Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 80

Ning Shu felt that he had been kicked by a donkey, so he would be stupid to find a man to cooperate with. Could an idiot infect her? She has been infected?

Li Xiuwen is a good match for a man on the condition that he has a good family background and a good skin bag. When he saw the mistress's mistake for life, he met Su Meng with a big stomach when he was studying abroad, and then he took care of Su Meng until he returned home. After returning home, Su Meng tangled with Xiao Yan.

Li Xiuwen became the elder brother of the female Lord who issued the good man card. He often makes the male Lord jealous.

Li Xiuwen looks at the woman in the opposite direction, her face is very wonderful, and she doesn't know what she is thinking?

Li Xiuwen reaches out Yingrun's fingers, knocks on the table top, makes a rhythmic knocking sound, and wakes up Ning Shu who is trapped in his own imagination.

"What are you going to say? I'm sorry. I'm leaving first." Li Xiuwen's face was a little gloomy.

Ning Shu estimated that the other side didn't want to see her as a vicious woman.

Can she kill those people directly and finish the task?


Ning Shu's head suddenly sounded the sound of the current, which felt too familiar, how long did not hear the sound of the system.

"If the player's idea is not tenable and does not conform to the rules of the world, please stop this idea. The soul offered by the original Lord is to rebel against life, not to wake up in the women's prison." Make complaints about

system sound and mechanical, but do not know why, Ning Shu feels that what he has been told by the system is Tucao.

Li Xiuwen once again saw the woman in the opposite direction and twisted her face. Li Xiuwen thought that the woman was ill.

Li Xiuwen shook his head and stood up, ready to go, silently thinking, Xiao Yan's wife turned out to be a psychopath..

When Li Xiuwen got up, Ning Shu reflected, stretched out and grabbed Li Xiuwen's arm, pulled him to sit down again, and said in a cold voice: "I said what do you mean, people didn't talk, you've been bustling about to go, you're enough."

"It's not too late for me to leave when I've said it." Ning Shu looked at Li Xiuwen and said directly, "I want to cooperate with you to bring down the Xiao family. I will take half of the stolen money and use the fastest speed. "

Li Xiuwen raised his eyebrows," why should I cooperate with you and what capital you have? Just talk about cooperation. "

"And you even need half of the Xiao family's huge group." Li Xiu almost said, would you like some green lotus.

Ning shuha chuckles and directly takes out a lot of soft girls' coins from the bag, which are so arrogant that she falls on the table, "I have money. Let's cooperate."

"But I don't think I got anything." Li Xiuwen put out his hands smartly. "I took so much trouble to bring down the Xiao family, and I will give you half of the result."

Ning Shu almost threw up on the handsome face across the street and said, "don't be discontented, you can all get to the girl , if you can get Su Meng, what else can you do? If you can get Su Meng and fall, what are you not satisfied with? "

Originally, I was a woman Lord, but I got married with you. You're really lucky. You've changed your life against the sky. I'm not satisfied to change your life.

"You can't also get Xiao Yan." Said Li Xiuwen lightly.

"Poof..." Ning Shu almost sprayed Li Xiuwen's face this time. All the coffee in his mouth was spit out. Half of it was frightened and half of it was disgusting.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ~" Ning Shu chuckled. Put all the soft coins on the table away and put them in the bag.

Seeing Ning Shu's action, Li Xiuwen asked in surprise, "aren't we discussing how to bring down the Xiao family now? You look like you're going to leave. "

"Handsome boy, I'll go first." Ning Shu said without expression. You deserve to be forced to match fate all your life.

Li Xiuwen stopped in front of Ning Shu and said, "sit down. We are discussing. Take out all the money in your bag. I'll see how much money you have."

"No way." It's not safe to take it out. I'm afraid someone will rob me of my money

Li Xiuwen:

Li Xiuwen looks at Ning Shu with the same eyes as watching neuropathy.

In the end, Ning Shu and Li Xiuwen managed to reach an agreement. Why do they do it reluctantly? The male mate, the beast, actually wants to squeeze her interests into 10%, that is, send her some at will.

This kind of thing Ning Shu can't bear at all. If you can hold the beauty back, you'll just run out of your possessions. You'll make money.

Finally, Ning Shu used all kinds of means to achieve 40% interests.

"Friendship tips: find a shell company to do fishing. In front of Su Meng, you still need to keep your pure and innocent image." Ning Shu patted Li Xiuwen on the shoulder and left.

When Ning Shu returned to Xiao's home, it was quiet. Ning Shu felt very happy. Xiao's second elder simply lived in the hospital to take care of jinsun, and Xiao Yan would not come back.Ning Shugan and lung are very comfortable, but Xiao Yan feels extremely sad. A pair of his children are lying on the bed dying like this. Seeing Su Meng's red and swollen eyes crying, Xiao Yan feels that if he doesn't do something, he doesn't deserve to be a man.

Xiao Yan thinks that the present Su family is very eyesore. After making so much money from the Xiao family, he has raised such a vicious woman as Su ran.

In particular, Su Bo's old Pifu killed Su Meng's parents. This matter must be fair for Su Meng.

In the end, Xiao Yan still carried out the cooperation case in the plot, but this time Su Bo had a shadow in his heart. He didn't take out all the money of the Su family and left a little background. He still didn't believe that Xiao family would do such a bad thing to his teammates.

When Mrs. Su called to tell Ning Shu about it, Ning Shu was silent and didn't say anything. Since the Su family believed in the Xiao family and Xiao Yan so much, they let the Su family suffer a loss.

Ning Shu didn't want to work hard to keep Su's family. As a result, he was praised by his brother with brain damage to Su Meng's face. That's what's bothering him.

Ning Shu asks Li Xiuwen to move quickly. Now Xiao Yan has already moved. When Xiao Yan is most satisfied, when Su Jiazhi is satisfied, give him a blow.

And the sick Su Dabao and Su Xiaobao make use of the advantages of illness, coquetry and cute, try to match two people, and cultivate the feelings of Su Meng and Xiao Yan.

For a time, the ward was full of the voice of two children, and the bubble of love pink. The two old people looked at it with a smile. The picture was harmonious and beautiful. It was like a loving family

every time Xiao Yan looked at Su Meng with hot eyes. When Su Meng took something, he deliberately held Su Meng's hand and made Su Meng blush.

Especially in the hidden place of the hospital, the two are cuddling together and kissing sweetly. Not far away, there are two baby eggs with a naughty expression.

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