Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 58

Power gives men a powerful and incomparable charm. At this moment of great attention, Li Wen is the center of the world, even the male owner Duan Xinghui is inferior to Li Wen.

Ning Shu saw Duan Xinghui looking at Emperor Li Wen with envy and confusion in his eyes.

Li Wen spoke in a loud voice of some inspiring people. He was so impassioned that the soldiers below were all crying. He wanted to go to the battlefield to kill the enemy immediately.

Ning Shu took a smoke from the corner of his eyes. He didn't see the cold and wordless Li Wen at ordinary times. When he said that he was going to die, he could also be so hot blooded.

It can be seen that Li Wen is really determined to punish the northern desert. The army grain of the 200000 army is a shocking number. It is to fight the bandits in the northern desert.

With Li Wen's full and sonorous March, the rhythm of the drum is also in a hurry, mixed with the roar of the soldiers, shaking the whole capital.

"Jiahui." Li Wen beckons to Ning Shu. Ning Shu immediately turns over and comes to Li Wen's face. He kneels in front of him and shouts with fists: "I'll see you, brother."

Li Wen put the little grey ball on Ning Shu's shoulder, and Ning Shu was a little surprised. Li Wen put his hand on his back and said, "this little guy is very sensitive to the danger. I tried to feed him with cakes mixed with poison. He would not eat them even if he died. He wanted to throw it into the snake cave and ran away."

Ning Shu: poof

"It helps to keep it with you." Li Wen stretched out his hand and patted Ning Shu's shoulder heavily. It was really heavy. He patted Ning Shu's shoulder askew. "Come back alive."

Ning Shu's nose was sour, and he almost cried. It's probably the emotion of the original owner. Ning Shu also felt that although Li Wen was cold, he was a little brother and sister to the original owner.

Ning Shu said, with a nasal sound in his voice, "brother Huang also needs to pay more attention to his body. With a good body, he can do a lot of things and fulfill his desire to create a prosperous world."

Li Wen's face was a little complicated and said, "go ahead."

The little gray ball squeaked and jumped on Li Wen. It was obviously reluctant to let him go. The small and sharp claws grabbed Li Wen's clothes and kept shouting.

Ning Shu feels drunk, too. Li Wen tosses it like that, but he can't bear it.

Ning Shu was very upset. He went to catch the little gray ball. The little gray ball was squeaking in Ning Shu's hand. It was so shrill. It was really sad to hear it. People who saw it cried.

As the army marched toward the door, Ning Shu sat on his horse and watched the people on both sides of the street, and some of his family members watched their relatives in the procession, tearful and worried.

Looking at these scenes, Ning Shu understood more and more why Li Wen wanted to create a prosperous era of peaceful people.

It's just that this golden age needs to keep fighting, even based on blood and bones.

All I have done is to let fireworks live in peace and contentment.

Ning Shu saw Erya and Duan's wife in the crowd, and Yuandong. Yuandong was full of pearls. She looked like a rich lady, but she looked very melancholy. It's estimated that Duan Xinghui only cared about her love and left Yuandong to die of drought.

Duan Xinghui saw the relatives, his mother and loved ones in the crowd. I don't know why. Duan Xinghui looked at Ning Shu first, and saw that she was indifferent and didn't pay attention to anything.

Duan Xinghui's heart was relieved, but there was a mixture of bitterness and loss that was hard to tell.

The only thing that can't be said is the good thing. Jiahui in the plot desperately wants to be with Duan Xinghui. Duan Xinghui hates her as if she is sticking the dog skin plaster that he doesn't put.

Now ignore him, Duan Xinghui's heart and feel lost, all kinds of affectation.

Ning Shu will only point to Duan's star emblem in the middle. How can a person get a cheap word.

It took nearly two hours for the marching team to leave the capital. The sun is already high. It's a little warm on people. Especially in armor, it can block the cold wind.

Looking back, I saw that the soldiers who were following were all sweating, and their black faces were glowing with white smoke.

"Princess, do you want to set up a camp?" Shen Feng asked Ning Shu.

Ning Shu could see from Shen Feng's expression that he didn't want to set up a camp, but he asked out of the identity of Princess Ning Shu Jiahui.

Ning Shu shook his head and said, "Shen Yuanshuai has the final say."

This is just out of the capital to camp, when can we get to the north.

"All of you speed up." Shen Feng shouted and ordered the soldiers carrying the flag to shake the yellow flag to transmit the message.

Shen Feng didn't worry about Ning Shu's identity as a woman any more. He marched directly according to the most strict military order and didn't set up camp until night.

At last, Ning Shu was relieved and sat in a separate tent.

After all, it's a woman's identity and a princess of a country. There's no reason to sleep in a tent with those men.But eating food is exactly the same as ordinary soldiers, Ning Shu doesn't choose, eating rough noodles and wowowotou mixed with meat and vegetable soup, eating enough to have the strength to fight.

Ning Shu feels that he is also pretty hard working. In order to complete the task, he has to go to the battlefield in armor. To be honest, Ning Shu is a little worried now.

From the capital city, little grey ball has been very depressed, with a pair of depressed eyes looking at Ning Shu, even when Ning Shu gave half of his food to little grey ball, little grey ball with his butt to Ning Shu, 45 degrees sad and bright angle looking at the sky.

Ning Shu:

I feel so intoxicated. What does this guy really do? He just can't bear Li Wen. The little grey ball is more nimble than before.

Ning Shu finished his dinner and washed himself. It was not convenient for a group of men to be women.

What makes Ning Shu not think of is that someone touched her tent in the middle of the night. It seems that she wanted to be unfaithful and was not alone.

Ningshu laughed directly. Sure enough, women were in a weak position. When something happened, she was killed. Ningshu thought it was necessary to make an example of others, or there would be some cowards in the future.

I'm afraid of Ningshu's identity as a princess. These people are not too much, and many of them are middle-level generals. Ningshu said that there will always be a chance for you to swallow your stomach with your teeth mixed with blood.

When marching the next day, Duan Xinghui drove his horse beside Ningshu and asked Ningshu, "princess, are you ok?"

Ning Shu was in a bad mood. Hearing Duan Xinghui's words, she felt that she was gloating and said in a cold voice, "what did Duan bodyguard think would have happened?"

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