Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 36

Ning Shu has been raised for half a month. He is very well raised. He looks white and red. He looks very good. He doesn't look sad at all.

It's said that Princess Jiahui's health is better. The concubines of the harem come together to see the princess. Ning Shu sees these concubines.

Ning Shu rubbed his head and looked at a room full of warblers, warblers, swallows and swallows, a room full of beauties. All kinds of scents were mixed together, which made people's brains ache suddenly.

These concubines have different styles and temperament. They are enchanting, charming, pure and noble, gentle and virtuous All kinds of women, Li Wen is really blessed, so many women, or so many beautiful women waiting for him to pity.

Ning Shu understood that the purpose of these concubines coming to the Lanyuan palace was just to see Li Wen. Although they tried to find topics and cared about her body, they kept looking outside the palace.

Ning Shu didn't break it. Only when he came to this world, it was necessary to understand the situation in the palace. From the words of these concubines, we could know that those concubines were favored, those concubines were not favored, and we could see that those people and those people were enemies and factions from the tit for tat among the concubines.

"The emperor is here." A shrill voice came to mind outside the hall, which was very unpleasant to hear. But for the women in the room, it was like a shower, full of energy and radiance.

When Li Wen entered the hall, Ning Shu immediately felt a cold air. It was so cold.

"Emperor Wan An." The women in the first room saluted Li Wen in Qi Dynasty. They were charming at the action end, and their voices were able to squeeze out water. They faced Li Wen with their best posture. Some of them were bold, even pretended to be unconscious, showing a plump and white piece.

Fighting for splendor, Ning Shu looks at the beautiful woman in this room, and she's speechless. Any woman who wants to put it in modern times will be sought after by men. Now she's fighting for a man in such a square place.

It's a waste of resources.

Li Wen is indifferent to the woman in the room, with a cold face. He says in a low voice. There is a concubine near Li Wen, who deliberately stumbles when he gets up and wants to fall into Li Wen's arms. As soon as Li Wen flashes away, the concubine almost falls to the ground and looks like an ocean.

Ning Shu takes a swipe at the corners of his mouth. The emperor's personality is really bad. What's wrong with his woman? Besides, it's the woman who is courting you or such a beautiful woman who is courting you. I don't know what beauty looks like.

Li Wen owes Feng to these concubines even a look, looks at Ning Shu, lightly says: "looks like is the recovery good?"

Ning shuqu extended his salute. "Thank you for your relationship with brother Huang. The benefits are much better."

Li Wen nodded, his face cold, "without a section of the star emblem, there are other good men in the Dayong Dynasty. You are my sister."

Ning Shu automatically understands that you are Lao Tzu's younger sister, and the men in the world choose at will.

Ning Shu's eyebrows showed a sad look, and thanked Chao Liwen. "Thank you for your relationship with brother Huang, but she doesn't want these things now."

Li Wen stares at Ning Shu with sharp eyes. His eyes scan Ning Shu's face. Then he nods and says nothing. He sits on the chair for a while and leaves.

"The emperor takes off..." Jiang Gonggong, the great eunuch beside Li Wen, sang a melodious tone with a sharp voice.

When Li Wen left, all the people focused on Ning Shu. Ning Shu keenly felt that the eyes of the people looked at her with envy, jealousy and several eyes of extreme hatred.

Ning Shu looked and saw a woman in a palace dress with a purple silk and a cloud pattern. Her look was arrogant and fierce. Her eyes were full of undisguised hatred and disgust.

Ning Shu thought for a moment, and then he hooked the corner of her mouth to the woman. This person was Du Guifei. The resentment between Du Guifei and the original Lord was still due to the queen. In the original Lord's heart, there was only one sister-in-law, the queen, who was dismissive of other women.

The queen and duguifei are in the same league, but because of the original owner, the queen is in the ascendant, so duguifei has never been good to Princess Jiahui. All the concubines who come to the Lanyuan Palace are here. If she doesn't come, she can't talk about it.

It's for Li Wen to see that Li Wen loves her sister now. Even if she wants to do small things, she will be in harmony with the emperor.

Ning Shu could not help rubbing his forehead. He felt a headache. He said that the original owner was an unmarried woman. Is it really good to mix it with his brother's backyard? It's Gong Dou and zhaidou. It's the best choice to stay out of the business.

Part of the affair of making peace with relatives is also the result of Du Guifei's walking in it, which will cause the original owner's grief.

Frankly speaking, the original owner is a person who has a very idiotic love relationship. There is also a part of her disdain and disdain to do so.

The original Lord said how bad is not bad, the mind is still very simple, is too proud, too proud of the head.

"The reason why Du Guifei looks at the palace like this is that she has spoken to the Royal brother but not to you. That's why you seem so angry?" Ning shuhun said not grudgingly, what do you say.Du Guifei:

The expression on Du Guifei's face is almost frozen. This mallet can say whatever it has. Life in the palace stresses turning a few corners in a sentence. If it's so straightforward, it's not only that Du Guifei is not used to it, but also that the people in this den are not used to it.

Very to the facial expression on the face is all chat up, one after another retreated, estimated that Shen Qingqing just said is too straightforward, straightforward let everyone all down.

Ning Shu looks at Du Guifei's angry back and smiles. There is no way for her and Du Guifei to reconcile. In this case, it's better to tear off the mask of tenderness, at least let these people worry about it when they start.

Ning Shu thought for a moment and decided to visit the empress's sister-in-law. The original Lord would say to the sister-in-law that the relationship between the two was tolerable.

But there is no real friendship in the harem.

Besides, my sister-in-law and my sister-in-law.

When he came to Fenglan hall, the palace of the Imperial Palace, Ning Shu walked into the hall and saw that he was sitting on a couch with yellow pear Serpentine on several sides, and behind it were four nanmu cherry grass colored glass screens carved with silk.

Seeing Ning Shu coming, the empress quickly stood up and walked towards Ning Shu. Ning Shu saluted the empress and said, "please give my regards to Huang Sao."

The empress quickly took Ningshu's hand and smiled gently. "Look, it's great. Jiahui, you are a child. You scared your sister-in-law. Your brother-in-law came to tell me to take care of you."

"Thank you, sister-in-law Huang. It's almost all right." Ning Shu said.

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