Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 87

Ning Shu looks at Su Meng, kneeling in front of her. She looks sad and helpless, as if she is in agony, and her eyes are full of struggle.

"Su ran, I know you hate me, but it has nothing to do with Xiao Yan. Please save Xiao Yan. If you are willing to save her, I will not appear in front of Xiao Yan from now on." Su Meng's face is full of sacrificing herself for love, giving up everything she loves, preferring to suffer and suffer.

Ning Shu:

Speechless, really speechless.

Su Meng burst into tears and then said, "as long as you promise to let go of Xiao Yan, I promise to break up with Xiao Yan."

"Poo Tong"

the old man Xiao also knelt in front of Ning Shu. The muscles on his face trembled, as if he had been insulted greatly. He said: "please pull out Xiao Yan. Later, you will be the mistress of Xiao family. Xiao Yan will not divorce you."

When Su Meng heard this, he sat on the ground in agony.

Xi, what's the good for the hostess of the Xiao family now? The present Xiao family has no money. The second Xiao Yan is a criminal now.

Even the old couple of the Xiao family have no place to go now. What's the attraction of the hostess of the Xiao family? Why does the old man Xiao still feel so good about himself? It's rare to be someone else's son.

Ning Shu didn't speak. He called Li Xiuwen directly.

After a while, Li Xiuwen came. Seeing Su Meng kneeling on the ground, he quickly helped him up and asked, "are you ok?"

Su Meng shook his head in tears and said sadly, "I'm ok. I'm just too worried about Xiao Yan."

When Su Meng said this, Ning Shu saw clearly that Li Xiuwen's face had a spasm, and then he recovered his tender and considerate appearance.

Is it really good to mention Xiao Yan in front of Li Xiuwen? Is it really good that Su Meng stimulates Li Xiuwen so much?

It's a loss that Li Xiuwen can hold back.

Ning Shu said to Li Xiuwen, "tie up your dog. Don't let her run around. What's the crazy look like?"

Li Xiuwen didn't say anything, and left with Su Meng, who was all soft and crying, and Su Dabao, who had a gloomy face.

The old man Xiao, who has been kneeling on the ground, is old. After kneeling for such a long time, his legs are numb. Seeing that Ning Shu doesn't pay attention to himself, his face is convulsed. The father-in-law kneels for his daughter-in-law, which is very humiliating. The old man Xiao, who has been in power all his life, is extremely humiliating.

So, although Xiao is kneeling now, he looks at Ning Shu with disgust and hatred.

Ning Shu feels drunk too. Seeing old man Xiao's attitude, normal people won't save Xiao Yan. It's time to ask for help.

But Ning Shu really wants to get Xiao Yan out, only two years in prison. It's really too cheap for Xiao Yan. In case that Xiao Yan's spirit is greatly expanded in it, the tiger body will receive more than n younger brothers as soon as it shakes, and then it will become the boss of the black and astringent society.

You need to know that Xiao Yan is the man in the world. He's so lucky. Take advantage of Xiao Yan's lack of anything now and get him out. He can't turn over completely.

Ning Shu has spent a lot of money and found a lot of relationships to get Xiao Yan out. Ning Shu looks at Xiao Yan in prison clothes, who has been shaved into a bald head, and her face value has declined a lot. On the importance of hair style.

Xiao Yan's eyes were still defiant, with a sense of superiority. Anyway, Ning Shu didn't know how his sense of superiority came from.

When Xiao Yan saw Ning Shu, the first sentence was: "Su ran, you are a vicious woman. Even if you save me, I will not love you."

Ning Shu:

Xiao Yan took a cold look at Ning Shu and sat in the car.

Ning Shu is too lazy to deal with him. He drives back to the community, and Xiao Yan enters the house. His first reaction is the same as that of the old couple of Xiao family.

Not to mention how excited Xiao Yan was when the old couple of Xiao's family saw her, Mrs. Xiao told Xiao Yan about Ning Shu's abominable behaviors, which made her eyes even colder when she looked at Ning Shu, especially when she heard that Ning Shu let her father kneel down and looked at Ning Shu with murderous eyes.

In the face of Xiao Yan's look, Ning Shu gave a cold smile, thinking that all the women in the world love you and should bear you.

Xiao Yan is full of depression. There is a feeling that he is trapped in the shoal and depressed. It is useless to shut himself up at home and refuse to eat, no matter how old Xiao and his wife advise him.

Ning Shu looks at the food at the door of the room. If you don't eat it, don't eat it. Ning Shu goes directly to the garbage can.

When Mrs. Xiao saw Ning Shu's movements, she gasped for breath, but she dared not say anything. Now, the Xiao family has to ask Ning Shu for money for anything to eat or drink. If she gets angry with Ning Shu, Ning Shu will not give money directly, and they will starve again.

Once I was hungry for a whole day. At last, Mrs. Xiao came to Ningshu and asked for money to eat, so that Mrs. Xiao and Mr. Xiao could have dinner.

Every time Mrs. Xiao and Mr. Xiao only look at Ning Shu with hatred and humiliation, but they dare not say anything.

Seeing that Ning Shu had poured out his son's food, he couldn't help but say, "Su ran, why is your heart so vicious? Xiao Yan didn't even eat the food, so you poured it out."Ning shuleng snorted, "since you don't want to eat it, don't eat it in the future."

"You..." Mrs. Xiao looked at Ning Shu. "You will be punished."

Ning Shu said coldly, "I don't know if I will be punished, but you will be punished soon."

When Mrs. Xiao heard this, she trembled and thought of taking money from Ning Shu. She could only bear it.

Finally, Xiao Yan was starving in the room. When he came out for dinner, Ning Shu handed the meal to Xiao Yan himself. Xiao Yan looked down at Ning Shu and sneered, "Su ran, even if you please me, I won't change my mind for you."

Xiao Yan took the bowl in Ning Shu's hand and ate it, because it was too urgent to eat, choked and matched with a big bald head. It was really Wretched.

Ning Shu looks around and laughs coldly. I hope you will be OK after eating these meals.

Knowing that Xiao Yan has come out, Su Meng comes here with two children. When she sees Xiao Yan, Su Meng's lips tremble. Then she falls into Xiao Yan's arms, reaches out to touch Xiao Yan's bald head, and trembles and says, "you have suffered."

Ning Shu almost laughs at shit. How funny is this scene.

Standing not far away, Li Xiuwen looked at the two people holding each other. Their faces were very complicated and their colors varied. Ning Shu could not describe them.

The two children hold Xiao Yan and cry. Xiao Yan coaxes him out.

Xiao Yan said affectionately to Su Meng, "I will cheer up and give you and your child a support."

Su Meng shed tears, covered his mouth and shook his head. Xiao Yan was very worried. "I won't let you and your child suffer."

Su Meng is still in tears. She looks comfortable and painful.

Noticing Su Meng's eyes, Xiao Yan turned to Ning Shu and growled, "what have you done to Su Meng, you vicious woman?"

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