Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 82

There are so many forces in the world that Ning Shu has the impulse to destroy the world. Hearing Su lanli's direct and vigorous pointing, Ning Shu feels speechless.

It's a distorted world. Ning Shu says he can't bear it.

People who never eat fireworks or touch the society live with such willfulness.

"Dad, I can't help it. You'd better go back. You don't have some money. You can make a comeback." The present situation is much better than that in the plot, which is not satisfied. It can only be said that people are really greedy.

"Dad, I said..."

"Shut up, you're not allowed to talk, or I'll beat you up."

Su LAN is interrupted by Ning Shu as soon as she opens her mouth.

Su LAN looks at Ning Shu with resentment and fear. Ning Shu doesn't pay attention to Su Lan's eyes at all. In Ning Shu's eyes, Su LAN is not a man at all. No man should have any responsibility. She is a man of virtue with Xiao Yan.

Su Bo heard his daughter's refusal again, and his face could not hang. He glared at Ning Shu. When he was about to leave, he suddenly heard the servant shouting, "the master and his wife are back. Come out to meet them."

After a while, I stood in two rows of servants, from the door to the living room. It was such a big battle.

First of all, old man Xiao comes down. Then Xiao Yan holds Su Xiaobao and Su Meng holds Su Dabao.

Stepping on the carpet, a family of six came in slowly. Old man Xiao was very dignified. Mrs. Xiao had the grace of a lady. Xiao Yan held a little princess in a puffed skirt. Xiao Yan's unique beauty matched with the little princess was lovely and sweet as an angel. Just looking at it, she thought it was the best thing in the world.

Ning Shu drew a corner of her mouth and was able to pretend to be a B. Ning Shu put her eyes on Su Meng. Her face was white and ruddy, and the whole person seemed to be enveloped in the gorgeous haze. She was full of amorous feelings, which seemed to be well nourished by Xiao Yan.

When Xiao Yan saw Ning Shu in the living room, his handsome face immediately showed all kinds of negative emotions, such as contempt, disgust and disgust.

When Su Meng saw Ning Shu, there was a trace of uneasiness on her face, but then she firmly believed in her heart. She and Xiao Yan really love each other, and Xiao Yan does not love Su ran.

"Father in law, mother in law." Su Bo greeted old man Xiao and Lady Xiao with a warm face.

Old Xiao just lifted his eyelids and looked at Su Bo. He said lightly, "I'm sorry for the poor reception. The child has just left the hospital and needs to be taken care of."

Su Bo's face was stiff, but he just squeezed out a smile and said, "children matter."

Su LAN looks at Su Meng and asks, "cousin, are the two kids OK?"

Su Meng immediately showed a charming smile, and with a trace of fear, said: "it's OK, come and call uncle Tang. "Su Meng greets the two children.

Su Dabao and Su Xiaobao shouts: "Uncle Tang."

Su Lan's face showed a smile, looks very excited, repeatedly said: "in the future, don't be sick again, what does your mother look like in a hurry."

Su Xiaobao secretly looked at Ning Shu and said naively, "Uncle Tang is different from her."

Ning Shu is also drunk when he is watching. He is really drunk.

Ning Shu looks at Su Lan's behavior and thinks that no one in the world is speechless than Su LAN. His father is so humble towards others that he can't see. He is very kind towards two children. This kind of person is born in a rich family. He should be placed in the lower level of the society. I don't know how many times he died. He is such a hammer.

When Mrs. Su, who was standing with Ning Shu, saw this scene, she almost fainted with rage. Her son even courted the little bitch and her children.

Ning Shu reached out and shook Mrs. Su's hand. She could understand the feeling of Mrs. Su's heart.

Ning Shu takes a look at the two children, and Su Dabao and Su Xiaobao immediately look scared and hug Xiao Yan's legs, just like Ning Shu wants to treat them.

Xiao Yan immediately protected his children and looked around the whole family of Su family. He despised and said, "since you are all here, I'll tell you something. Su ran and I." Xiao Yan points to Ning Shu, "I want a divorce with her. Now I want a divorce."

Hearing that Xiao Yan is going to divorce, there is no response from Xiao's side, but Su's side has exploded the pot, especially Mrs. su. She directly questions Mrs. Xiao, "why is the divorce suddenly coming? What's wrong with my daughter? Even if we want to divorce, we have to give it to her."

Su Bo's face is also livid, and he is counting on his daughter to get some working capital with Xiao's family. Now she is going to sweep her daughter out of the house.

Su Bo really understood this meeting. The Xiao family intentionally consolidated the Su family and swallowed 90% of the Su family. Su Bo seemed to be decadent for a while.

Ning Shu's face is light, without any expression, without crying or making trouble, or even a little sad expression.

Su Meng said to Ning Shu, "although there are many misunderstandings between us, I hope you can find someone who loves you. I thought about revenge, but now..." Su Meng and Xiao Yan look at each other and smile. They hold their hands together. "There are more beautiful things in the world. Cousin, you should also let go and seek a new life. It's painful for you to be so persistent."Ning Shu feels that his stomach is churning. Please don't be disgusting. Su family has been turned into this by Xiao family. Now Balabala says that we should go to a happy life together and let her quit to complete you.

Ning Shu felt that his three views were all broken into dumpling stuffing.

"I absolutely disagree with the divorce." Mrs. Su said with a blue face, and stared at Su Meng with a fierce hatred in her eyes.

Xiao Yan stopped Mrs. Su's eyes from looking at Su Meng, to avoid her beloved woman from being frightened. She sneered and said, "as expected, if you have a mother, you must have a daughter. It's just as vicious. You must leave this marriage, if you don't, you must leave."

Su LAN frowned and said to Mrs. Su, "there is no love between elder sister and brother-in-law at all. Mom, if you let two people get together like this, it will only cause more people's misfortune and pain."

"You..." Mrs. Su looked at her day strangely and stumbled twice.

"Pa, PA......"

Ning Shu slaps Su LAN twice. Su LAN looks at Ning Shu resentfully. "You hit me again."

Su Meng points to Ning Shu, "how can you beat people?" Then look at Su Lan's eyes with comfort.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Yan thought of the scene of being beaten by Ning Shu in the hospital. It would feel like hitting him on the face. It was very painful.

Xiao Yan looks at Ning Shu with red eyes.

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