Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 41

Ningshu, who has obtained the peerless martial arts script, starts to practice martial arts by forgetting to eat and sleeping. Forgetting to eat is impossible. He eats too much every day and can't forget if he wants to.

Every time Ning Shu had a meal, Yuan Dong looked at her with troubled eyes, and every time the princess's stomach was bulging, and then in two hours, the stomach was gone, which was shocking.

Yuandong wants to persuade the princess, but every time he looks in the eyes of the princess, Yuandong feels inexplicably guilty. It seems that the most secret mind in his heart has been opened and exposed to the sun.

Yuan Dong is too lazy to take care of it. Anyway, the princess is ruining her body. Then there are strange rumors in the princess mansion. They say that the princess is sad and crazy. She doesn't walk out of two gates all day and eats a lot. They say that Princess Jiahui has become a fat man.

Even Li Wen in the Imperial Palace heard the news and summoned Ning Shu into the palace. Seeing that Ning Shu had not become a fat man, he was relieved.

Ning Shu didn't care about these rumors. Seeing Li Wen looking at himself and not talking, Ning Shu jumped in the heart and asked, "brother Huang, what's your order to find your younger sister?"

Li Wen said lightly, "how are you living in the princess house?"

"It's very good. The princess mansion has a beautiful environment, which is suitable for self-cultivation and pension." Ning Shu said with some compliments.

"I heard that you eat a lot now?" Li Wen's tone was indifferent, and he looked up and down at Ning Shu. "Is overeating bad for your health, or can't you forget the star emblem?"

Ning Shu hurriedly waved his hand, for fear that he would not be able to express his meaning later, for fear that Li Wen might misunderstand that he was also interested in Duan Xinghui. "Brother Huang and sister Chen have recently acquired peerless martial arts. They are practising martial arts. People who practice martial arts eat a lot."

Li Wen's face showed a color of surprise. This was the first time Ning Shu saw Li Wen's face show an expression.

"You will be happy." Li Wen said lightly, obviously not believing in what peerless martial arts Ning Shu practiced.

"Really, brother Huang and sister Chen have acquired peerless martial arts." Ning Shulian quickly pulls out the martial arts script and puts it in front of Li Wen.

Li Wen looked down and saw the four words of peerless martial arts. His eyes were straight. He said to Ning Shu, "you can take this kind of thing."

"Brother Huang, if you want to practice, it's really useful. It can strengthen your body and prolong your life." Ning Shu strongly recommends it to Li Wen.

"Ding, the player's script has been exchanged, so he is not qualified to give it to others?" The cold mechanical sound of the system suddenly came out.

Ning Shu was shocked. It's not her anymore. I'll go. Ning Shu can only grin at Li Wenya and say, "brother Huang, what's the danger of this script? Let me practice it first. I'll deal with it first."

Li Wen looks at Ning Shu with a smile, waves at her, and Ning Shu leaves the palace.

Ningshu falls into the crazy practice mode. Everything else is back. Now Ningshu is not the king of the stomach, but her body has entered a strange process.

Now there is a faint breath in Ning Shu's body, which feels warm. It swims in her body and strengthens her body. Ning Shu feels that she has vigorous strength.

Even the brain has never been clearer, the mind has never been clear, and the whole world has never been more beautiful.

It's a magical feeling. Ning Shu touches his arm. Although the meat is still smooth and delicate, it's full of strength. Fortunately, it's not muscle by muscle.

Ningshu, who has achieved great miraculous feats, is very happy and elegant. Then he takes a group of honor guards to the Royal Manor, which is the manor of the original owner.

The Royal Manor is very large. There are many orchards, lands and various plants in it.

Ning Shu has already thought about it. Eating, clothing, housing and transportation, eating words are at the front. I don't know what sweet potatoes are in the world. Potatoes are not only high-yield and drought resistant food, but also very hunger resistant. If there is any natural disaster, they can save lives.

Ning Shu had a look at the whole manor. He was very disappointed that he didn't see these things. He found the administrator of the manor and asked the administrator. The administrator also said that there was no such thing.

Alas, it's unscientific. In the history of mankind, there have been traces of sweet potatoes for two thousand years. There are no sweet potatoes in this world.

People in this world haven't found these things that can satisfy their hunger, Ning Shu said. It's obviously a small public exercise, but they want to farm. It's also pretty hard.

Ning Shu went into the forest alone, looking for wild sweet potatoes and potatoes.

The forest of the manor looks very cold. After years of accumulation, a thick layer of leaves fell on the ground, and ants and flying insects crawled on it.

Ning Shu took the branch and pulled out the thorns and grass, while carefully checking whether there were any vines of sweet potatoes.

As we went deeper and deeper into the mountains, the trees were more and more dense and thick. We couldn't see the sky when we raised our heads. The sky was covered tightly and airtight, and the forest was still filled with smoke.

Ning Shu is a little afraid to go ahead. It's estimated that the smoke is the toxic gas fermented from dead branches and leaves.

In one day, Ning Shu was wandering in the woods, and when she was hungry, she made the rabbit roast. To Ning Shu's delight, she was really more and more agile, and she had no trouble catching rabbits.After eating a few simple things, Ning Shu then wandered around. He didn't get much in a day. However, he found several red peppers and dug one carefully, with soil on the root.

Ning Shu went back with the pepper and planted it in the yard. Yuandong looked aside and said anxiously, "princess, put it down and let the maid come."

In fact, Ning Shu didn't know how to farm, but he lived in the era of information explosion before. Besides, there were so many stewards and tenants who could farm in the manor.

The next day, Ning Shu wandered in the deep mountains and woods. In fact, he had no hope in his eyes, but he was not willing. Why can't he even see wild sweet potatoes? It's unscientific.

After wandering for a long time, Ning Shu still didn't find it. He took out the dry food and sat on the branch to eat. Sitting on the branch, he could see from afar, surrounded by a sea of trees, shrouded in white smoke.

It feels very mysterious.

Ning Shu is looking at the trance. Suddenly, he feels a pain in his hand. Looking down, two little red dots appear on his fingers. Besides, there are dry grain trees on his hand, and there are sleeping slots on the wood.

Ning Shu was surprised. What did she get bitten by? And she didn't see what it was at all. Ning Shu hurriedly squeezed her fingers and didn't know if there was any poison.

After a long time, the blood is bright red, and there is no sign of poisoning. Emma, this place is too dangerous. Hurry to withdraw. It's estimated that the sweet potatoes in this world are harmonious. Is there any?

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