Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 5

Ling Xue looks around for a week and finds that everyone's eyes stay on her, but she sees Ning Shu with her head down.

Frowning, I feel very uncomfortable. This is Lin Jiajia who always comes to her for trouble. She just complains. Anrong immediately takes people to her trouble.

Ning Shu lowers his head to resist the impulse of trying to rush past and grasp the cold and arrogant body and shake it desperately to wake him up.

Ning Shu feels that she is too weak and is always affected by the residual emotions of her body. It takes a lot of effort to suppress these emotions. Ning Shu knows that she cannot be affected by the original Lord's emotions. Otherwise, she has to be calm.

At this time, I felt a sharp line of vision projected on her. Ning Shu raised his head and looked at Ling Xue. What kind of eyes are they? They are sharp, indifferent and aloof. They look like ants.

Ning shuna is bored. I haven't been looking for trouble now. Why should I look at her.

Now Ning Shu doesn't dare to compete with Ling Xue. It's really that the strength gap between the two sides is too big. It's like a natural moat. It can only be quiet. Slowly, I dare not lift the beard of the tiger. In case I offend the other side, I'll chop it and directly throw it into the river to feed the fish.

Yes, the hostess is so cruel.

Lengao sees Ling Xue's eyes on Ning Shu's body, and also looks at Ning Shu. When Ning Shudun feels excited, she shivers.

Ning Shu:

It's just a look. What's exciting about this body? Ning Shu is not the original owner. She will be fascinated by lengao's face. In the eyes of Ning Shu, who died once, she is a red skull.

Lengao looks at Ning Shu and frowns coldly. His eyes show a deep dislike. Obviously, he thinks of who this is. For Lin Jiajia, who is always pestering him, he has no good feeling at all. He is really disgusted. He said a word casually. Everyone in the school went to find her trouble.

I really think I'm something, and I don't know how to keep myself away from Lingxue.

I feel the eyes of the other party. Eh, how clear are her eyes? They used to be full of disgusting and self righteous affection. Now there is nothing in her eyes. Looking at herself is like a stranger.

Lengao chuckled. It's childish to be hard to catch and try to arouse his idea.

Lengao turned to look at Ling Xue, eyes with tenderness, mouth but proudly said: "Hello, woman, this weekend is my birthday, you come back to my birthday party."

Lingxue is not interested in any birthday party. Now she is busy collecting the territory. When she talks about the territory, Lingxue gnashes her teeth and meets a stubble.

She is different from ordinary people by virtue of her cultivation. But the man is not in the downwind when he fights with her. This makes Lingxue very depressed and a desire to conquer rises in her heart.

Lengao saw Lingxue didn't speak, his eyes were uneasy, his heart was hurt, but he raised his chin high. "If you don't come, I won't let you go."

It's childish. Ling Xue suddenly thinks of the man who fights with her. It's cold and cruel. The most important thing is that her strength is very strong. Her eyes are very hot. She has an ambiguity. When Ling Xue thinks of his eyes, her heart will jump uncontrollably.

Women like to be conquered by powerful men, especially Ling Xue from the cultivation world. Ordinary people are ants.

However, Ling Xue feels uneasy and hopeful when she sees lengao's eyes. It's really good to dominate others' emotions.

Lingxue feels that she has come to this world. Although her spirit is weak, it is different from her cultivation. Lingxue feels that she is standing on the top of the world, which is really cool.

"I'll go back, and I'll prepare a gift, too." Ling Xue said quietly, the waves are calm, not flattered at all.

Cold proud face this just showed a smile, but still Ao Jiao raised chin, said: "count you see."

It's enough that Ning Shu looks around. She doesn't feel proud and cute at all. She just thinks it's stinky. It's ticklish to look like alms are high.

According to Ning Shu's idea, this ungrateful person is in charge of what he does.

Obviously, it's the campus world, but the female owner is so arrogant. In the school, the God is high. The prince who looks up to all the living things directly becomes the man mate, and the two princes next to him become the man n.

Ning Shu even doubted that the existence of lengao was to set off the mature charm of the male Lord.

Ningshu's heart just produced a cold and arrogant mind. The body immediately produced a sense of resistance to her, and the body even began to reject her soul.

Ning Shu is shocked. He immediately meditates in his heart. I'm here to save Prince Leng, save Prince Leng, and save Prince Leng

It took a long time for the body's residual emotions to completely subside.

Ning Shu looks at the sky silently, and bad luck spreads to the world. It's impossible to complete the task, but the residual emotions of the body still make trouble.

Ning Shu has an impulse to cry in the wind. How can we improve our lucky value and character?Lengao passes by in front of Ningshu, squints at her, stops in front of her, and looks down at Ningshu's twisted face.

Ning Shu is not sure, so she blinks at lengao.

Lengao looked at her eyes, very clear, clear to the reflection of their own outline, it seems to make people calm in her eyes.

Then lengao realized that she was a narcissist, pestering him like a psychopath, saying that he was hoodwinked by Ling Xue. Could Ling Xue be slandered by her scum.

"Don't show up in front of me. I won't like you. You'll die. If you say something bad about Ling Xue, I'll make you eat nothing." Lengao's voice is cold. Ning Shu has no doubt about the truth of his words.

So, this is the most depressing part of this mission. People obviously have deep feelings for Ling Xue. They have to let them turn around. Really, stop making trouble.

Ning Shu looks at the cold, arrogant and haughty face. No, it's the chin. The other side is too high. Ning Shu raises his head and bears the sharp pain in his heart.

Lengao looks at her face and suddenly becomes pale. She loses her color. She has no sympathy in her heart. Instead, she gives birth to a sense of happiness and feels that she is angry for Lingxue.

Lengao left after losing her cold heart and lungs, ignoring what kind of harm her words would do to a girl.

I felt the mocking eyes and ironic laughter around me, which made Ning Shu look like a needle.

It's such a self person. Living in his own world, Ning Shu really can't think of such a person as Leng Ao. How could the original Lord like it so much? How could it go deep into the marrow?

Is it because of his face, or because of his family background, in Ning Shu's view, coldness and arrogance are people who do whatever they want with their own halo. Where are such people lovely?

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