Quick Wear: I cure the villain big brother are blackened

Quick Wear: I cure the villain big brother are blackened

Author:cheng yi
Chapters:45 | 0.0


Fast-Though - Cure - Sweet Pet] The nine-tailed fox Shi Qi, who is about to ascend to the gods, is struck by lightning and goes to the three thousand worlds to heal the miserable villains in order to ascend again. After crossing the world, the system suddenly found that the style of painting is a little wrong! Should have been oppressed gloomy bastard suddenly began to seize power and calculate, the main mansion young master pawn! The luxurious family hands to her. The prince who is about to ascend the throne died! The rivers and mountains for hire only for her. The former noble and despondent movie star suddenly step up to the plate and crush her top stream pawn! I want to get down to business, but I don't want the villains to be crazy about her! The system: "host you cure the villain how all blackened feed?

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