Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 8

Ning Shu holds the table with one hand and doesn't let it fall down. She looks at the teacher with yellow hair and blue eyes on the platform with mosquito repellent incense.

In the whole process of English, Ning Shu didn't understand at all. People who had been in the hospital since junior high school said they only knew some simple words.

I looked around, as if I didn't understand. Ning Shu looked at Ling Xue's back in front of her. It was just a back that was so gorgeous.

The sensitive feeling of the cultivator makes Ling Xue feel that someone is looking at her. Ling Xue turns around and looks at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu's heart was shocked. Anyway, he had been caught. It's just a big way.

Ling Xue is very annoyed at Ning Shu's direct look, which is like being provoked by a mole ant. In the world of cultivation, monks may even work because of one look. Ling Xue feels that Ning Shu has offended her dignity.

Lingxue's eyes are cold, and then she thinks of this woman named Lin Jiajia talking about her things, saying bad things about her, and even making lengao away from her.

Lingxue sneers. She has always thrown away things. Before she was thrown away, she came to the world. Lingxue's attitude has become more and more arrogant. Even though she is sitting in the classroom now, she has a rebellious atmosphere.

This feeling may be self-confidence and high spirits in other people's eyes, which is why Ling Xue's ability to have so many colleges with rich family background has pushed out many famous ladies and become an unshakable goddess.

Ning Shu is laughed by the other side's eyes like ants. She lowers her head to avoid the killing eyes of the other side. She can't face Ling Xue directly now.

Ning Shu thought of the task. Since Ling Xue is going to be driven into the dust, is it necessary to change the impression of Ling Xue in the hearts of the students of ACE college?

The goddess that everyone pursues, just like she is now the opposite party that everyone despises, even the opposite party that everyone hates?

It's easier said than done. Now Ning Shu has no clue at all. According to the development of the plot, the female leader and the male leader have been colluding. They are in the stage of love and killing each other. After a period of time, they will show their sympathy. At that time, Ling Xue's power will increase and the task will be more difficult to complete.

Ning Shu rubs her head. The task is to hit the stone with an egg. It's impossible for her to finish it. If she can practice, mom egg, go straight up and fight with her, and beat her down. It's crisp.

No one is better at the superior place and the most dependent place than defeating the other.

It directly breaks the dependence of the other party. Lingxue's dependence is the cultivation that people in the world can't, and can go to heaven and earth to make miraculous.

Cultivation. By the way, can she cultivate something with the system? The world's aura is thin. Ningshu guesses that Ningshu's strength is not very strong, maybe there is still a fight.

"System, can I mend the script?" Ning Shu calls the system in his heart.

After a long time, there was a sound of electric current in her head, which made her head numb. "You can exchange points. The host has no points at present, so you can't exchange secret scripts."

A basin of ice water is poured on Ning Shu's head. As expected, there is nothing in the world that can be obtained without labor.

But Ning Shu still didn't give up and said, "because of your mistakes, I came to this world, and the task is very difficult. Shouldn't you have something to say?"

The system sound is mechanical and flat, "the host came to this world because of the disorder of the system program, not because of me."

Ning Shu vomites blood. The system is just a rigid system. She even bargains with it. She is drunk.

A road has been denied, Ning Shu is a little depressed.

And Ling Xue, sitting in front of her, suddenly panicked at the moment when she appeared from the system, as if she had been stared at by something. She felt extremely dangerous.

Ling Xue is flustered. How could there be such a dangerous thing in the world? It's impossible. Ling Xue's body is shaking and sweat is pouring out of her body.

The spiritual sense of the cultivator is sharp, not to mention Lingxue and the world's air transport bonus. When Lingxue comes to this world, he is always in the right direction, and there is no creepy existence.

What is it? What is it? Ling Xue is biting her teeth and looking around. There is no abnormality at all. It's like her illusion.

But this feeling is true. Ling Xue is going crazy again.

When the system left, Ning Shu and Ling Xue were paralyzed on the table at the same time. Ning Shu was hit, and Ling Xue was totally too nervous. It would be dangerous to contact. The whole person relaxed and looked pale.

Ling Xue has a shadow in her heart. Her hands and feet are paralyzed, and she can't get up all the time. To be clear, she is scared to be soft.

Of course, Ning Shu didn't know. She just let the system get back to her words, which scared Ling Xue like this.

Ning Shu is just worrying about her task.

After class, the bell rang. When Mr. Huang FA and Bi Yan came out of the classroom, an Rong immediately stormed up. She ran to Ning Shu and kicked over her desk, but it happened to hit Ling Xue in front of her.Knot solid ground smashes on Ling Snow's back, Ning Shu stares big eyes, this completely and she has no light, but an Rong has a white face.

Ling Xue suddenly stood up and clapped her hands on her desk. Suddenly, one desk was discarded. Ling Xue drank coldly, "look for death."

It sends out a strong pressure, which makes Anrong sit on the ground. Fortunately, Ningshu is smart. She immediately crawls to the ground. However, the pressure does no harm to her.

Under the pressure of Lingxue's murderous force, Anrong's body trembled, her nose bled, her teeth trembled, and her eyes turned and fainted.

An Rong's coma caused a commotion in the classroom. Ling Xue reflected this. She quickly accepted the pressure. She was very upset. She felt extremely dangerous just now, which made her upset.

It's not her style for the mender to pay attention to obedience and not to be angry.

When she came to this world, there was nothing to make her really angry. Ling Xue always looked down on these mortals with a high attitude. There was nothing to be angry about.

But the feeling just now made her feel irresistible.

Seeing the look in her eyes in the classroom, Lingxue's heart was even more agitated, her lips were even higher and colder, she didn't even intend to explain or care about the comatose Anrong

Lingxue swept her eyes and lay on the ground, with no image of Ning Shu, and her eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Ning shuna is bored. It's not that she kicks the table. Why do you look at her with such malicious eyes? The hostess is really willful and wants to do what she wants.

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