more mysterious.

Talking about Sanmentai, Song Yunying clenches her hands. She looks furious as expected.

Song Yunxuan sighs and puts her hand on the back of Song Yunying's hand: "Sister, don't blame brother-in-law. You know that a man will just regard it as a game and won’t treat it seriously."

Song Yunying does not say a word but gnashes her teeth.


Xue Tao hasn’t touched her from the day she got married, not to mention sleeping with her.

She can put up with Xue Tao playing outside. However, he has gone too farduring these days.

In the past, there were a lot of women around Xue Tao. However, within a week, he would get tired of them. Since Zhang Xiao seduced Xue Tao a month ago, Xue Tao is not tired of her until now.

Song Yunying is very annoyed and even begins to wonder if Zhang Xiao will put threat to her status.

Seeing that Song Yunying refuses to take the initiative to say about Xue Tao, Song Yunxuan smiles and asks:“Has my little nephew been naughty recently?"

Song Yunying feels really uncomfortable in the living room. Looking at the smile on Song Yunxuan's face, she suddenly says: "I made a pair of small socks forhim. Come to my room and have a look."

Song Yunxuan supports Song Yunying to stand up: "You are clever and deft, so the things you weaved are definitely good. Let me see."

Song Yunying thinks that Song Yunxuan is also good at pretending to be kind.

They go upstairs like they are really close. When they enter Song Yunying's room, Song Yunying pulls her arm back from her sister’s hands. She is angry: "How can you have time to laugh at me?”

Song Yunxuan closes the door and gently locks it after going inside: "Sister, you have mistaken me as such a bad person. I really just come to visit you."

Song Yunying sneers: "You really come to laugh at me."

Song Yunxuan walks around Song Yunying's bedroom and opens curtains of the bedroom, letting the sun shine into the room: "Even if you sleep alone, you don't have to make the curtains close all day. You need the ability to keep the family scandal from being known by others."

As soon as she finishes, Song Yunying is so angry that she stares at her: "What the hell are you doing here!"

Song Yunxuan turns to look at her sister and her smile disappears: "Sister, your mother went abroad after you got married. And she hasn't come back to see you until now. You feel lonely, right?”

Song Yunying bites her lips without saying a word. What Song Yunxuan said are all right.

At the beginning, she gave Song Yunxuan 80 million RMB. That is all the savings she has with her mother at the Song Family for many years. Although it was not got in a decent way, they depend on it when her mother gets old.

However, it is discovered by Song Yunxuan. So many years has passed, her mother and Song Yan are indifferent to each other. Nowthey have lost 80 million RMB. She is afraid that when the Song Family check the account, they will find something wrong and punish her and her mother.

Therefore, her mother went abroad hastily. She gave her mother all the money she has raised in the Xue Family after she got pregnant.

She is alone at the Xue Family. The only thing that she can rely on is the company controlled by her brother and sister.

But now, the company, her older brother and sister, none of them can’t help her if something happens.

The only one she can rely on is herself.

It is right to say that she is in isolation.

Seeing Song Yunying utter no word, Song Yunxuan turns to look the books about pregnant in her room: “Sister, you are very concerned with this child, right? You bought so many books."

Song Yunying feels that she is weak. She is four months pregnant and it is inconvenient for her to move. She is really careful, lest there is something wrong about the child. Once this child is born, she will have a good supporter at the Xue Family.

She is very angry because Xue Tao has an affair with Zhang Xiao. She has lost her appetite for a few days and she has no one to talk to. What can she do other than reading?

Seeing Song Yunying holding her waist, Song Yunxuan comes to help her solicitously: "Why do you have such a heavy hostility to me? I can’t start my own magazine without your help. Sister, you helped me,so I will help you too."

The last sentence is very subtle.

Song Yunying, supported by her to sit down, looks at her eyes involuntarily: "What do you mean by saying this?"

"I mean its literal meaning."She smiles innocently.

Song Yunying understands her implication. When she wants to pull her hand back, Song Yunying suddenly grabs her hand: "Yunxuan, although we are at odds with each other, we are of the same blood, if you can help me……"

Song Yunxuan raises her hand and puts a finger on Song Yunying’s lips. Her eyes suddenly become a little brighter: “Sister, the idea should be kept in your mind, not in your mouth."

Song Yunying looks at her countenance and is suddenly shocked. Something is spreading gradually in her heart. Song Yunxuan makes her feel a little cold.

"What do you want to do?"

Song Yunxuan shakes her head: "Sister, I don't want to do anything."

"Then why do you…"

Song Yunxuan grabs Song Yunying's hands and looks at the wedding photo hanging over the bed: "Sister, it is normal that there are women fall in love with brother- in-lawbecause he is outstanding. It is not about what I want to do, but what do you want to do?"

Being reminded by Song Yunxuan, Song Yunying frowns: "I am pregnant now, what can I do?"

"How can others help you if you can't help yourself?"


Seeing her being so hesitant, Song Yunxuan smiles: "Sister, no matter what do you want to do, you must have a helper. It is the same for brother-in-law’s affair. When will your in-laws come home to have dinner? I want to have dinner with them."

Song Yunying looks at Song Yunxian’s expression and pauses for a moment before saying, “At five o’clock.”

Song Yunxuan really waits until five o'clock.

At six o'clock, Xue Tao's parents come back from the company by car. Hearing that the youngest daughter of The Song Family has come to visit her sister, they are both surprised.

Song Yunxuan is chatting with Song Yunying. Hearing someone come back, she quickly stands up and says: "Uncle Xue, aunt Xue, you are back."

"This is Yunxuan?" Xue Tao's father points at Song Yunxuan and asks Song Yunying.

Song Yunying nods: "Yes, Dad."

The relationship between the Xue Family and the Song Family is not very close. Although they are relatives, Xue’s parents originally disagreed with Song Yunying marrying into the Xue Family. They are not supposed to treat Song Yunxuan so well.

Seeing Song Yunxuan, they are enthusiastic: "Miss Song is really pretty. No wonder Childe Chu fell in love with Miss Song at the first sight."Xue Tao’s mother takes a look at Song Yunxuan and praises her.

In fact, Song Yunxuan knows very well that the Xue Family always wants to cooperate with Chu’s. But Chu’s is always impersonal and the bid is always fair.

Now, seeing the fiancée of Chu Mochen, they want to know that if this fiancée can help them.

They has been beating about the bush when talking with Song Yunxuan since most of the content is related to Chu’s.

When they are having dinner, Song Yunxuan reaches for foods and the true love ring on her finger shocks them a little.

"Miss Song, is this the ring that Childe Chu gave you?"

Song Yunxuan smiles and says: "Yes. He gave it to amuse me."

She speaks it calmly. However, it startles Xue Tao’s parents.

Ordinary men can only buy one of that kind of ring for a lifetime. He gave her just to amuse her?

This little girl is indeed modest and innocent.

However, it is her innocence that may bring them some benefits.

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