Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 65

After Shao Xue wakes up next day, she feels dizzy. When she goes downstairs to eat, she meets Gu Changle at the dinner table.

Gu Changle gives her a gentle and wonderful smile: “Come down and eat breakfast. There is preserved egg and pork congee this morning. It tastes very good."

After that, she commands the servant next to her: "Go and give Shao Xue a bowl of congee."

The servant rushes to ladle a bowl of congee.

Shao Tianze has already been eating for a while. Seeing Shao Xue come over, he asks her to sit down: "How are you feeling now? The feeling of hangover is not good, right?"

Shao Xue touches her head and feels embarrassed: "I feel really ashamed. I was drunk yesterday. Did I make any trouble for anyone?"

Shao Tianze has not spoken yet and Gu Changle speaks first: "My dear sister, what are you talking about? Tianze is your big brother. You were just drunk and wouldn’t cause any trouble."

Shao Xue looks at Shao Tianze and apologizes: "I'm sorry, brother, I accidentally drank too much yesterday. I won’t drink anymore. You don’t need to worry."

She raises her hand and makes a promise. Gu Changle shakes her head with a smile: "Young girls are energetic. You become vigorous again after sleeping for a night. Am I right, Tianze?"

Shao Tianze looks at Gu Changle and nods.

Gu Changle puts the sandwich on Shao Xue's plate: "What kin is Tianze to you?"

Shao Xue turns to look at Shao Tianze, who just finishes eating the sandwich. He drinks the hot milk in the cup and answers: "She is my mother’s relative."

Gu Changle nods and looks at Shao Xue’s face carefully: “It’s true that you don’t look like Tianze.”

Shao Tianze says again: "She is my distant relative. Because we lived close when we were young, so we are very familiar with each other."

Gu Changle nods thoughtfully: "That’s why you two don’t look alike."

Shao Tianze finishes his meal and puts on his coat. Before leaving, he asks Shao Xue: "Have you finished your meal? I will send you to work."

Shao Xue quickly stuffs the remaining sandwich into her mouth and leaves the table: "Wait a minute. I am going to take my bag."

The figure of Shao Xue is printed in the eyes of Gu Changle. There is lasting coldness in her eyes.

Shao Tianze looks at Gu Changle thoughtfully, but Gu Changle quickly shows a gentle smile.

While she is smiling, she is gentle and kind, as if the coldness is just the illusion of others.

Shao Xue goes out with Shao Tianze. When they arrive at the company, there are colleagues who come over and ask her if she feels good since she drank too much last night.

Shao Xue says that she feels very good. She goes to the office of Song Yunxuan a few times and sees that there is no one inside.

The last time, she meets Xiao Hong at the door.

Xiao Hong shows her the magazine plan in her hand: "This is the planning case we recently made according to the request of Miss Song. Miss Song said that the theme is urban male elites. How about the male elites I chose for the first issue?"

Shao Xue opens and finds that about seven men above are all elites who are at the top of different fields in Yuncheng. There is an elite lawyer who quickly comes into power after emerging, a young architect in the construction industry, and a popular star in the entertainment circle, an heir of the company who just came back from abroad, a young pianist, a painter who returned from abroad and a mysterious musician with a low profile.

Shao Xue looks at the photos of these people and nods: "They are all very good people."

Xiao Hong agrees: "I think so, Miss Song said that this magazine can be named "Men's Wear". Our targeted readers are men and then women."

Shao Xue smiles: "All these handsome elites will be envied by men. Only women will buy it and read."

"That’s not true for those who have husband."

"They can conceal their purchase."

Xiao Hong and Shao Xue discuss the new magazine happily, but still can’t help changing the topic to Song Yunxuan.

“How is she going recently?”

Xiao Hong is pulled back to the topic: "Miss Song will not appear at the office recently. She contacts me and tells me all the processes. I heard that the Song Family has been a bit messy recently. It is better for Miss Song not to go out. And the things about Venus are very touchy to Miss Song."

Many people have known that Chu’s gave Venus to Song Yunxuan.

Now, someone wants to whitewash Venus. The first thing that everyone thinks of is who the planner behind this whitewash is.

Daring to provoke Gu’s and have Gu’s as an opponent, it can’t be a small company.

Everyone takes it for granted that Chu’s is planning stealthily and some of Gu's insiders are also steadfast in their belief that Chu’s takes Gu’s as an eyesore.

However, only Xiao Hong and Shao Xue know that the one who has planned all of this and misled everyone to take Chu's as the planner is actually Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan takes control of this huge conspiracy, but is able to stay out of the thing when it becomes a sensitive topic.

The reason is nothing butshe is good at murdering a person with a borrowed knife.

And since the knife has been borrowed, what she can do is to watch the changes.

At this moment, of course, she will not come back to show off. It is troublesome for her to let people know that her Song Yunxuan is not innocent.

Xiao Hong frowns and sighs: "It is difficult for Miss Song. If she doesn't hide now, people will suspect her. She is not able to cope with the enemy on all sides."

The Song Family regards her as a tool for marriage because Gu’s has a great power in Yuncheng.

She hasn’t married into the Chu Family. If something goes wrong, they will not help her.

She should keep a low profile.

Xiao Hong and Shao Xue know about this matter so they all keep their mouths shut.

However, Song Yunxuan is watched closely by her family.

Song Yunqiang talks with Song Yan about his guess that Shao Tianze turned against Gu Changge and then murdered Gu Changge. He thinks that Song Yan will be dissatisfied with this and will reprimand him when he talks about this.

After listening to his words, however, he just thinks for a while and asks him: "Who said this?"

Song Yunqiang is stunned and says: "It is just my guess."

Song Yan is a little impatient: “It is difficult for you to think about that."

When Song Yunqiang hears it, he feels that his father is praising him in disguise. But he is also obviously disparaging him.

Song Yan is silent for a while, but then he says as if he has just thought about it: "The things of other people are not related to us. We can only care about ourselves."

"But, Dad, now Gu’s has such a problem and it can’t provide strong evidence to prove that they are framed. So, this must be true. If we continue to follow Gu’s, will we suffer losses? "

Song Yan is very shrewd: "You mean, we should give up Gu’s and turn to support Chu’s?"

Song Yunqiang does not deny: "There is no doubt that Yunxuan is going to become one of the Chu Family because they have only one son. After Yunxuan gets married, we can’t show partiality to Gu’s.

Song Yan says with a sneer: "You think there is no doubt about that. However, others don’t think so. It seems that Yunxuan is going to be one of the Chu Family, but whether she can make it or not depends on her destiny.”

Song Yunqiang takes a breath: "That is more likely than Yunjia to marry Shao Tianze."

Song Yunqiang doesn’t have much faith in Shao Tianze: "If Shao Tianze really murdered Gu Changge, then he won’t treat anyone well. Gu Changge gave birth two children for him, gave him status and the entire Gu’s. If he killed even such a people, will he treat Yunjia well?"

Song Yan frowns and says: "Shut up!"

Rebuked by his father, Song Yuanqiang stops his words.

Song Yan warns him: "How can you be sure that Shao Tianze murdered Gu Changge? You shouldn’t tell others about this without any evidence. The marriage between Shao Tianze and Yunjia is still possible. The Song Family will keep making the contract with Gu’s. As for Chu’s, what we should do is to keep a good relation with them superficially.”

"But Dad, we have to make a choice between Chu’s and Gu’s."

Song Yan disagrees with him: "There is no firm relation in this business world. We always pick the side which fits us."

Personally, he shows the partiality towards his eldest daughter Song Yunjia.

As for Song Yunxuan, she is just a tool for marriage.


If at that time, there was no need for a daughter who has a clear background from the Song Family to return, then Song Yunxuan would have no chance to come back from Qingcheng for a lifetime.

Song Yunqiang knows that his father places more importance on his sister Song Yunjia. As his father’s mind is determined, he does not say anything else.

Song Yunxuan starts jogging every morning. She gets up at six o'clock, runs five kilometers and comes back at about seven o'clock.

Song Yunqiang is very concerned about her and still sends people to watch her.

Seeing the newspaper inthe morning, she is surprised: "Why doesGu’s still allow the two people to talk nonsense after so many days?"

Song Yunqiang snorts: "There is a process of preparation for the fraud, and Shao Tianze just gets started. I guess that he hasn’t handled the relationship within Gu’s well. How can they band together to fight against others?"

Song Yunxuan similes: "I really don't understand the things in this business circle. When Childe Chu took me out that night, he said that after we get married, he would want meto give birth to a baby for him. After I get married, I can’t take control of Venus. So, I need you to help me, brother."

Song Yunqiang listens to her words, stops his action and looks up at Song Yunxuan who is smiling: "After you getting married, Venus will naturally be given back to Chu’s."

Song Yunxuan shakes her head and places her hand with the wedding ring on the table: "Childe Chu said it is the wedding gift for me. I am the daughter of the Song Family. Of course, I am supposed to hand it to the Song Family after marrying Chu Mochen."

Song Yunqiang hears the words and he is shocked a little.

But he doesn’t say anything more: "You have to keep a good relation with Childe Chu, so that you won’t be like your sister who married into another family and always has troubles."

SongYunqiang refers to Song Yunying. Song Yunxuan frowns and asks him: "Big brother, sister has not returned for a few days, is it because brother-in-law has an affair?"

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