Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 9

Seeing the appearance of Anrong, a sense of happiness rose in Ningshu's heart. It was the feeling of the original owner, as well as the feeling of Ningshu.

When I just crossed the world, I was beaten like that by an Rong. All the pain was borne by her. It was a painful and insulting way to be hit on the wall with her hair.

Lingxue's desk is broken. Lengao immediately sent a brand new desk.

Ning Shu stood up his desk with three legs in silence, and saw lengao's concern for Ling Xue.

And concerned about the appearance of haughty, stinky look of Ning Shu is straight mouth.

Lingxue's mood has calmed down. She has recovered her usual noble and cool look. Facing the cold and proud relationship, she smiled and said, "it's OK."

Lengao's face appeared a smile. Seeing Ning Shu holding the table with his hand, he looked indescribable. Lengao said in disgust, "did you hurt Lingxue?"

Ning Shu blinked and didn't speak. How could it be related to her again.

"I'm talking to you." Lengao raised his foot and kicked over Ning Shu's table. Of course, the table didn't hit Ling Xue this time.

Ning Shu looked at his desk and fell to the ground with a squeak.

How innocent is the table? How can it all be angry with the table.

Ning Shu feels that these people are all insane, living in their own world, what they think is what.

All the people in the classroom just happened. Lengao blamed Ning Shu for it. No one came out to say a word for Ning Shu.

Ning Shu feels a kind of cold and loneliness from the bottom of his heart. How does the original master survive? Other people ignore and trample on him, and then think about the ending of the original master in the plot.

The hostess is really impatient with Lin Jiajia, who is a clown. The hostess asks his men to jump up and down, and the unscrupulous woman is solved. The hostess's men are also a pervert. They tie the hostess's whole body like a zongzi in the way of playing games. They swing an axe from a distance to see where they can cut it. As a result, they cut their shoulders and almost their necks The axe is deeply embedded in the clavicle and cannot be pulled out.

Then he was kicked into the sea to feed the fish. It was a tragic death.

Ning Shu looks at lengao. He is high below zero, as high as a deity. Ning Shu really wants to hit his face with a fist. What virtue.

The original master can't put such a thing in the end. Ning Shu really doesn't know where this man is charming, a leather bag.

Ning Shu, who said that he had been in the hospital for a long time, could not see it out of the normal aesthetic.

Ling Xue stretched out her hand and pulled lengao's arm, saying, "it has nothing to do with this classmate."

Lengao looks at the Qianqian fingers on his arm, each of which is polished like the top sheepskin white jade. With a slight halo, the beauty is intoxicating. The beauty puts her hand on his arm, and lengao's heart swings.

The cool and arrogant heart is so beautiful that it bubbles, but the surface is lifting its chin with dignity. He says to Ningshu, "look at Lingxue's face and go around you. Remember, I'll see Lingxue's detour later. Don't walk in front of Lingxue again, or I won't let you go."

Ningshu has all kinds of grass and mud horses in her mind. This matter is not related to her. Now this tolerant and generous appearance really makes Ningshu sick. She is really lying in the trench and shot.

These people's brains are all sick Sick Come on.

Go to the hospital if you are ill. Don't give up treatment.

But to Ning Shu's surprise, Ling Xue actually helped her speak, but Ning Shu didn't feel at all relaxed in her heart. She didn't forget that Ling Xue's eyes were bright and murderous before she looked at her.

"By the way, isn't your birthday coming?" Ling Xue looked at Ning Shu and said, "everyone is a classmate. You should invite Lin Jiajia."

Lengao originally wanted to say that such a person is also worthy to attend his birthday party, but since it's Ling Xue who has opened his mouth, it's natural that he should not give Ling Xue face.

"Come to my birthday party." Lengao said, "in the future, not everyone is as kind as Ling Xue and forgives your mistakes generously."

Ning Shu: all people in the world can say that they are kind, but Ling Xue can't really say that they are kind. People who have no legal and moral bottom line can be called good?

In the story, lengao invited the original owner. He invited Lin Jiajia himself to make her crazy, but more and more girls targeted at her.

These original owners all endured in silence, staying up late and weaving a scarf for lengao. They thought that the meaning of what they made by themselves was different.

As a result, of course, I should have harvested a lot of ridicule. Lengao even put the scarf on the neck of the golden retriever in front of the original owner, and said, "such things are not suitable for my dog."

The original owner couldn't figure out why he invited her to the birthday party in person.

After that, Lin Jiajia was at school, where she went was the sound of laughter.Now it seems that it is Ling Xue's reason that the original owner can attend the birthday party. All these things are inspired by Ling Xue at the back.

Lengao is bored every time she sees Ning Shusha's appearance. She followed herself every day for a while ago. Like a pervert, she doesn't follow now, but every time she looks at her eyes with contempt.

Disdain, what qualification does this woman have to disdain him? She is just a deserted woman.

"You don't have to bring any presents. Just come to my birthday party." You can't afford anything too expensive

Ning Shu won't buy gifts. She has to save every cent now. Why should she buy gifts for him? She is still thinking about whether to go to his birthday or not.

So, why save this ghost prince? This task is really kind-hearted. It's a matter of his death.

He had to be pulled out of the female Lord's aura to become a normal person. Ning Shu said he couldn't do it.

A farce came down, and she became a joke for some reason. Ning Shu was really in pain. She didn't do anything, so she stood here. Ma Dan, the mistress and the boyfriend had to mock her.

Lengao said to Lingxue proudly, "if you want to come to me, I will cover you. From now on, you are my woman."

When lengao says this, his ears are a little red, but his eyes are looking forward to it, which is equivalent to an confession.

"I'll see you if I have something." Ling Xue's attitude is ambiguous. It seems that she has agreed, but it seems that she has not.

But there was a smile on lengao's face, with the corners of his mouth hooked, and he had to look like he didn't care. Don't mention how twisted his face was.

It's no wonder that Ling Xue's attitude was to save the foolish prince. They didn't agree to anything at all. It's like she got the heart of a beauty.

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