Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 57

As Song Yunxuan thinks, the drama goes well in the Gu family of now.

Gu Changle hasn’t been discharged from the hospital. After learning the headlines of Yuncheng Morning Post, she asks people to make a phone call to Shao Tianze from the hospital for an inquiry.

Shao Tianze is caught off guard by this unexpected incident, but he doesn’t take it too seriously: "Changle, you don't have to worry. Let me handle it."

Gu Changle nods: "Tianze, Yi Xiaoning is easy to get done, but Han Rujia..."

"I know. I’ll visit her in person." Yi Xiaoning can be satisfied with money, but Han Rujia is different.

Thinking of this, Shao Tianze's handsome and elegant face turns a little cold.

Gu Changle is astonished when he says that he will meet Han Rujia personally. There is a pause before she says in a gentle voice: "Tianze, Han Rujia is my good friend whom I haven't seen for some days. Why don't you wait for my discharge from the hospital? I'll visit her with you."

Shao Tianze explicitly says, "Now that Han Rujia dares to show up and bring charges against Gu’s, she must have known the truth of that year. Changle, you are not supposed to visit her."

In the ward, Gu Changle squints her eyes in which there is a vicious cold glint. But her voice is consistently gentle: "I’m guilty of what I had done back then. I think if now I apologize to her and repent, maybe she will forgive me and retreat the charge against Gu. You just became the chairman of Gu's board not long ago. Now, you can't suffer any scandal. I..."

On hearing that all her words are for his own good, Shao Tianze's attitude grows gentle. He reassures her gently: "Don't worry. Let begones be begone. Anyway, it is Changge who was made scapegoat for getting the issue settled."


"Okay, Changle, take care of yourself. I can handle Gu's affairs. I'll call you when it is done."


Shao Tianze puts down the phone after Gu Changle hangs up.

On the other end, after Gu Changle hangs up the phone, she grabs her cell phone tightly with her fingers, and her eyes are chilly: "Han Rujia, a bitch! She’s a ghost that never fades away, refusing to let go of her disfigurement!"

She says this sentence clearly, showing the great hatred towards Han Rujia.

She thinks that the woman would never appear again since her face has been disfigured.

Unexpectedly, now, she shows up again.

She still remembers Han Rujia's disfigurement very well.

It happened in the third year after their graduation, when Gu Changge had married Shao Tianze.

In Gu Changle's opinion, Han Rujia had got a well-paid job, and the only bad thing was that she often contacted Shao Tianze.

At that time, Gu Changge wanted Shao Tianze to try to take over some of Gu's business, so she gave Shao Tianze a position in the company.

Han Rujia, on the other hand, gave up the good opportunity to work as a civil servant, and became Gu's employee as a foreign trade translator.

Gu Changge joked with her, "Changle, do you think Han Rujia still covet the love from your brother in law?"

Gu Changle smiled gracefully: "Yes, sister, you should be on guard against her."

Despite Gu Changle said so, Gu Changge ignored her words by personally telling her hands to recruit Han Rujia who claimed to be her friend without consulting Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle's face was smiling, but her heart, the opposite.

She’s already suffocating when Shao Tianze was robbed of by Gu Changge, let alone Han Rujia.

As long as she saw Han Rujia's contact with Shao Tianze, she would feel the blood of her fingers boiling fiercely.

But on the contrary, she had no just reason to be jealous, and couldn't even make any bad remarks on Han Rujia in front of Gu Changge.

Because Gu Changge was a very sensitive person, as long as Gu Changle said that Han Rujia was not good, she would not only think about Han Rujia, but also thought about why she said that she is not good.

She dared not speak or show jealousy.

So, after being tormented by jealousy day and night, she took the initiative to approach Han Rujia and invited her to go to the beauty salon and go shopping with her.

At last, she succeeded in letting people rob Han Rujia on the street.

The gang not only robbed her of her money but also raped her and destroyed her face.

She was sent to the hospital for treatment which was exactly the plastic surgery department of Tianxiang salon.

Gu Changge came to visit her once hearing about her accident. She frowned when she saw her face, and advised her to go to Venus hospital for treatment.

At that time, Tianxiang salon couldn't perform the best plastic treatment for Han Rujia's face which was known by all Tianxiang’s staff because the elite plastic surgeons hired recently hadn't taken office yet.

Han Rujia, consoled by Gu Changle, turned to Venus for cosmetic surgery. Then, her face was completely destroyed in Venus.

At that time, all people Yuncheng watched Han Rujia fighting a lawsuit against Venus.

But only Shao Tianze knows that Gu Changle bought a cosmetic surgeon from Venus to destroy Han Rujia's face.

Shao Tianze deliberately concealed Gu Changle's work and advised Gu Changge: "Changge, Venus is definitely able to perform a successful plastic surgery for Han Rujia, but they just ruin her face, which may be because they know that Han Rujia is one of the Gu’s employees.”

Gu Changge had no intention of intervening in this matter. But because of that sentence, she still hired a lawyer group to help Han Rujia win the lawsuit.

Gu Changle, however, told Han Rujia when she won the lawsuit: "Thank you for helping my elder sister’s Tianxiang salon. Because of the lawsuit, Venus can no longer compete against Tianxiang salon."

Han Rujia realized then. She insisted that Tianxiang salon was totally competent to restore her face but from the very beginning they just bought insiders of Venus to make her disfigured so as to damage Venus’ reputation.

Han Rujia was very angry at that time, but she clearly knew that she could not fight Gu Changge, who was in a high position.

She can only hide herself in Yuncheng, waiting for the opportunity.

Gu Changle destroyed Han Rujia and successfully transferred the blame on Gu Changge.

Gu Changge only knew about it before she died.


Gu Changle now thinks it over again—It is Gu Changge whom Han Rujia hates. Since Gu Changge has passed away, there is no reason for her to retaliate against Gu’s. But now she shows up again, fighting against Gu’s, so it is obvious that she really knows the truth.

However, only she and Shao Tianze know the whole story, apart from Gu Changge who is deceased. She and Shao Tianze would never tell the truth about this matter. So... How could Han Rujia know the truth and suddenly testify against Gu?

Gu Changle can't figure it out.

And Shao Tianze also feels that it is very strange.

When he arrives at Gu's office building, there have been several old shareholders waiting for him outside his office.

Seeing him approaching, they come up to him and asks, "Chairman Shao, why are Venus' affairs suddenly linked with Gu’s?"

"That's right. Chairman Gu just passed away not long ago."

"Chairman Shao, such a thing should have happened right after you took over the Gu’s. What’s your idea about it?”

These old men just use different utterances to obscurely imply that he is not qualified to master Gu's.

He glances at the old men.

He finds that all these old men are shareholders who had a good friendship with Gu Changge when she was in Gu’s.

Today, although Gu Changge is dead, there are still her henchmen in Gu’s shareholders.

In the eyes of these people who are pessimistic about Shao Tianze’s leadership, he should be blamed for the shitty issues of now.

Stopping at the door of the office, Shao Tianze looks at them without a trace of anxiety and confusion: "As soon as Changge deceases, these people are thinking of beating Gu’s. As Gu's elder members, all of you well experienced. Since I am a new leader, I need you to join me in solving this problem. Only by doing so, can we live up to Changge"

The old guys go silent for a moment as they are complimented.

One of them says slowly: "Chairman Shao, you really elevate us. You are Chairman Gu’s husband. You should know her way of doing things the best. According to her ability, she can solve this problem within one day. I believe Chairman Shao will do the same."

Shao Tianze wants to get the old guys involved. In case of a failure, he will take the opportunity to weed out these old men.

On the contrary, these old guys really are sophisticated enough.

On hearing him saying so, the several other shareholders nod in agreement.

Finding that their opinions are unanimous, Shao Tianze nods with the smile on his lips which is as warm as jade: "Changge is gone. As her husband, I will fight to keep her industry. You can rest assured."

He says it in a seemingly honest manner, but he does not invite any shareholders along to the office.

Several old men stand at the door for a while, then turn around and go outside, sighing and chatting: "Gu's husband is indeed an elite who has extraordinary wits and sophisticated diplomacy. He knows how to kick us out of the game. I think Gu’s will soon change its name to Shao's."

Another one says with a bitter smile, "Unfortunately, Gu Yun has a daughter who has a short lifespan even though she has managed to make her own way to the throne. Gu Changge spent so many years managing and expanding Gu’s, but now it turns out to be a tasty cake she has made for others."

Their words are right. However, it's really not easy to drag Shao Tianze down from the chairman's seat.

The shareholders leave with sighs. It looks like they are sold as slaves to another master.

But one of them suddenly says: "Although Chairman Gu is dead, her sister is still alive."

"You mean, Gu Changle?"

He nods: "Yes."

But he is laughed at by other shareholders: "Forget it, would that weak ass be as good as Chairman Gu?"

Shao Tianze enters the office calmly with a smile, but the smile on his face disappears when he walks behind the desk.

With his poker face, he calls the secretary outside to come in.

The secretary reports to him on the situation of today: "Chairman Shao, we have made phone calls to the leaders of the major websites and forums as you said, hoping that their websites could block these messages, but only a few of them answered our calls and refused our request."

"Which ones?"

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