Rebirth Handbook

Rebirth Handbook

Author:fu hua
Chapters:206 | 3.8
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The first story is locked due to the setting, does not affect the next several independent stories to read. The first one is the one with a different world protagonist, born again, sweet text, involving modern ancient future interstellar doomsday ancient western fantasy. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. Modern rebirth: reborn to play raised Missy × scum and white moonlight bastard son Ancient rebirth: through the ancient jungle soft and nice girl × silly white sweet ancient jungle raptor silly bird / fish Western fantasy rebirth: not at all bright former bright saint girl × crush saint girl gloomy lonely not at all dark dark magician Ancient rebirth: hard-hearted bad eunuch × reborn pretty palace girl Alien rebirth: alien noble lord × reborn Earthling girl reborn in the last days: dare to love and hate big sister × good bullying little blind future reborn: mind reading open girl × appearance serious and cold inside lively chattering man ancient reborn: face control sick wife died early × secretly love his wife but do not say when his wife died sad dog high value husband [divided into reborn volume and demon volume]

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