Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 92

In addition to Huaer, there are five other people in the mission who have formed a common team to find the lunatic. All the other five agents are agents with rich experience in the country.

It's the first time that the body comes out of the task and becomes a drag on the team, so the people in the team have a very bad attitude towards Huaer.

In fact, Hua'er didn't know that the secret agents in the team had turned to the code named lone wolf and chick, and had betrayed the country. After finding the gene solution, she injected the gene solution directly, and five people woke up to the power and established the base.

Here, more and more people are infected, and the country is falling apart, while the rising bases are resisting the zombies.

Hua'er was killed in the first time when the team got the genetic fluid, dropped into the zombie group, and was split up. She didn't even have the chance to become a zombie.

Well, this little girl is not even worthy of a woman. She can only be regarded as a small cannon fodder, a small cannon fodder.

Then the lone wolf and the young Phoenix should be the male and female owners. The agents of other people are common, but the lone wolf and the young Phoenix are so willful, the male is handsome and tall, and the female owner is cold and gorgeous and noble.

The original wish: 1. To live in this end, 2. To give the gene solution to the country, rather than being held by the chick and the lone wolf.

Ning Shu looks at these two tasks, and feels that they are simpler than the previous tasks. It's not easy to rob things from the men and women.

Ning Shu can also understand why the original Lord gave things to the state. In fact, there is no concept of the state in the original Lord's heart. As long as it's for the chief of the secret service team, the chief raised her up and trained her. The purpose of trying to complete the task is to repay the chief's nurturing kindness.

Well, I think this girl's paper is quite naive and silly. I don't even know what happened in the team.

Why do you always have such a bad job.

What's wrong with turning the world into such a mad scientist is not mentioned in the plot. The team found the gene solution in a simple laboratory.

Cao, I feel that the medical uncle is the transcendent existence.

It's a thousand years of disaster, uncle. It's a long history. The rhythm of a long history has directly changed the whole human world.

There has been a new pet in the world, so Lingxue, the former mistress, is estimated to be dead, so the air luck of heaven and earth will choose the pet again and redistribute the air luck.

It's a sad story.

Ning Shu wants to cry, numb and numb. The world is very dangerous. There are not only zombies, but also teammates who want to kill her.

"Hello, I'm up. I can't sleep all day."

Ning Shu was kicked and opened his eyes. It was already light. Ning Shu looked at this man, the man code named wolf spider, and all kinds of guns he was good at. At the moment, the wolf spider looked at Ning Shu with a very impatient look. "You are an agent, don't you have any basic vigilance? You can sleep until dawn, and people like you should be eaten by zombies."

Ning Shu didn't speak, and his face was as ignorant as usual. He followed the tarantula to the team. Today, he ate compressed biscuits again. Ning Shu ate everything, whether he was used to eating or not, because he was really hungry.

Looking around, Ning Shu found that the lone wolf and the chick were not in the team at all. He couldn't help but ask the tarantula, "where's the captain?"

The captain is the lone wolf, and the young Phoenix is not in the team, Ning Shu is very ungodly to guess, it is not where the two go to Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa PA.

"Take care of yourself and what others do?" Said the tarantula angrily.

Other people are also unreasonable to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu is thinking in his heart whether to leave the team directly and go to find the gene solution by himself. But this plan is a little risky. He has no materials, no water and no food in his hands and walks by his legs?

If so, the cauliflower will be cold, and she will leave the team so rashly, which will make the lone wolf and the chick realize and end her life ahead of time.

Both the lone wolf and the young Phoenix are decisive and ruthless people. Therefore, they have to follow the team to find the gene solution.

In fact, Ning Shu still likes to face such a man and woman, preferring to face such a person, at least with a normal brain, rather than facing a person like the last world. It's clear that they are making trouble without reason, and they have to say that others are making trouble without reason.

After breakfast, Ning Shu wanted to talk to these people, but no one paid attention to her. The one who polished the pistol and the one who polished the knife ignored her.

Ning Shu:

Ning Shu also gave up talking with these people. Ning Shu felt that the original owner was also very hard pressed. His strength was so bad that others didn't even have the idea of soliciting.

It's also the original brain. It has no idea about the tempting genetic fluid. The mind is to complete the task.

At this time, the door suddenly opened, everyone looked up to see the lone wolf and chick chicken almost running in, the two faces are with the color of horror.

"Stand by." The face of the lone wolf is dignified and keeps the young Phoenix behind him."Captain, what happened?" The tarantula asked the lone wolf, looking around warily with a gun in his hand.

Ning Shu pulls out the gun from these two people and feels the strong pressure of getting closer and closer. These two people are provoking something.

The protagonist is the body of the accident, which provokes irresistible things. The protagonist is OK.

Ning Shu's forehead was filled with cold sweat. A strong pressure almost burst the heart.

The expression of all the people in the room was very serious, even the young Phoenix, who had always been noble and cold, had a white face.

Ning Shu takes a step back and hides behind the team in silence. The lone wolf in front looks at Ning Shu with disdain. Ning Shu doesn't care. People are caused by you and mean to despise others.

At the height of nervousness, a figure suddenly appeared at the door, very fast, fast enough to make people unable to respond.

Ning Shu took the lead in firing a shot at the remnant shadow. After a moment's hesitation, a figure appeared in front of her. In front of her was an enlarged face with a gray face. At first sight, it was a zombie, but this zombie was not as rotten as other zombies, and its action was more flexible than other zombies.

This is a zombie of evolutionary variation!

Ning Shu didn't want to turn around and ran away. She couldn't fight with this thing. The zombie was entangled by others, which made Ning Shu escape.

For a while, darts, concealed weapons and bullets were all thrown at the corpse, but to everyone's dismay, the corpses all hid one by one.

Ning Shu's chin is going to fall on the ground. This end is just beginning. Suddenly something so powerful comes out?

This kind of thing is just a killer. At least now, human beings don't have any resistance.

The lone wolf and the chick are really capable.

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