Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 66

Ning Shu hoped that all the poor women who had defected to her could survive. At this time, they had to train hard to live in the battlefield.

Sure enough, after the snow stopped, helianying took the Tartars to attack the city.

Ningshu stood on the wall and looked at helianying. Ningshu was very angry. Why didn't she die? Was it because she was not poisoned deeply? NIMA didn't spit blood. Now she is jumping again.

He Lianying was dressed in fur, and his neck was hairy. Obviously, he was wild and noble. He looked up at Ning Shu, smiled coldly at Ning Shusen, and let Shi carry the ladder to attack the city with a wave of his hand.

When the war drum sounds, Ning shuleng drinks, "shoot the arrow."

At once, the arrow rain flew towards the Tartars. The Tartars who attacked the city all had several arrows in them. Some even became hedgehogs directly.

"Shoot again."

The archer at the back immediately changed the soldier at the front. Ning Shu's eyes even saw that many women were shot by the arrow below. Ning Shu's heart trembled, and then his mind became stable.

"Change the pitching machine."

This pitching machine should be regarded as a weapon with great killing power in ancient times, especially from a high place.

Some Tartars had a hard time climbing the city wall, but they were hit by ice. They fell off the ladder and couldn't move.

He Lianying looked at the snow covered objects on the wall, and he had some guesses. He looked at Ning Shu suddenly, and Ning Shu smiled at him. Right, as you think, these are the bodies of Tartars. The Tartars hanging on the wall showed their swarthy eyes, and the eyes inside were gone. They were pecked away by birds.

Either don't do it, or do it absolutely.

Helianying's face suddenly became very ugly. Looking at Ningshu's eyes, she was very dangerous with murderous and treacherous lingering.

Ning Shu reaches out his hand, and a crossbow is handed to her hand. Ning Shu's arrow is pointing at he Lianying. He Lianying sneers at Ning Shu from afar, and holds the bow to Ning Shu.

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

Two arrows roared past, and even made tiny sparks in the air.

Ning Shu's pupil is enlarged, looking at the arrow flying towards her. Ning Shu's face is slanted, but the arrow still wipes her face. The wound is very small.

"Princess, are you ok?" Seeing this scene, Duan Xinghui's heart stopped in fear. As a result, the Tartars who had already climbed the wall ran towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shuxie wiped the blood off his face with a smile, even stretched out his tongue to add the blood on his fingertips. He ignored Mu Jinyu, but watched her closely.

Duan Xinghui looks at the princess Jiahui with a sinister smile on her face. She only feels her heart beating violently in her chest. Now, the princess Jiahui is extremely charming. The bloodstains on her face even add cruel and deadly beauty to her.

Seeing Helian Ying sitting on his horse, Ning Shu was disappointed and expected. If Helian Ying died so easily, Ning Shu would burn high incense.

In the end, Tartars did not succeed in this siege. When Tartars fled, their formation was scattered and they were scared as if they had missed the net.

Hun Lian Ying Zhao Ning Shu spaced one by one, then kissed it on the lips, then turned the horse's head and ran away.

Ning Shu's lips are puckered. Tartars are the most annoying. If you can't fight, you have to run. It takes a lot of energy to fight with them.

Ning Shu was very angry. He drew the bow and arrow into the shape of the full moon, and the arrow rushed to her back.

"Princess, Helian Ying is a scheming man. He's running away on purpose. If the princess catches up, it's a trick. Cavalry is suitable for plain fighting." Duan Xinghui looked at Ning Shu's unwilling appearance and couldn't help persuading him.

"Here is the precedent of your failure. I will not pursue you foolishly." Ning Shu rushed to the section of the star emblem, and then shouted, "clean up the soldiers who died in the war, and register them."

Duan Xinghui:

Duan Xinghui feels that the kindness has been treated as the heart and soul of a donkey, and Princess Jiahui has torn his scar so that he feels embarrassed and a little sad.

The present Princess Jiahui is a complete enemy.

It's not appropriate to say the enemy. He has no right or power. He never considers his mood when speaking.

The more than 100 women who make Ning Shu sad are half of them now. Yesterday, they were still alive. Today, they are corpses, not even the body collectors.

Ning shurang Caisang buried the corpses of these people in the capital and registered their names. They are women, but they are also heroes. They should not be deprived of the praise due to the identity of women. They should stay in the history books.

The women who survived looked more determined, even though their faces were pale now, but their eyes were firm.

In the following time, the Tartars seemed to attack the city tirelessly. Ning Shu could even see that he Lianying's face was worried. It was probably because of the snow cover, the army had no food and grass, and the whole winter supplies in Mobei were all from plunder.

Now even a city wall can't be attacked. He Lianying looks at Ning Shu standing on the city wall. This year, because the princess is here, he refuses to let them in.The former soldiers would guard symbolically, then let them go in and plunder, and then return to the northern desert.

Princess Jiahui, Li Xueshan, this woman

Ning Shu's heart is also very good. He looks at the soldiers who have been carried away numbly, but there are so many people who have died. We can't give up. If we compromise this time, then there will be another time. Next time, these people will die for nothing?

There is a more important reason. If we lose, let these hateful Tartars enter the hinterland and plunder everything. When the northern desert comes back to propose peace, it will also disappoint Li Wen.

Therefore, we must stick to it.

During this period, because Duan Xinghui made a lot of contributions, he was directly promoted to the right forward by Shen Feng, so he was not even with Ning Shu.

As expected, it's the favorite of the world. How lucky is it to be in such a war? Ning shumingming goes to the arrow to roar towards Duan Xinghui and shoots. On the contrary, it's the soldiers beside Duan Xinghui.

Ning Shu couldn't speak at that time. The whole person was speechless. He didn't know what Shen Feng liked about Duan Xinghui. He was so highly praised that Duan Xinghui, who was still a big soldier, became the third person in the barracks.

Now Duan Xinghui is qualified to command the battlefield. He stands beside Ning Shu and looks at Helene Ying with a bit of gnashing of teeth.

Ning Shu's nerves have been tight all the time, especially when she saw the casualties of her female soldiers, Ning Shu was heartbroken, but with the passage of time, the casualties were getting smaller and smaller.

These women's bodies are filled with a strong spirit, no worse than men's, and the rest are good young people.

He Lianying retreats again. Before she retreats, she looks at Ning Shu with cruel and excited eyes, which makes Duan Xinghui, who is standing next to Ning Shu, very uncomfortable.

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